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Simple Guide to Setting up New Vegas in 2024
By Uncle Badass
A simple guide on how to set up your game for a smooth experience with as few crashes as possible.
This guide was designed to be fool proof, don't take it personally if it beats you over the head with information, I just want to make sure you make no mistakes.

This was made with Windows 10, I can't solve problems with other operating systems, it should work perfectly fine with Windows 7 and I have been told it works fine with Windows 11.

I heavily recommend you have all of the DLC before starting.
Not having them will limit what mods you can use, ultimately you don't need them to make New Vegas functional, but it's much cheaper to buy the "Fallout New Vegas Ultimate" package.

The "Fallout New Vegas Ultimate" is a package and not a bundle, so the base game will not be subtracted from its total price if you buy the base game alone and then the package later, the final price of doing this will be almost the same price as buying everything separately, so I do not recommend it but if you have to do it then wait for a sale to buy the DLC.

You will need a way to open compressed zip files
I highly recommend using 7zip[www.7-zip.org] because it's free and easy to use.

Achievements will still work
Step 1: Run your game once
After your game is installed, run you game one time, you don't need to go into the game itself.

Seeing this is enough, click EXIT and move on to the next step.

This creates the files you need in order to set up your game properly.

You do not need to run the launcher ever again unless you want to make some changes.
Step 2: Setting up your .ini files
First you will need to install Notepad++ 64bit version[notepad-plus-plus.org] because the normal Notepad that comes with windows does not have the ability to save these files correctly.

Then to see file extensions such as ".ini" or ".exe", open File Explorer (any folder will do) and click the "View" tab at the top, there you can enable "File name extensions."
This will take effect globally across your computer and now everything will show you their file extension.

The .ini files you need to edit are located at Documents > my games > FalloutNV.
This is the only place you will find them.

Common Problems:
  • Make sure they're not set to "read only", otherwise you won't be able to edit them.
  • If for some reason you cannot save the changes normally, use "Save As" to make a different .ini in different location on your computer, then delete the existing .ini and move the new one into it's place.
  • In your text document editor, use "Ctrl + F" to quickly find the sections you're looking for, this should be the search function as it is with most text file editors.
  • If you installed MO before editing these files, you can find MO's version of them at "ModOrganizer(the install location) > Fallout NV > profiles > Default"

If they're not labeled ".ini", don't worry about it.
That's just the file extension that tells the computer how to operate it, these files will always be .ini on creation.

Each section of these settings files is labeled with a word in [Brackets], you don't have to copy the whole thing you see below, just what's under the word in brackets, the bracketed word will tell you where you can find those settings.

On windows you can press Ctrl + F to search for lines.
If something isn't in there by default, simply add it to the end of the section stated below.
Here is an example:

Right click "Fallout.ini" and select Edit, find the following and edit them to match.



Save and close the file
Now do the same for "FalloutPrefs.ini" to match the following.



iSize W=Your monitor's horizontal resolution
iSize H=Your monitor's vertical resolution

Save and close the file, this completes all you need to do with these files.
Step 3: Download NVSE
New Vegas Script Extender
This is the backbone of modding, it allows mods to preform actions they otherwise wouldn't be able to due to engine limitations.
As for the 4 Gigabit Patch, New Vegas is a very old game running on an engine that was already outdated when the game was made, this causes it to frequently crash due to the game asking for more computing power than the engine knows how to provide.
This patch allows the engine to use the power the game asks of it.

You can find NVSE here
Step 4: Download the 4GB Patch

Next, you can find the 4GB Patcher here
Step 5: Patch your game
NVSE and 4GB Patcher will not work if they are put into a mod manager, they must be directly installed to your game's root folder.

Drag and drop the contents of the zip files to your New Vegas root folder, which can normally be found here

Your root folder should now look like this

Now run "FNVpatch.exe" one time, this will patch your game.
Step 6: Mod Organizer
Now that everything else is set up, you can begin installing mods, and the best way to do that is with Mod Organizer 2.
Vortex should work fine too, but don't expect me to know how it works.

If you install MO before you edit your .ini files, MO will create it's own version of them that you will have to edit instead, see "Common problems" up by the .ini section.

