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Plugin Loader
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Feb 25, 2021 @ 8:12pm
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Plugin Loader

This plugin allows easy installation and loading of client plugins from multiple different kinds of sources. A plugin is basically an unrestricted mod that can do anything it wants. This obviously comes with greater risk, but it can also allow some fantastic normally impossible things. Because of the fact that plugins are unrestricted, you should only install plugins from sources and authors you absolutely trust. Just like any piece of software, don't go installing any random plugin you find without verifying it is safe. However, also know that all plugins are checked and whitelisted before it they are allowed to work with this loader.

Plugins can be configured from the main menu of SE using the Plugins button. Clicking on a plugin in this menu will show its info on the right side. Also, holding the escape key during startup will allow you to disable all plugins temporarily. Please note that this plugin does a lot of operations during the splash screen of the game. That means that the game may take a couple extra seconds to start up when there are a lot of plugins loaded.

Please note that the list of allowed plugins is stored on If you are unable to access this site in your region, you will not be able to update or download any plugins. If connectivity to GitHub is going to be a problem, contact us and we will provide the files necessary so you can see and use any plugins on GitHub.

Plugin Loader only installs client plugins. Plugins that are installed on the client load regardless of what is happening or what world you join after the game starts. Ask the plugin authors for instructions on installing their plugin on a server.

Some people have reported issues using RunPluginLoader on linux. If you are using linux, it is recommended that you install manually to avoid crashes while starting the game.

To install, subscribe to this item and add this entire line to your launch options:
-plugin "..\..\..\workshop\content\244850\2407984968\RunPluginLoader"
You can paste this exact string into your launch options, including the quotes around the path. If the game crashes after adding the launch options, it is likely that your steam installation isn't automatically downloading some workshop items. You may need to either add the loader to a world temporarily or use the manual installation instructions.

To install without the workshop, the files must be copied into the game folder manually. See the instructions and downloads on the github page[].

To uninstall Plugin Loader, remove the plugin from launch options. Deleting the files from the disk or unsubscribing without removing the launch option will crash the game.

This type of "plugin" isn't really a plugin. These are regular mods that Plugin Loader will tell the game to load.

These plugins are hosted on GitHub. Just enable them and after a restart they will be downloaded and installed.

You may install local plugins inside the game Plugins directory:
Warning: local plugins bypass the whitelist!

Plugin List
Top 15 plugin list items by usage as of January 2023:
  1. Better Inventory Search by avaness[]
  2. Jump Selector by dude[]
  3. Multigrid Projector by Viktor[]
  4. Remove Intro Video Plugin by WesternGamer[]
  5. Performance Improvements by Viktor[]
  6. Build Info by Digi
  7. No Forced Camera Zoom by dude[]
  8. Colorful Icons by typekcz
  9. Better Spotlights by Thorn Blackwell
  10. Tool Switcher by avaness[]
  11. Block Picker by avaness[]
  12. Sneaky Sounds - Quieter Tools by Splitsie
  13. No Armor Edges by avaness[]
  14. Camera LCD [WIP] by avaness[]
  15. HUD Compass by Zelious
If you can read xml, a list of plugins can be found here[].

For support, plugin development, and all things plugin, please join the discord server:

Common Issues
I have entered the launch options exactly as they appear here, but the game crashes on start!
Try to navigate to the folder you put inside the launch options. Sometimes steam doesn't download the Plugin Loader like it's supposed to. If you can't find the folder, try adding plugin loader to a world temporarily so the game can force steam to download it.
Please vote[] to have this issue fixed so it doesn't crash the game.

My game crashes when I have plugins enabled!
Did you just enable a new plugin or has a plugin just updated? Try disabling that plugin, or disable plugins at random until the issue is fixed. (Just like if you had a bad mod in your world!) Note that all plugins can be disabled temporarily by holding the escape key during startup. If you find the bad plugin, send the author of that plugin the game's log file.

For support on any issues not covered here, please join the discord server community linked above.

Source Code
You can find the source code for this plugin on github here[].

If you wish to develop a plugin for Plugin Loader, please join the discord server community linked above.

To support my work, you may use Paypal[] or Patreon[]
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Isfet Solaris Mar 30 @ 12:01pm 
Hosting a server, I've been told that this may be allowing players to cheat on server, is this true or is it just the usual "client side means hacks" paranoia?
TettriS Mar 16 @ 11:27am 
When you're copied and pasted check that is it. ......\workshop\content\244850\2407984968\RunPluginLoader how it is copied.
add more slash symbols where was needed. ..\..\..\workshop\content\244850\2407984968\RunPluginLoader - right version
Rox Mar 10 @ 3:22am 
Your Image to LCD plugin causes a crash when loading a world with LCD panels present. Log showing this :
Voxeck Feb 19 @ 3:21pm 
i have it installed and running on two worlds, but wont let me select which plugins i want. like there is no option in the main menu
Thorn Blackwell Feb 18 @ 12:54pm 
I would but I figured out it's a windows issue ... sorry. I guess I'm so used to KEEN and SE having issues it makes me a bit myopic.
avaness  [author] Feb 17 @ 7:39pm 
Can you upload the log somewhere? I would like to see it
Thorn Blackwell Feb 16 @ 3:26pm 
Love this, but I've had to troubleshoot some problems down to this. After removing every plugin and mod, if I try to log on with this installed my game starts minimized and it is extremely difficult to get it to maximize. To get it to maximize I have to try to maximize it the normal way and click around the black screen as it attempts to comply. Usually, many times before it actually can be played. When this is unloaded the game loads maximized and can be minimized the usual way without it getting stuck that way. I have no idea what is doing it, and the logs look nearly identical except for loading the plugin manager. I'm stumped.
avaness  [author] Feb 16 @ 1:38pm 
You can't add mods manually
0veezi Feb 15 @ 1:36am 
how we can add local mod to that plugin loader
Etofiasco I Feb 10 @ 12:36pm 
It's work?