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Sep 11, 2020 @ 7:39pm
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Thank you for waiting while we worked on this, and waiting just a bit longer for the full release! It's crazy to think that it's taken over 5 years to get it to this point.

Beta means that is this a test release so the public can assist us in finding bugs. Errors and malfunctions are quite possible. If you aren't ok with this, please wait until the full release.

If you have another issue, join and search our discord, it's probably already been addressed. If not, let us know in #ac130-bug-reports.

We would like to especially recognize Pingopete for his continued dedication to the mod and this aircraft. Without him this aircraft would be nowhere near the quality that it is today.

Also a thanks to slowness for the cockpit model.
Also a thanks to warlord for the operations room model.

Any issues or feedback please provide on our discord at
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kibaBG Nov 20 @ 11:42am 
After a lot of testing I can say the mod is working fine, except you have to be alone in the plane and you should not load ACE or RHS. Autopilot is working fine, the problem is when you switch to weapons operator you cannot get back to pilot seat and land the plane. The only real option is the parachute. :steamfacepalm:
Team Boss Oct 25 @ 11:29pm 
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TANK LIFE Oct 24 @ 5:24am 
@team boss
what did furrys and weabs do to you?
i will wait.
saha56qe Oct 19 @ 1:50pm 
bad auto pilot, when you want to circle and shoot, it flies on the right side when the guns are on the left, how to fix it?
Team Boss Oct 13 @ 11:35pm 
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Razglizzy Oct 13 @ 8:17pm 
@Team Boss sir this is an ArmA 3 mod comment thread
Team Boss Oct 11 @ 10:29pm 
the guy that made this is a WEAB and i am DISGUSTED!!
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=7Cav=SSG.Raeder.U Oct 1 @ 3:59pm 
"Our community has been using the ac-130 with its current dependency. Upon spawning the aircraft everything is fine, but when we fire it up and go down the runway it starts throwing errors and we get yellow chained then red after 2 minutes.
It happens when we are at 50+ players on server.
We simply don't spawn it and the dedicated server runs fine.
Hope its fixed"

We've got the same problem. This mod does not play well on dedicated with high player counts, even with a blank mission file we still encountered insane desync with 45 players once this thing was spawned.
The Ultramarine Sep 10 @ 9:55pm 
Will you be adding B-52, B-1 and B-2 Bombers?
Dr Truji Aug 25 @ 12:40pm 
Hello I have a question, I have been trying to get a player to appear in the SEAT of the IR operator at the beginning of the game, the problem is that when you open the autopilot menu, set the altitude and the orbit radius, when activating the AP the crew jumps out of the plane and it crashes is it a bug or do I have to do something in the editor that I have not done?