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Garry's Mod

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Orbital Servers Workshop Collection
Here is all the content needed for the Orbital Servers DarkRP Server
Items (40)
Miner Playermodels
Created by Sauce'
Haus The Plague Doktor
Created by Splinks
Q: What do you get when you mix a fourteenth-century plague doctor with the Matrix?
A: Haus The Plague Doktor

A present made for my good friend:
Alley Thug (PM & NPC)
Created by Bala
Wrong turn, hmm?

What this addon includes:

That's it :^)...
[NPC|PLY] Enhanced Saddam
Created by Grumpy Old Man V92
Hide and Seek Runner Up

Saddam from Kuma War. This is an upgrade from my old version from way back[].

  • Player
  • C
(Official Pack) Police Officer { P.M. }
Created by [CZ] Colonel Clanny
If you require help with something, feel free to join my Addon Group.

This is a Official upload from the Police Officer Playermodels by PORTAL2, all permissions have been granted from his s...
BF4 Tigerstripe Camo Playermodels
Created by suno
These BF4 playermodels have a variety of bodygroups. There are 4 models total:
Assault, Engineer, Recon and Support.

The screenshots only show bodygroup variants of the assault model.

This model pack was commissioned by Spyper.

Copied Cred...
Security Guard Playermodels
Created by Voikanaa
Security Guard Pack

Security Guard Player Models. Good for RolePlay!

  • Player Model


Models and textures: Valve / Overkill Software
Porting, rigging and compiling: Vo...
Jaray The Rat V2
Created by Ceiling★Spiders
Are you sick of those sanic clone nextbots flooding the workshop? Do you want something new? Well this addon is for you my friend! I introduce you to the new and improved Jaray The Rat!

Unlike it's previous version, the new Jaray is your friend! It does...
Terrorist Playermodels
Created by Blue_Skies
A set of four player models inspired by insurgents in the Middle East.
-Afghan Commando
-Taliban RPG Man
-Taliban Grunt
-Taliban Suicide Bomber
Original models by Kuma Games. Porting by Blue_Skies....
Splinter Cell Spy and Merc
Created by Srgt. Shotup
In the never ending battle against spies and mercenaries... we at least get models. Ripped from the game Splinter Cell: Blacklist's Spies Vs. Mercs game mode, these two models come with full finger posing, playermodels, and viewarms.

Credits go to Ubiso...
CS:GO Knives SWEPs
Created by xdshot
Now you can use the knives from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as weapons in Garry's Mod!

  • 12 different knives;
  • New sounds;
  • Viewmodel arms (c_arms) compatible;
  • Press Reload b
Please note that my vapes are NOT narcotics. They are devices that emit healthy, organic vapor.

Vape List:
  • Classic vape
  • Mega vape - it's big, and it's cloud is bigger
  • Juicy vape - press right click to change flav
1950's Playermodel lua
Created by Hez
If it wasn't made completely obvious the first time and you have less than the average IQ of 100, please take note:

These are not mine, I simply fixed a few simple things so I could use them on my now, non-existent server and uploaded them to the worksh...
"Hobo" Player Model
Created by DrKnaw
Hobo Model & Player Model

Human Hunter PM



Hunter Fom Left 4 Dead
Created by WireTeam
A collection of entities connectable by data wires, which allows for the creation of advanced contraptions.

Wiremod Landing Page:



Github: https://githu...
DOA5: Honoka Bunny P.M. and Ragdoll
Created by Lenoax
If you want, and you like my workshop, I think the donation is the best thing you can do to help me! and if you do that, I will appreciate that, thank you for your collaboration!

Cage Player Model
Created by DamnedOne
This is a reupload because I don't want this to be forgotten. I did not make this model.

Remember to like!...
Spawnable Kevlar Armor
Created by Reidmaster
Spawnable Kevlar Armor

~ Light Armor (100, Left Vest)
~ Medium Armor (150, Middle Vest)
~ Heavy Armor (250, Right Vest)

This pack is just like my other pack except new ...
Zeros LuminaFX - Contentpack
Created by Zerochain
Fisherman Playermodel
Created by zelpa
It adds a fisherman playermodel....
Bulldozer (Payday 2) [player/npc]
Created by MARK2580
finger posing
eyes posing
player model
npc rebel / combine
hands from 1st person
3 skins (green / black / sku
Bloods and Crips Playermodels
Created by Nutter2
[Re-Upload] COD4 Sniper Playermodel
Created by [GGS] 92carmnad
I take no credit for these - credit goes to Jesse V92, I only uploaded these for content's sake....
Rust Scientist Nextbot/PM/Ragdoll
Created by Darsu
Scientist suit playermodel and scientist NPC ported from Rust.
Originally posted by Rust description:
Scientists are NPCs that walk around irradiated Monuments, increasing both the risk and reward from doing a scrap run.

  • Fully functional N
L.A. Noire: Detective P.M. and Ragdoll
Created by Lenoax
-Detective! you need to see this case, now you are in the Workshop!
-Oh, Great, more work for me.

Detective with the body of Cole Phelps from L.A. Noire is now in the Workshop, is like a generic character.

I don't do the Ragdoll of Cole becau...
Police Officers (Playermodels)
Created by [CZ] Colonel Clanny

Seven Models with 14 textures each model


Detroit: Become Human - SWAT (PM)
Created by Konnie
SWAT from Detroit: Become Human game!
This model features FACS flexes, eye posing, procedural bones, Captain Allen and 2 SWAT Soldiers from the game each including many bodygroups for nightvision, refracting glass, a separate SWAT Sniper weapon SWEP and s...
Sebastian Castellanos - The Evil Within - [Ragdoll/NPC/PM]
Created by CassiusGarland
Detective Sebastian Castellanos from Bethesda's The Evil Within

This addon includes:

- Two main models (Sebastian and young Sebastian)
- Ragdolls
- NPCs (Enemy, Ally)
- Playermodels
- Bodygroups (3 costumes, normal, coat and profe...
PAYDAY 2: Medic (player/npc)
Created by Shadow Bonnie (RUS)
Medic from PAYDAY 2.

-Friendly medic can heal you and other friendly npcs.
-Medical bag as bodygroup.
-NPCs (rebel and combine).
-firstperson model.

Blue SWAT (+li...
Zero´s Trashman - Contentpack
Created by Zerochain
Detective Magnusson Player and Ragdoll
Created by Sirgibsalot
Dr. Magnusson from Half-Life 2: Episode 2 reimagined as a old fashioned noir detective. Comes with a player model and a ragdoll, each with optional high-resolution face texture and L4D eye shaders, along with a hat (can be removed with a bodygroup).

Tradie [PM + Ragdoll]
Created by Not Dave or Daniel
"Tradie" is a term used in association with Australian Workers. A Tradie can be a construction worker, road worker, lawn mower or even a plumber. Tradies fit into a number of physical needs.
I made this mod because i havent seen anyone else make a univers...