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More Cultural Names
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More Cultural Names

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More Cultural Names
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This is a mod for various strategy games, that makes province names change their name dynamically, to one that fits the culture of the faction that controls them.

In the common database (for all the supported games), there are currently over 170.000 names for various languages, themes and time periods.

The names are meant to provide an immersive and authentic experience for the game's setting and time period.
However, if there are no names for a specific language for this context, names from other time periods, or even from very closely related languages, will be used instead, as long as they make sense and are a good fit.


For more information, as well as compatibility reports with other mods, check the pinned Compatibility thread in the Discussions tab.

You are welcome to bring any suggestion, feedback or modification to this project:
- Commenting on this page or in the Discussions threads
- Raising a new issue for this project
- Contributing directly on GitHub

Alternatively, you can help this project by donating.

- GitHub page
- Technical wiki
- Issues and suggestions
- Current and past releases
- Sources and credits

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Jun 30, 2022 @ 4:03am
PINNED: Compatibility and Patches
a good boi
rakovsky Jan 24, 2023 @ 9:59pm 
I like the idea, but it needs more work. For instance, in Judea it has Hevron instead of Hebron, but keeps Bethar. Maybe modern Hebrew pronounces Hebron as Hevron, but then if B changes to V, why not change Bethar to Vethar?

I think that the designers probably had a Roman theme in mind for the game, and so they added some Roman-style features across the board, with names probably being one of them (one of Turkey's northern regions has the Latin word Et in the middle, meaning "And".)
StefanMST Sep 14, 2022 @ 8:52am 
oh ok, thanks for the info!
a good boi  [author] Sep 14, 2022 @ 8:08am 
The issue has been identified and will be fixed in the next release.
Currently, the only working languages seem to be english and french.
StefanMST Sep 14, 2022 @ 7:05am 
Hi there, got the same issue as Wotan. For example Ostia is now named "Prov3_Roman" when the game is run in german
a good boi  [author] Jun 29, 2022 @ 12:36pm 
I've released a special version for Invictus!

@Wotan von Edelsburg I'm not sure what you mean exactly
Wotan von Edelsburg Jun 28, 2022 @ 7:32am 
For the German translation it is not permissible, only the Province ID comes out and no name.
spacebunny Jun 17, 2022 @ 9:06pm 
Are we going to get a version for Invictus?
a good boi  [author] Feb 17, 2022 @ 3:32am 
I've just released an MCN version that is compatible with Ashes of Empire: Dark Ages / The Last Roman
a good boi  [author] Nov 28, 2021 @ 6:55am 
I likely will, but I don't know when.
Phalanx Nov 28, 2021 @ 4:56am 
Do you plan to make an Invictus-compatible version in the future?