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Imperator: Invictus

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Imperator: Invictus is a grand modpack and community update to Imperator: Rome, also found on PDX store here[].
(Not achievement compatible, works on Ironman)

For Mac Users, please use this version: here.
We also have a wiki:

Major mod features: V1.5f - Dies Natalis
  • A vastly improved AI based upon Glavius' work
  • Custom Achievement System
  • Map expansions in North-Africa, East-Africa, European Steppes, Maldives and more
  • Reworked map setup in: Arabia, Iberia, the Balkans, Germania , Sardinia, Ukraine and East-Africa with several new nation tags
  • Added Lake Tritonis/Bazensis (Tunisia) and the Marib Dam (Yemen) physically to the map
  • Added several wonders (with 3d models) including the Second Temple, the Marib Dam, Athenian Acropolis and the Ziggurat of Ur
  • Dynamic food production and consumption system with varied Seasons and increased importance
  • A total rebalance/rework of all Buildings
  • A total rebalance of Military Units (including cultural names)
  • A total rebalance of Wonders
  • A total rebalance of Laws
  • Added the Spearmen unit type
  • Added 8 new tradegoods: Cedar, Sugar, Myrrh, Cinnabar, Lapis, Jade, Fruit and Silphium
  • Historical Galatian invasion decisions and events (mission tree is under development)
  • Historical but dynamic Mauryan collapse
  • Historical but dynamic Parthian invasion
  • Optional Gamerules for the Reworked Diadochi CB and Dynastic Names for the Diadochi
  • Tons of new Mission trees (list is below)
  • A dynamic character Background art system
  • Dozens of new Schemes, Ambitions and Character interactions
  • Regency mechanic allowing Rulers to command legions
  • Spartan Diarchy reflecting Sparta’s historical government form of 2 Kings.
  • Tons of new custom art for Deities, Cities, Wonders and more
  • Flavour events for Kemetics and Germanics (60+)
  • Larger revolts for when other provinces are close to rebelling
  • Added tons of Deities to forgotten religions
  • Added tons of Treasures spread around the World
  • Dynamic tech spread for Tribes
  • Decisions to build up rare tradegoods
  • 7 new disasters: floods, landslides, droughts, (sand)storms, avalanches and locusts
  • Buffed early-game tribes for increased survivability and military importance
  • Many new Military traditions and reworked military tradition requirements
  • New heritages spread around the world (100+)
  • Improved Wonder Building
  • New content for Hibernians (government and formables)
  • Tons of balance changes to make the game better, including important character stats, Bloodline traits and general modifiers
  • A lot of new cultural inventions (50+)
  • Historical AI behaviour, including Epirote invasion of Italy
  • Reimplemented the old Slave Revolt mechanic
  • 4 languages to play in: English, German, French and Spanish
  • And many other various pieces of content/flavour

Mission trees:
  • 6 new Mission trees for Cyrenaica
  • 4 new Mission trees for Thebes
  • 3 new Mission trees for Macedon
  • 2 new mission trees for Aksumites, Sardinians, Gymnaesians Rhodes, Maurya, Suebians, Ingvaeonics into Saxonia, Istvaeonics into Francia and the Tamil Kings (Chola, Chera and Pandy)
  • 1 new large Mission tree for Atropatene, Bharatvarsha, Bithynia, Judea, Kalinga, Kush, Lanka, Mauretania/Massaesylia, Persis, Samaria, Scythia, Sogdia, Treveria and Zhangzhung
  • 1 new regional mission tree for Aremoricans, Argos, Bastarnae/Sciria, Bohemia, Carthage, Cisalpine Gaul, Cretans, Fezzani, Gothonics, Korkyra, Roman invasion of Britain/Rhaetia/Illyria (one each), Vandals
  • Generic mission trees for Punic subjects, regular subjects and Greek Black Sea republics
  • Generic mission tree for Bharat
  • (7 Mission trees for Indo-greek Kingdom and Bactria, unbalanced for now)

Invictus is Latin for unconquered, undefeated; our English word 'invincible' takes its root here.

Given the unfortunate news concerning the game status, we thought it best to combat an attitude of defeat with a fighting spirit.

This mod is our effort to prevent this great game from going gently into that dark night. Thus we are embarking upon a grand effort by the modding community (based around the Imperator mod COOP) to develop community-driven DLC and keep the game alive, while we wait patiently for future updates from Paradox.

Within the lifespan of the current game, there have been various attempts to develop features for the game by the modding community, but these efforts have not yet been consolidated into a single grand work. By creating one grand modpack, we can ensure all smaller flavour mods we integrate are compatible with one another and thus players can enjoy the full experience developed by all the I:R modders. This modpack will merge many existing flavour mods, greatly expanding vanilla content while also adding brand new content developed by us, the Invictus team, without being a total rework.

