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Cities: Skylines

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CSUR Berlin Map
This collection lists CSUR-related mods and assets for the CSUR map of Global Build-Off: Berlin Edition .

Apart from these listed items, some essential mods are also necessary for using CSUR:
- Move It!
- Fine Road Tools
- Fine Road Anarchy
- TM: PE
- Theme Mixer 2 (to hide grass sprites)

Remember that the CSUR Loader mod and CSUR Toolbox mod need to be enabled in Content Manager!

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Select the German road textures and arrows to get the closest look to Berlin roads!
Items (18)
CSUR Asym Pack [R4]
Created by amamIya
CSUR Asym Pack ...
CSUR Basic Pack [R1]
Created by amamIya
CSUR Basic Pack ...
CSUR Ext 5Lane [M4]
Created by amamIya
CSUR Ext 5Lane ...
CSUR Ext 6Lane [M5]
Created by amamIya
CSUR Ext 6Lane ...
CSUR Ext Roads [R2]
Created by amamIya
CSUR Ext Roads ...
CSUR Ext Roads [R3]
Created by amamIya
CSUR Ext Roads ...
CSUR Extra Shift Pack [M21]
Created by VictoriaCity
This pack provides an extra set of CSUR shift modules. With this pack, shift module can move the roadway by at most 2 lane slots, compared with 1 slot or 1/5 slots in M1--M5 packs. Shift modules between a CSUR standard roadway and a centered roadway (3R=3C...
CSUR Full Pack [M2]
Created by amamIya
CSUR Full Pack ...
CSUR Lite Pack [M1]
Created by amamIya
CSUR Lite Pack ...
CSUR Loader
Created by VictoriaCity
All assets and mods for CSUR are compatible with Sunset Harbor DLC and its free updates. Core utility mod for the all-new CSUR road system. This mod is required for any new CSUR road pack on the Workshop:
CSUR Slim Pack [M3]
Created by amamIya
CSUR Slim Pack ...
CSUR ToolBox
Created by pcfantasy
CSUR ToolBox Re-write the whole road system in Cities Skylines to support CSUR2.0 Main features: 1. Provide a UI panel which makes it easy to find CSUR roads 2. Make it much easier to select roads with offsets on the map by clicking on road models instead ...
CSUR Pillar Pack
Created by amamIya
CSUR Pillar Pack by amamIya...
Concrete Retaining Wall network
Created by Lost Gecko
Network version of the Concrete Retaining Wall Prop based on the vanilla Castle Walls ruins (currently found in the water structure tab - to be fixed) Height: 2m by default. Can be raised up to 32m with the Move It! mod (link below). Follows the terrain bu...
Regular Trees 4 pack
Created by pdelmo
4 Generic shaped trees Stats and info: Textures all are 256x256 Tris Small 380 Columnar 700 Full 928 Crown 800 Smaller Leaves and billbording for a more realistic look...
Surface Network
Created by neinnew/네인
I released Double-sided Surface Network Surface Network surface network(grass, asphalt, pavement, gravel, ruin(cliff)), also includes clip networks. Information They all have versions of 4m, 8m, 16m, 32m. For clip networks, however, length means the half-w...
[Obsolete] Modern Lighting Pack: Liberated!
Created by Gabrielium
If you are a new subscriber, please use GCVos' pack instead of this one! He fixed his lights to no longer require Network Skins, so this pack is obsolete. However, if you had previously subscribed to this mod, it is still necessary to keep plopped versions...
German Arrow Decals Pack
Created by Hafiz
German Arrow Decals Pack. Includes 7 German road arrow decals: -Arrow Straight -Arrow Left -Arrow Right -Arrow Straight Left -Arrow Straight Right -Arrow Merge Left -Arrow Merge Right Also includes a pedestrian marking and a bike lane decal. Texture size: ...