You can find it here

The Skyrim Special Edition nexus page is just a place to host the file, it works well for every Bethesda game.

The Archive version allows you to drag and drop the files already unpacked.
Do Not Install This Into Your Game's Folder.

The Installer version is the same as above, except instead it will find it's own place to be installed.

Once it is installed, run it and make sure that "New Vegas" is your selected executable to run, this is the patched version of your game made by the 4GB Patcher.
This executable will automatically run NVSE, but you do not need to run it right now.
Step 7: Installing the basics
To begin installing mods, in Mod Organizer go here

Then select the zip file and click "Open" like this

Use the above instructions to install the following mods:
Minimum Required Mods: These should be installed through MO in the order they are listed.
1) JIP LN NVSE Plugin[www.nexusmods.com]
This is an extension of NVSE that needs NVSE to function and is required by many mods out there.

2) JohnnyGuitar NVSE[www.nexusmods.com]
Fixes many bugs not covered by other patches

3) Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP[www.nexusmods.com]
Download and install the YUP version in your language.

But what if I don't have all or any of the DLC?
  • Scroll down the files page to "Optional Files" and download "YUP - Individual ESMs"
  • When installing select "Manual" and uncheck the DLCs that you do not have

4) lStewieAl's Tweaks[www.nexusmods.com]
Fixes many bugs not covered by other patches.

5) Stewie Tweaks INI[www.nexusmods.com]
This is the same mod page as above, to get what you need, follow these instructions:
Scroll down under the Files section to "Optional Files" and download "Stewie Tweaks INI."

6) User Interface Organizer[www.nexusmods.com]
While most of StewieAI's Tweaks works automatically, there are additional features you can enable through the "Tweaks" menu under Settings at the title screen, you need this mod to enable that menu's functionality.
Make sure this mod is always at the bottom of your mod list, any other UI mods loaded after it will not work properly otherwise.

7) NVTF - New Vegas Tick Fix[www.nexusmods.com]
This is an updated version of Stutter Remover.
If you see SR recommenced by someone else, know that you have an updated version of it already and do not need to install the original.

8) Optional: NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash[www.nexusmods.com]
Prevents some crashes from happening.
Some claim it works fine, some claim it makes things worse, some claim it does nothing at all.
All I can tell you is I personally have no issues with it.

Install them one by one and it should look like this
Step 8: Quality of life
Mods in this section are not required.
But they can improve your experience with the game, install whatever you like at your own leisure, they go after everything above.

Game Functionality
OneTweak for FNV[www.nexusmods.com]
I recommend this only if you have more than one monitor, but some have said that it's also great for alt-tabbing with one.
Some people have reported problems with this such as stuttering, but I personally have never had a problem.

FNV Mod Limit Fix[www.nexusmods.com]
By default, FoNV has a limit of of how many mods can be installed at once, most people never meet this limit, but this fix also improves framerate and load times.

Spore Plant Melee Attack and Tweaks[www.nexusmods.com]
Enables the melee attack of Spore Plants and tweaks a few things about them.

Downloadable Content
By default the way DLC handles things can be annoying and in your way, I heavily recommend these.
Delay DLC[www.nexusmods.com]
Instead of receiving a quest for every DLC at the start of the game, they now have triggers that you will come across naturally during your playthrough.
  • Dead Money: Limits the radio transmission range to about the middle of the Novac bridge. Introduces the requirement that you listen to the ENTIRE broadcast before you get the quest or the location.
  • Honest Hearts: Limits the radio transmission range to a radius that extends to the Durable Dunn caravan wreckage. Introduces the requirement that you listen to the ENTIRE broadcast before you get the quest or the location.
  • Old World Blues: Limits the radio transmission range to just to the south of Nipton if the player is below level 12, and just to the western side of Nipton Road Pit Stop if the player is over level 12.
  • Lonesome Road: Prevents the quest from appearing until you get very close. You must be in the playground above and to the west of the Primm NCR camp in order to get the quest, as well as be over level 25 (the suggested level).

Gun Runners' Arsenal Merged[www.nexusmods.com]
Not the tidiest of mods that do this sort of thing, but the most compatible.
Revamps the GRA weapons to be more immersive and not blatantly over powered, no more (GRA) next to a whole bunch of weapons sold by the Gun Runners.

