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Tiberian Genesis
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Dec 26, 2020 @ 3:47pm
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Tiberian Genesis

W E L C O M E | B A C K | C O M M A N D E R !

About the modification / What are we doing:
This modification aims to depict the epic second tiberium war of GDI and Nod into the Arma 3 engine. It will provide players with the chance to experience what Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun would have been when experienced in first person, with the ability to handle and use many of the original features of the original game plus those enhanced features of the Arma 3 engine. Through this world you will get to see Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun up close and personal, with glowing crystals of Tiberium on the battlefield, walking mechs like the GDI Mammoth Mk.II, and the ability to control everything what you like, every vehicle, every defense building, and of course yourself.

The development of Tiberian Genesis started way back for the game Operation Flashpoint in June 2004 (by Sentry), then switched to Armed Assault (Arma 1), later to Crysis (Cryengine) and is now back to Arma 3.
Our goal is to mix FPS with RTS elements together to achieve an interesting gameplay while sending you back to the past, reliving one of our greatest childhood games from a completely fresh perspective. One vision, one purpose!

This is a full conversion Modification for Arma 3 and for non-commercial use only!

For more informations, work in progress, updates and screenshots / videos, please visit our Tiberian Genesis Discord Server:
Arma CnC Community:
ACnC is a great Arma Community which do some Operations and Missions with Tiberian Genesis and also with other C&C related Modifications. Join their Discord Server and play with us!!

Special Thanks:
-HorribleGoat (The Secrets guy ^^)
-Battlestad (Mech Animation Helper)
-Lou Montana (Bohemia Interactive Moderator )
-Mondkalb (Nod Banshee)
-Emerald (Texture works)
-Soviet_Deso (Stitched GDI & Nod Logo)
-Armaopterix (Mod Previews in the German section and also upcoming Interview with Tiberian Genesis)
-ScotG/Rooster3D (HoverCraft Helps (preparings for Hover MLRS))
-Chris Kohl (Tiberium Flora (Palm Tree, Blue Plant) 3D Model & Textures)
-Tiberian Sun Reborn & Xenobond (Permission to use only their Tiberium Crystal texture (without shaders & shroud stuff))

Also Testers:
-Centergrate (ACnC)
-Half-Mod (ACnC)
-twid (ACnC)
-Ravid (ACnC)
-Charlie Tuna (ACnC)
-Jeckal (-)
-Jack Hammersmith (ACnC)
-Hiramaky (-)
-Xemio (-)
-ODST General (-)
-Broström (-)
-Sabre One (-)
(More will follow)

Release & Patches:
27.12.2020 Version 0.1.0 - Alpha
02.07.2022 Version 0.4.0 - Alpha
15.01.2023 Version 0.4.7 - Alpha
16.01.2023 Version 0.4.7 - Alpha
19.01.2023 Version 0.4.8 - Alpha
21.01.2023 Version 0.4.9 - Alpha
23.01.2023 Version 0.5.0 - Alpha
28.01.2023 Version 0.5.1 - Alpha
07.08.2023 Version 0.5.2 - Alpha





License Stuff:
The Tiberian Genesis Modification goes under the APL-ND License

In short:
• It is not allowed to repack parts or entirety of the Tiberian Genesis Mod in any other Mods or Mod Packs (use the Subscribe Button or create a Steam Collection) • It is not allowed to reupload Tiberian Genesis Mod on any platform (according to the Steam EULA - use the Subscribe Button) • It is not allowed to open/edit our Tiberian Genesis Mod files (pbo and others) •• It is therefore not allowed to use Tiberian Genesis Mod content/resources in any other Games (Arma 3 only) • It is not allowed to split the Tiberian Genesis Mod. • It is not allowed to make commercial use with Tiberian Genesis. •• It is therefore not allowed to use the Tiberian Genesis Mod on a monetized Server.

Tiberian Genesis is not related to Electronic Arts, Inc.,
the entire Intellectual Property of Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun and its expansion pack Firestorm (designs, units, faction names, story, etc.) belongs to Electronic Arts, Inc.
and shall not be used without their permission.

Music Stuff:
Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun / Firestorm Music Tracks by Frank Klepacki & Jarrid Mendelson
© Copyright Electronic Arts, Inc., all rights reserved
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Nov 12, 2022 @ 7:40am
so any new updates in the works
< >
DOMinator Sep 1 @ 3:05pm 
Is it just me or do the units in this mod get weaker with each update. When this mod came out the mammoth was unstoppable and could fight multiple titans at the same time, now its big push over. The disruptor tank would melt everything with pinpoint accuracy, now I cant even kill regular infantry, or tell if i'm hitting them
Centergrate  [author] Aug 28 @ 1:54pm 
Hi Vlad,

There is an Ace Compact out there called Drunkmans Tib Gen Ace Compact. That will make Ace work for it for the most part.
Brapaholics Annonymous Aug 27 @ 7:42pm 
Will there be a or is there a ACE Medical patch for this mod? I am testing it in Eden and the units are not taking ACE damage.
Avibird Aug 20 @ 11:03am 
Hey the vanilla respawn vehicle module does not work with the desrupter vehicle ?
Greatgrungus Aug 12 @ 4:29pm 
Sentry  [author] Aug 12 @ 3:10pm 
Will take a look whats wrong with these, will fix for sure for next update
Greatgrungus Aug 12 @ 1:41pm 
I dont see any of them right now
Sentry  [author] Aug 12 @ 12:57pm 
Which faces?
Greatgrungus Aug 12 @ 12:53pm 
the faces are gone now
Armilus Jul 20 @ 9:52am 
In the next couple of weeks, an update containing mostly bugfixes can be expected. The Harpy, the base air unit for Nod, is probably among the next additions, content wise. Other things are in the works as well.