It is not our intent to completely overhaul the game mechanics, as we want people to be able to play the mod and understand everything while having only played Vanilla.

Discord: (Active community, receives weekly teasers and announcements)
Official twitter:
Follow our dev diaries on the PDX forums:

In terms of suggestions, our goal is that anyone familiar with only vanilla Imperator should be able to pick up the mod and play without trouble, all features must be either historical or reasonably plausible and fun.

As this is a community project, we will listen to and work in the interest of the Imperator: Rome community and we look forward to hearing from you!

Check the linked steam collection to see all compatible mods and the exact order they should be loaded in, the mods are interchangeable.

If you want to finish old saves, you can find an Old Invictus mod on the PDX store: or on Steam here:

If you find any bugs, you should contact us in the Bugs channel on our Discord, or place a message in the Bugs steam discussion, please do not use comments for Bug reports.

Credits to the Invictus team and everyone who helped us in no particular order.
Snowlet, Jphiloponus, Mike Bittersteel, Dementive, Erik Erik, Hannibal_theCannibal, OmegaCorps, Palando, Parcipal, Paulus, Sealionforever, Thymos, Torugu, Tudhaliya, Aerozona, Diskianterezh, gmb360, Idonea, IhateTrains, Olivenkranz, Shocky27, Stallone, Typhion, Zorgoball, rickinator9
Aquizar, CrazyZombie, Fildez, Nerdman3000, RetconCrisis
Apollon, Frank, Juanen, Julianus, Lemon, Machiavello, Pilar, Spikos, Vityviktor
Agamidae, Arkerios, Ben4Peters, DaFoogle, Diego I de Persia, Dustin, Hexon, Kalen, MattTheLegoman, Nebular, Pardo, Presidentstorm,
Prometheus, Licarious, AtomicFission, Sobisonator, IsaacCat
Augustus_Caesar, bla, Brasidas, DDJR, FBI Agent, Jake_P, Jandoski, Lil_squindie, llamafanatic, Memer Nener, Pydras, Sav, Somebody, Trewajg, Tuko Tuko
Chehrazad, Derek, Felix Amiculus, Herodotus, INKRSN, Manny, QuietRustler, Sethos, Trarco

Special thanks to:
Agamidae - for helping the whole modding community on numerous occasions and coding tons of stuff for everyone.
Aquizar - for allowing us to use his high-quality profesional artwork.
Terrapass - for sharing how to make font appear above trees.
Londoninium - for fixing COA textured emblems.
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finnbtd Jan 30 @ 7:16am 
It might be because I activated the Bloodline UI midgame, might not be though, which is why I mention it: I've had a city not be built when it was supposed to finish on the 1st of January, they seem to work on all other dates, and the most recent mission rewards don't work (legitimacy and free province investments, respectively.) Edit: Save appears broken after I deactivated it again, suffering from the same Cretan Ultimatum bug someone else detailed here.
finnbtd Jan 30 @ 5:02am 
Wouldn't it make sense to add formables for the nations the mod adds, i.e. why is it that Armorica, Saxony and Suebia gain an emergent center of civilization, some pops and the whole jazz, while Istvaonic Franks get nothing?
zen Jan 30 @ 3:02am 
Does anyone else think that Epirus and Macedon are not normal difficulty, like the game suggests? They might have been before but the mod makes them quite hard nations imho.
rakovsky Jan 29 @ 3:50pm 
u/Poro_the_CV writes about the Invictus Mod:
Below is a list of all current bloodlines in Invictus and their respective starting countries. ...
blood_of_david Character event spawn
What is the trigger for the Blood of David, is it a trait like "Blood of Zadok", and is it in the vanilla version of the game? Where can I read more about this feature?
Snowlet  [author] Jan 28 @ 5:20am 
@Calaverax Nothing we can do to fix it, you'll have to ask in INR.
Calaverax Jan 27 @ 11:31pm 
I've encountered an issue with the Insubria mission tree, Celtic Italia. Namely, the last item 'All Roads Lead to Mediolanum' is asking for a road between Mediolanum and Novaria. However there is a river running between them when using 'INR Invictus'. Not sure if I should post this here or on the INR Invictus workshop comments. Thanks!
sevent11 Jan 26 @ 11:14pm 
would it possible to have a better gui and also buildings count and pop macrobuilder vanilla lacks af
Snowlet  [author] Jan 26 @ 3:17am 
@El Presidente Yes it's compatible.
El Presidente Jan 26 @ 2:57am 
Sorry to ask, but for the sake of a mega campaign from I:R to HoI4, would this mod be compatible with the converters to CK2/3?
Snowlet  [author] Jan 25 @ 7:42am 
@Dave From Monopoly Matters of Italia mission is generic, don't pick it if you're playing as Rome, only do the custom missions.