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Imperator: Invictus
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Imperator: Invictus

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Imperator: Invictus is a grand modpack and community update to Imperator: Rome, also found on PDX store here[].
(Not achievement compatible, but it is Ironman compatible)
!notice, the mod is currently playable in English, French, German and Spanish, but both German and Spanish are still in development and temporarily use English localizations for the custom events and missions!

Major mod features: V1.0.3a - "Spartacus"
- Reworked map setup in Iberia and the Balkans with several new nation tags
- Dynamic food production and consumption system with varied Seasons and increased importance
- Historical Galatian invasion decisions and events (mission tree is under development)
- Optional Gamerules: for the Reworked Diadochi CB and Dynastic Names for the Diadochi and several others
- 6 new completed Mission trees (list is below)
- A dynamic character Background art system
- Regency mechanic allowing Rulers to command legions
- Spartan Diarchy reflecting Sparta’s historical government form of 2 Kings.
- Tons of new custom art for Deities, Cities, Wonders and more
- Added tons of Deities to forgotten religions
- Added tons of Treasures spread around the World
- Dynamic tech spread for Tribes
- Buffed early-game tribes for increased survivability and military importance- Many new Military traditions and reworked military tradition requirements
- New heritages spread around the world
- Improved Wonder Building
- New content for Hibernians (government and formables)
- Tons of balance changes to make the game better, including important character stats, Bloodline traits, trade economy, and more
- Various new cultural inventions
- Historical AI behaviour, including Epirote invasion of Italy
- Reworked the old Slave Revolt mechanic
- 4 languages to play in: English, German, French and Spanish
- And many other various pieces of content

List of mission trees:
- 3 new Mission trees for Macedon
- Generic mission tree for Punic Puppets
- Generic mission tree for Greek republics around Black Sea
- 1 new Mission tree for Carthage
(- 7 Mission trees for Indo-greek Kingdom and Bactria, unbalanced for now)

Invictus is Latin for unconquered, undefeated; our English word 'invincible' takes its root here.
Given the unfortunate news concerning the game status, we thought it best to combat an attitude of defeat with a fighting spirit.
This mod is our effort to prevent this great game from going gently into that dark night. Thus we are embarking upon a grand effort by the modding community (based around the Imperator mod COOP) to develop community-driven DLC and keep the game alive, while we wait patiently for future updates from Paradox.

Within the lifespan of the current game, there have been various attempts to develop features for the game by the modding community, but these efforts have not yet been consolidated into a single grand work. By creating one grand modpack, we can ensure all smaller flavour mods we integrate are compatible with one another and thus players can enjoy the full experience developed by all the I:R modders. This modpack will merge many existing flavour mods, greatly expanding vanilla content while also adding brand new content developed by us, the Invictus team, without being a total rework.
It is not our intent to completely overhaul the game mechanics, as we want people to be able to play the mod and understand everything while having only played Vanilla.

Contact Information
Feel free to join our discord and take part in the on-going discussion about what you think belongs in a mod like this:
We'll also be posting teasers on twitter:
Follow our dev diaries on the PDX forums:

In terms of suggestions, our goal is that anyone familiar with only vanilla Imperator should be able to pick up the mod and play without trouble, all features must be either historical or reasonably plausible and fun.
As this is a community project, we will listen to and work in the interest of the Imperator: Rome community and we look forward to hearing from you!

Check the linked steam collection to see all compatible mods and the exact order they should be loaded in, the mods are interchangeable.

If you find any bugs, you should contact us in the Bugs channel on our Discord, or place a message in the Bugs steam discussion, please do not use comments for Bug reports.

Credits to the Invictus team and everyone who helped us in no particular order:
Snowlet, Jphiloponus, AtomicFission, Paulus, traced_169, Palando, Arkerios, Erik G, gmb360, Tudhaliya, Parcipal, Hexon, Ben4Peters, Thymos, Stephan, sealionforever, Tristan, PresidentStorm, Diskantierezh, Dustin, OmegaCorps, Torugu, MattTheLegoman, stefancelmeme, Agamidae, Sobisonator, Lord Lambert, Vespasian, DaFoogle, Nerdman3000, CrazyZombie, Fildez, Mike bittersteel, Diego, Trarco, Chehrazad, QuietRustler.
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Savage Sep 18 @ 12:39am 
@Snowlet Thank you very much.
Snowlet  [author] Sep 18 @ 12:37am 
@Savage It should be compatible yes
Savage Sep 18 @ 12:36am 
Is this mod by chance compatible with the I:R to CK3 converter?
mikeecee Sep 17 @ 12:12am 
ok thanks Snowlet - this really is a broken masterpiece. So many great features, so many bugs!
Loving the mod btw
Snowlet  [author] Sep 16 @ 11:46pm 
@mikeecee That is a known vanilla bug which we can do nothing about.
mikeecee Sep 16 @ 4:08pm 
Getting weird levies after integrating lepontic culture as Rome. After integration half of levy in Italia and Magna Graecia (both with very small lepontic pops) are archers. Cisalpine Gaul levy, where the majority of lepontics are, has gone the other way with Italic type levy.
Snowlet  [author] Sep 16 @ 1:57am 
@Slick We'll see if we can tweak it for next update.
@soontir fel Read the DD's for our plans, as for Basileus being bugged is weird.
soontir fel Sep 15 @ 1:18pm 
also just loaded in and my baselius and cobaselius are the same person
soontir fel Sep 15 @ 1:15pm 
what plans are there for tribes?
Slick Sep 13 @ 8:39am 
Hello Snowlet, it would be really cool if you could make a minor change and make it so Ptolemaic Kingdom and Egypt are different kingdoms. I conquered all of Egypt as Kush and can't create Egypt since "Egypt" still exists, it sucks that i have to conquer Greece to take all of Ptolemaic kingdom to create Egypt, i think this would be a helpful quality of life improvement and i hope its understandable. Cheers.