Preorder items start in locker[www.nexusmods.com]
By default when you start a new game, you're bombarded with messages telling you that each pack has been enabled and are given a bunch of starter equipment.
This changes it so none of that happens, but the equipment is available if you want it.

And with that, your game is now ready to play. Have fun!
Troubleshooting Common Problems
In-game issues
  • Game won't save
    Make sure the "FalloutNV.exe" is allowed by your antivirus, if it's not then it may prevent the game from making save files.

  • No mouse cursor
    I've been told that if you have a controller plugged in, New Vegas will choose that as your control scheme, you have to restart the game without it plugged in.

  • Infinite loading screen when I load a save file
    Try loading a different save, then when you get a save to load, load the save you wanted to load.
    If none of your saves load, try starting a new game and then loading your save.

    Try to save frequently and preferably indoors as they're very low-stress on the game's engine.

  • Dead Money: Elijah audio crackling/buzzing
    I don't know when the problem started, but it's a problem with JP LN.

    Through Mod Organizer, right click "JP LN NVSE Plugin" and select "view in explorer", in the folder it brings you to, go into "nvse" then "plugins" then edit "jip_nvse.ini."
    Find "bVoiceModulationFix=1" and change the 1 to a 0

  • Crashing After Opening Cinematic
    It's an issue with your GPU drivers, you're probably on AMD or on a NVidia laptop.
    It's a known issue, see here for a fix.[performance.moddinglinked.com]

Problems with setting it up
  • "MSVCR120.dll was not found" when running the 4GB patcher
    4GB Patcher requires "VC++ x86 Runtime", a download is listed under "Requirements" on the mod page, simply download and install.

Problems outside of the game
  • Game won't launch
    This may be a problem with your anti-virus or permissions; One person said McAfee was infinitely scanning some of their game's files when they tried to launch it via Mod Organizer. You also could try launching Mod Organizer as an administrator.
    Unfortunately I've never experienced this problem myself, so this as much as I can say.

  • Cannot click anything
    This is something I've run into recently with Mod Organizer, I will end my playing of NV and not be able to click anything.

    Hold Alt and press Tab, keep pressing until MO is selected, then release Alt.
    With MO as your active window, press F5 to refresh it, this seems to fix the issue.

  • Game window won't close after exiting
    Press either Alt+Ctrl+Del or Ctrl+Shift+Esc to bring up Task Manager, then use the arrow keys to select FalloutNV.exe and press Delete to close it
Additional Fixes & Advanced Modding [Not Required]
Recommended mods for making your game look better, more balanced, and other tweaks.
I'm putting this in a separate guide as to not clutter up the main guide with information not needed to make New Vegas run well.
Additional Help
Having problems and cannot solve it on your own?
Leave a comment describing your issue and I'll see if I can help you out.
the_symaster 17 hours ago 
very nice guide, im enjoying this game immensely since i last played it on my friends xbox so many years ago. the game runs nice and smooth :steamthumbsup:
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Didn't know I purchased a game to work for steam. how about you fix what you sold
tarwyn Jun 4 @ 7:37am 
Just finished a playthrough of NV and this guide was a huge help! Thanks so much for putting it all together in one place.

Only issues i found were a few CTD's outside, but that seemed to stop as long as i remembered to save often.

Thanks again! :steamhappy:
Squiddo Jun 1 @ 7:16pm 
Uncle Badass  [author] Jun 1 @ 3:02pm 
On the same page where you downloaded the related mod, scroll down a little.
Squiddo Jun 1 @ 2:46pm 
I don't see where "optional files" are
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S.O.L.E.V.A.R May 26 @ 6:36pm 
S.O.L.E.V.A.R May 26 @ 6:25pm 
Yep, found some solutions to this problem:
1) dxvc + one tweak + Fullscreen windowed mode (laggy and not as smooth as used to be when finished this guide)
2) downgrading AMD drivers (haven't tried yet)

All I have to say is that the problem on the side of AMD software. I hate AMD. Maybe should just wait till they fix it in the next driver update or smth...