War for the Overworld

War for the Overworld

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Community Spotlight - Q3 2020
A collection of maps from across the community. Hand picked by the developers of War for the Overworld. Brightrock Games.
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Map Randomiser
Created by Korvek
This map has a series of presets which are selected randomly to create unique combinations every playthrough. Random choices are also included....
Map Randomiser 2
Created by Korvek
Welcome to the Random Map Generator (Map Randomiser 2). This map contains over 100 rooms randomly selected using a random number generator. Each preset is hand-drawn. There are over four presets per room, nine imperial fortresses, and twenty unique scenari...
Cathedral of Damned. v2.0.2 Skill : Above Average - Very High.
Created by Green.Sliche
Version 2.0.2

A secluded realm created by Goddess of Order, Shardillah, now home to loyal and relentless servants of Light Cult. Here, recruits are trained restlessly until they are fit to bare Brand of Purity and sent to surface realm for sole purpose - ...
Created by Sageboba
It would appear that there is very limited gold in this land Underlord, not only that but your gold magic does not seem to work here either! Scavenge what you can and prepare to do battle over the meagre land that exists here!


Designed for FFA....
Undead Lands
Created by Vodka
Created by Tai Yagami
Vier Underlords dominieren sich aber es kann nur einen geben der als Sieger hervorgehen wird.

Powered by Tai Yagami...
Created by SharpDog
Heart rock...
All Hallows
Created by Kasrkin84
You and your ally have been driven back by the holy light of Kira that now permeates much of this realm, leaving your Core Shards exposed and vulnerable. Only your triumphant victory can bring back the darkness to these lands....
King of the Arcane Fortress
Created by Kasrkin84
The Underlords Oberon and Mira once launched a joint assault on this fortress, and only together were they able to overcome the might of the Arcane Order. However, the Empire has since rebuilt their strength here, and the Underlord that joins you for this ...
Created by Cr4nK
Cooldown is a realm with lava rivers and a cold landscape. The Empire has built a fortress in the middle of this ancient land around an underhill shrine, which was contested in many battles for this land over aeons. Since the land has been claimed by the E...
The Mirror Campaign - Reversed Base Campaign
Created by Korvek
Have you ever wanted to play the WFTO base campaign but with reversed positions? Well, that is this campaign in a nutshell. Replay WFTO's campaign but with new scripting and an "alternative" outcome. Obviously, since each level amounts to "thwart Oberon", ...
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