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The GameLabs plugin for DayZ allows your game server to interact with the CFTools Cloud GameAPI.

It will automatically transmit relevant events as well as player and environment information. Additionally, it acts as a library for other mods to interact with CFTools Cloud components or core GameLabs data.

To install GameLabs follow the "Installation" section.

  • CFTools Cloud server registration or Open GameLabs compatible API Server
  • Server Id and API Key

Install/load this mod to you the target game server deployment.

For the configuration, create a file called gamelabs.cfg in your profiles directory (Do not add any additional file extensions). Inside this file, put following JSON configuration:
{ "debugEnabled": 0, "connectionVerification": 1, "serverId": "Server-Id", "apiKey": "API-Key", "preventDynamicItemPopulation": 0, "chatSanitizeBattlEyeJoinLeave": 0, "chatSanitizeBattlEyePrefix": 0, "advancedChatInterface": 0 }

Replace the Server-Id and API-Key placeholders with your appropiate API information. The file must be saved in either ANSI or UTF-8 format, depending on your OS language settings.

Extended configuration
GameLabs will automatically verify its access credentials and shut down the server if the API is unreachable or the credentials are invalid. To disable GameLabs shutting down your server for when the API is unreachable set
to 0.
When connection verification is disabled, we can and will not guarantee that GameLabs is functioning correctly.

Enable or disable GameLabs's debug mode. If you encounter issues, it is recommend to enable debug mode and check the log output generated in profiles/@Logging.

GameLabs automatically scans your game server for all available items. If your server has more than 50.000 unique items, this may lead to issues. We heavily discourge disabling this setting. Consult CFTools Cloud support if you think your setup requires this.

serverId / apiKey
These fields must contain your API credentials. You can find them under "Manage", "Settings", "API Key". Only the owner of any specific server may access them. These credentials are required in order for GameLabs to function and the server must be registered with CFTools Cloud before GameLabs can be used.

Sanitize chat from BattlEye join/leave messages.

Remove BattlEye message prefix.

Support for stylizing RCon messages or displaying them as notification. This may break other chat mods, so testing is recommended.

Extended functionality
DayZ Expansion
GameLabs is able to transmit Side and Team chat for DayZ Expansion.
GameLabs MUST be launched on the client side to achieve this

Message styling
Requires "advancedChatInterface" to be enabled and GameLabs to be installed on both client and server.

To send stylized RCon messages you prefix the specific messages the following way:
(Sending a notification)
(Sending a colorized message)

Full examples for RCon messages:
"|>NThis is a notification"
"|>C37ff00This message will appear green"

Messages stylized this way, will not have any prefix.

Chat styling is not compatible with every chat mod.

GameLabs has an integrated and custom logger. The log files will be generated inside a @Logging directory, which is being located in the configured profiles directory.

Managing User Consent
Depending on your region, you might require a "cookie consent" banner when using client performance metrics (gathering of client game FPS for server metrics, etc.). You can enable this by adding:
in any mod that is loaded before GameLabs on the client.

Game server monetization
The usage of GameLabs on monetized servers is allowed. The usage of GameLabs for commercial use is forbidden in compliance with the DayZ Tools EULA.

The usage of GameLabs is subject to the CFTools Cloud Terms of Use.

GameLabs is compatible with most modifications, however we do not guarantee explicit compatibility with any specific mod.

No support will be provided via Steam or the Steam Workshop.

For support you can join our Discord[] or open a ticket[].

Other branches
For experimental and unstable features of GameLabs we provide following additional versions of GameLabs:
- Experimental
- Unstable

GameLabs and its code is copyrighted content of © 2017 - 2024 CFTools™. All rights reserved.

The usage on both client and server side falls under our EULA[].

For usage with third party Open GameLabs compatible API servers, contact the operator for licensing information.


To install GameLabs follow the "Installation" section.
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Garageman Jul 7 @ 12:39pm 
Unfortunaltely, Gamelabs mod is crashing DayZ servers. After deinstalling the mod the servers (Chernarus, Livonia, Alteria, and Banov) are starting and running without any issues.
Please check your workshop agains the current DayZServer_x64.exe.
Garageman Jun 18 @ 11:57am 
Ok, not a single chance to get support via Discord (gamelabs has moved to Townhall, something like a twitter on Discord...) I will open a case.
Garageman Jun 18 @ 10:27am 
My server is crashing constantly since a few days because of the gamelabs workshop.
I tested the dependancy by installing a vanilla server on Nitrado (Namalsk) and by adding one mod after the othre (each time a reboot). After installing gamelabs, the server crashes. Removing the mod solves the problem (it is not an issue!)

MS2605, 18.06 2024 19:21:11
NULL pointer to instance
Class: 'GameLabsCore'
Function: 'GameLabsCore'
Stack trace:

My suggestion is to contact Gamelabs via Discord - which I have done, yet.
I will report any update.
Spike Jun 14 @ 1:04pm 
does anyone know if this is still working
Larry Jun 10 @ 7:17am 
Our server crashes because of game labs. Every crash gives us a log

SCRIPT : [GameLabs-Debug] 2024-06-10T10:32:03+00:00 | [] EEHitBy.EVIL (deathSync=0, suicide=0)
SCRIPT : Fall Damage Health 1
T.J. Jun 6 @ 12:24pm 
Will this work with a gtx server?
troopakoopa240 May 9 @ 11:59am 
anyone else having issues with this? was working fine till about last hour
daynzet May 2 @ 6:53pm 
У меня не получается создать API ключ что бы я не вводил у меня потом много 00000000000000000, кто знает в чём проблема? Так же если не убрать цифру 1 в строке connectionVerification то сервер бесконечно перезагружается!
KOVSH. Apr 3 @ 3:40pm 
This is a client mod.
H4nz0_ Apr 3 @ 10:08am 
Does this only need to be on the server side, or does the client also need it?