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Regional Immersion and Cultural Enrichment (RICE)
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Regional Immersion and Cultural Enrichment (RICE)

In 2 collections by cybrxkhan
Cybrxkhan's Library (for Patch 1.8.X)
28 items
The Fallen Eagle - Minmalist Collection of Compatible Mods
15 items

Current Version: 1.8.4 "Al-Biruni" (Released 1/20/23, Compatible with vanilla patch 1.8.X)

Newest Flavor Packs:
Khozestan: Land of the Sugar Cane
Khwarezm: The Oxus Borderlands

Next Flavor Pack:
Normandy: Adventurers and Aristocrats

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Manual Download/Installation available on Github[]
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See More Preview Screenshots Here[]

RICE, or Regional Immersion and Cultural Enrichment, is a mod that adds immersion to different regions, cultures, and religions in CK3. As a spiritual successor to my Immersion Packs for CK2, it is a collection of "flavor packs" similar to PI's official flavor pack DLCs. RICE's guiding philosophy is to keep a focused scope that won't change gameplay significantly, but instead adds flavor across the world that is grounded in historical authenticity, especially for lesser-known places and peoples.

RICE IS IRONMAN COMPATIBLE BUT *NOT* ACHIEVEMENT COMPATIBLE. It works on existing saves, but some features won't appear unless it's a new game. (Also make a backup copy of your save just in case.)

Feel free to use my work in your mods - all I ask is that I am credited and (if possible) to give me a heads up. If you liked the mod, feel free to favorite and rate it up!

RICE is designed with compatibility in mind, and runs fine with most mods - for more info for various mods, please see this webpage[]. I avoid editing vanilla files to prevent conflicts with other mods. For example, new cultures are added via hidden events at game start instead of directly through history code. Compatches are available for:

Special content is also provided if you play with The Fallen Eagle.

I WILL NOT maintain compatches for most mods that may need one. Feel free to make your own (let me know so I can link it here). If you're a modder, don't hesitate to contact me on the forums or Discord about compatibility!

Each RICE flavor pack adds features to a region, culture, or religion, that range from new decisions to new buildings, dynasty legacies, and more, as well as flavor events and music. Please see the Flavor Pack Guides[] for more info on new features, tips and tricks, and selected lists of academic sources I used for further reading.

There are currently 25 new flavor packs, as shown on this map:

RICE uses the normal English text as a placeholder so you won't see gibberish for other languages, except Chinese and Korean, which have submods.

  • Chinese - please use this submod by 牛奶大魔王 (thanks to Jujiote for the previous translations!)
  • French - several translators including Mouchi have translated parts of the mod
  • German - Dillo has translated much of the mod; Dani has a machine translation sub-mod (Note: link isn't working atm), place it above in load order so it doesn't override Dillo's translations
  • Italian - please use this submod by The_Invisible1
  • Korean - please use this submod by 티에

Version 1.8.4 "Al-Biruni"

"For what the crowd calls courage - bravely dashing into the fight or plunging into an abyss of destruction - is only a species of courage, whilst the genus, far above all species, is to scorn death, whether by word or deed."

- Al-Biruni (973 - c.1050 CE), Khwarezmian polymath and scholar

Please note some changes only take effect with new games. As changelog is too big to list here, please see change notes here:

Thanks to all I worked with, took stuff from, and provided me encouragement and feedback over the years. Huge thanks also to the translators who put up with my erratic update schedule.

Special thanks in particular to:

  • Atreides for bookmark icons
  • B7E7 for collaboration and various cultures/faiths from BlackEmperor's Africa Plus
  • Bonseny for the amazing VIET and RICE logos and the beautiful 3D art assets
  • Celticus for a lot of useful help and suggestions
  • Fische for the Dragon Blood art icon and Vertimnus for donating it to me (originally made for Sinews of War)
  • George Hammond for some music (see here[] for more of his work)
  • Henry for the Better Bedouin Culture mod
  • KeizerHarm for UI work
  • Lahom for most of the Native American names
  • Макс for Erzya and Moksha names and info
  • Naatturi for faiths and other features from the Ukonusko Overhaul mod
  • Nezaros for reformed religion template
  • Nix for Evenki names
  • PinkPanzer for some decision art
  • Shatzi for more Breton content
  • The Not So Lonely Arrikirri and Tundragrass for suggestions and sources on the Zunbils
  • YTnuBF for Native American ethnicities from the Amerindian Steppe Tribe mod
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Music track titles
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cybrxkhan  [author] 8 hours ago 
@Default Player #162: I was originally planning to but I realized I just don't have the time and motivation to do it. To my understanding they're sort of compatible but the balance will be very off. Anyways, anyone is free to make a compatch if they want.
Default Player #162 12 hours ago 
Will you make a patch for sinews of war?
cybrxkhan  [author] 19 hours ago 
@Born in Sin: Thank you!
Born in Sin Jan 29 @ 4:18am 
Just finished my first game with the newish North Atlantic content. Very cool, Greenland is a really creative and well-done use of the Struggle system. RICE really tackles CK3's main problem, that being the lack of regional flavor, and the mod has revived the game for me. Thanks for all the fantastic work!
cybrxkhan  [author] Jan 28 @ 12:26pm 
@MeanDean Yeah, I usually go for more obscure stuff - still, I think focusing on the lesser known history or less known aspects of well known areas fits the RICE brand too, kind of like how the North Atlantic flavor pack focused on an important but less known aspects of Norse history. Right now the lion's share of content will be for the 867 bookmark (as I want to focus on the period in between Rollo and William), but some of the flavor will still apply generally for both starts - for example completing the Norman Conquest will give you access to a Domesday Book decision, regardless of when you did it. Of course if I have time I may add in other stuff too for 1066 specifically.
MeanDean Jan 28 @ 10:19am 
Awesome! Wow actually a pretty popular pick which seems off brand but very exciting for such a crucial area. I wonder what this will change about the 1066 start there
cybrxkhan  [author] Jan 28 @ 9:05am 
I'm happy to reveal the trailer for Normandy: Adventurers and Aristocrats, RICE's 26th flavor pack! The update focuses especially on the the lesser-known history of Normandy between Rollo’s arrival and William I's conquests, including a new mini-struggle.

ETA will be later in February; previews and a dev diary will be posted on discord, twitter, and Reddit from now until then.
cybrxkhan  [author] Jan 28 @ 9:05am 
@Lady of Gore Possibly in the future, yes, though might not be able to until the devs revamp how the faith code works. as adding in new faiths to existing religions is not possible without compatibility issues at this time.
Lady of Gore Jan 28 @ 7:24am 
Is it possible you can also integrate the religions from baltic-finnic overhaul just like you did with ukonusko overhaul, since that mod has been abandoned, and probably doesn't work on newer versions.
cybrxkhan  [author] Jan 27 @ 1:04pm 
For anyone who hasn't seen them yet, I've been posting some teasers for the next flavor pack for RICE on discord and twitter; here are all four:

I hope to put out a reveal trailer in a day or two!