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Regional Immersion and Cultural Enrichment (RICE)
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Regional Immersion and Cultural Enrichment (RICE)

In 2 collections by cybrxkhan
Cybrxkhan's Library (for Patch 1.9.X)
31 items
The Fallen Eagle - Minmalist Collection of Compatible Mods
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Current Version: 1.12.1.a Hotfix for "Dioscorida" (Released 3/30/24, Compatible with vanilla patch 1.12.X)

Newest Flavor Pack:
South Ethiopia: The Highland Kingdoms

Next Flavor Pack:
Sicily: Where Three Worlds Met

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RICE, or Regional Immersion and Cultural Enrichment, adds immersion to different regions, cultures, and religions in CK3. As a spiritual successor to my Immersion Packs for CK2, it is a collection of "flavor packs" similar to PI's official flavor pack DLCs. RICE's guiding philosophy is to keep a focused scope that won't change gameplay significantly, but instead adds flavor across the world that is grounded in historical authenticity, especially for lesser-known places, peoples, and histories.

RICE might work on existing saves (with some missing features), but a new game is advised to be safe.

Feel free to use my work in your mods - all I ask is that I am credited and (if possible) to give me a heads up. If you liked the mod, feel free to favorite and rate it up!

RICE is designed with compatibility in mind, and runs fine with most mods - for more info, please see this webpage[]. I avoid editing vanilla files to prevent conflicts with other mods. For example, new cultures are added via hidden events at game start instead of directly through history code. Compatches are available for:

Special content provided if you also play with The Fallen Eagle or Rajas of Asia[].

I WILL NOT maintain compatches for most mods that may need one. Feel free to make your own (let me know so I can link it here). If you're a modder, don't hesitate to contact me on the forums or Discord about compatibility!

Each RICE flavor pack adds features to a region, culture, or religion, that include new activities, decisions, events, music, and more. Read the Flavor Pack Guides[] for more info on new features, tips and tricks, and selected lists of academic sources I used for further reading.

There are currently 34 new flavor packs, shown on this map:

By default, RICE uses the original English text as a placeholder so you won't see gibberish for other languages.

Version 1.12.1 "Dioscorida"

“Dioscorida [Socotra] is very large but desert and marshy [...] The inhabitants are few and they live on the coast toward the north, which from this side faces the continent. They are foreigners, a mixture of Arabs and Indians and Greeks, who have emigrated to carry on trade there.”
- Periplus of the Erythraean Sea, Greek navigational aid from the 1st century CE

Please note some changes only take effect with new games. As changelog is too big to list here, see the full changelog here:

Thanks to all I worked with, took stuff from, and provided me encouragement and feedback over the years. Huge thanks also to the translators who put up with my erratic update schedule.

Special thanks in particular to:

  • Atreides for bookmark icons
  • B7E7 for collab and content from BlackEmperor's Africa Plus mod
  • Bonseny for the amazing VIET and RICE logos and the beautiful 3D art assets
  • Celticus for a lot of useful help and suggestions
  • DrStein(Dupont) for revamped artwork
  • Fische for the Dragon Blood art icon and Vertimnus for donating it to me (originally made for Sinews of War)
  • George Hammond for some music (see here[] for more of his work)
  • Henry for the Better Bedouin Culture mod
  • KeizerHarm for UI work
  • Lahom for most Native American names
  • Макс for Erzya and Moksha names and info
  • Msl229 for Eastern Europe research and code
  • Naatturi for content from the Ukonusko Overhaul mod
  • Nezaros for religion and bookmark art
  • Nix for Evenki names
  • PinkPanzer for some decision art
  • Rajas of Asia for Asian stuff and collab
  • Shatzi for more Breton content
  • Soraya for a lot of research and code
  • The Fallen Eagle for some icons and collab
  • The Not So Lonely Arrikirri and Tundragrass for help on the Zunbils
  • YTnuBF for Native American ethnicities from the Amerindian Steppe Tribe mod
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Apr 9, 2023 @ 10:21pm
How to make a perfect combination of Additional start dates and cultures epe rice cfp
cybrxkhan  [author] Jun 15 @ 8:52pm 
@Vashista In the music files, I provide lists of where I got the music with relevant links. If you're not sure where to look in the files in the code, you can also view them on the GitHub link in the description, specifically here:

In there you should see text files - at the top of each text file is where the links to the music and their original names/creators are. The text files are organized by which flavor pack I added them by, so go to the regions you think sound like where they came from and search through there. Hope that helps!
Vashista Jun 15 @ 4:07pm 
I love the music in RICE, could you give us a list of the tracks?
Lord_Weasel Jun 14 @ 11:15am 
@cybrxkhan thanks for the tip!
cybrxkhan  [author] Jun 13 @ 8:52pm 
@Lord_Weasel Sogdians are one of my top favorites for a future flavor pack, in fact, but concerning recommendations for clothing and hair, you might want to ask the devs of the CFP and EPE mods - RICE doesn't add any clothing or 3D art assets since I don't have the time or skills to do that.
Lord_Weasel Jun 13 @ 12:29pm 
I feel like the Sogdians could really use a flavor pack. They look too much like generic Iranians when what we know about how they dressed shows an equal amount of Chinese and Turkic influence. []
cybrxkhan  [author] Jun 8 @ 7:12pm 
@Friedrich The thing you're talking about is a decision for interlopers if I recall, that doesn't change the fact that struggle regions are hardcoded to be static, and having a capital in a struggle region is also a hardcoded requirement for involvement or being an interloper.
Friedrich Jun 8 @ 12:41pm 
Perhaps it could be done by event? The player can intervene in the Iberian Struggle as a neighboring empire IIRC, so maybe something similar could be done for players who meat an expended criteria for involvement in the Greenland struggle?
cybrxkhan  [author] Jun 8 @ 11:41am 
@Abhorash That's probably some vanilla issue. Mods can't really impact MP much directly, nor is there anything I can really do to "optimize" how my mod works with MP. If you're having trouble, try manually installing your mods and seeing if that helps, but that's all I can recommend.
Trauma Team Jun 8 @ 2:53am 
Thanks, but I've noticed that some modules cause frequent desynchronization decades after the start of a multiplayer game, how can I avoid this?
cybrxkhan  [author] Jun 7 @ 10:09pm 
@Abhorash: Most mods should work in multiplayer, including this one.

@Karl: I am open to integrating other mods' content into my own as long as they don't modify any vanilla code. Can reach out to me on discord or the forums as needed to discuss further.

@Friedrich Struggle regions are static and cannot be changed, and you need a capital in a struggle region, this is a hardcoded aspect of struggles unfortunately, so nothing I can do about it - believe me, I do want a bit more dynamism in the Greenland struggle region (well, to an extent). Theoretically, I could jank it by adding a gazillion identical struggles with different regions, but this would be diminishing returns for a lot of messy code. The devs have previously said they are interested in making struggle regions more dynamic, so maybe they'll follow through and do that one day.