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Apini Playable Race, Continued!
Mod, 1.3
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Aug 21, 2020 @ 7:32am
Jul 11 @ 3:22am
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Apini Playable Race, Continued!

This is the newly updated, community driven expansion of This mod here!

This mod lets you play as a race of sentient giant bees called apini.

  • Bees as a playable race.
  • Apini and Azuri neolithic factions.
  • Custom Bee name lists and backgrounds.
  • Apini scenario to start with (neolithic)...
  • ...Or play as a horde of apini (and human) eating azuri! (there's no reason i should be excited about this)
  • Beeswax and honey production
  • Bee clothing and a helmet.
  • Beeswax Candles for atmosphere.
  • Honeycomb Beds filled with rejuvenating honey.

  • Compatible and Expanded: Save Our Ship 2
  • Compatible: Combat Extended
  • Compatible: Consolidated Traits
  • Compatible: EPOE and EPOE Forked
  • Compatible: Rimbees
  • Compatible and Expanded: Royalty
  • Incompatible: Multiplayer

  • Sera/Miss Bones – Apini race mod base and original creator
  • Bees - Making delicious honey
  • Zaltys - Updating to RimWorld 1.0.
  • Chjees – C#
  • Xen – A16 EPOE patch
  • Erdelf – HARs Framework
  • ZE – Azuri Sprites + B18 update
  • Lamp - some art assets
  • Rabbitt - some art assets
  • Apini Discord - Loving fans and helpful creators
  • Ykara – Inspiration (EPOE mod maker)
  • Rah – Inspiration (RBSE mod maker)
  • Saebbi - Making part of the Combat Extended patch.
  • Almantuxas - Making less broken after 1.0 update, updating to 1.1, adding to and modifying the Combat Extended patch aswell as some other patches.
  • Trisscar - Texture for the Daisy plant.

    New Team: (Individual contributions visible on github)
  • Diana Winters - Coder
  • Jack7D1 - Maintainer
  • Almantuxas - Coder
  • AspEv - Artist
  • Brunter - Coder
  • Hirohito - Coder/Artist
  • Argón (León) - Artist
  • Mayonnaise - Coder
  • Ecu - Artist

Community and Support:
Have ideas for features, or want to report a bug? Put them here in our GitHub Issue Tracker so they get noticed! This is an open source mod and contributions are appreciated![github.com]
Want to share your opinions, suggestions, or general ideas? Or maybe just hang around with some sweet bug memes/art? Meet us in this Discord Server![discord.gg]
You'll need to post a message in the verification channel to access the server.

  • Q: How do I do this?
  • A: Before all else, check the learning helper! The most confusing aspects of apini are listed there! If you can't find what you're looking for still; create and issue on the github page as it should be there!

  • Q: Why am I getting an error of the older versions of this mod?
  • A: Older versions are 'frozen' and cannot be changed. Only the latest version of rimworld recieves mod updates. However before this freeze happens the version is extensively debugged and checked to ensure everything is in proper order. As a result many errors are usually very specific cases caused by rimworld itsself.

  • Q: Why am I getting an error/incompatibility?
  • A: First and foremost make sure that it is actually Apini causing this error. If it is apini note that before release all updates are bugtested quite extensively; so your case is likely very specific. Please make a guthub issue listing the configuration and nature or the error so this can be fixed. You're welcome to pop into our discord and chat live with a coder for help!

Posting in the comments is highly discouraged as it's messy and hard to keep track of!
Making a discussion thread or a github issue is a surefire way to guarantee a response!
Bugs in the github issues cannot be forgotten or ignored!
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niipnuum Aug 9 @ 4:49am 
@saximaphone Thanks!
saximaphone Aug 8 @ 8:44pm 
They get harvested after the flowers are grown. Just like other plants do.
niipnuum Aug 8 @ 6:16pm 
Does anybody know how to get pollen? I have a flower field, so does that help?
Rince Jul 27 @ 3:35am 
@Miradus yo, did you tested Egglayer addon? Any major issues?
Terra Jul 22 @ 10:05am 
Nevermind. Figured it out myself I think.
Terra Jul 21 @ 9:01am 
Would anyone happen to know where in what folder I would modify to extend the life expectancy of apini and azuri to a more human-like lifespan?
Miradus May 31 @ 7:35pm 
@benni thanks!

There's an apini egglayer mod now that works with this but it's got a couple of issues as well.
Benni May 31 @ 6:02pm 
Miradus - there are male apini and azuri but they are really really rare, as for the new ones i would recomend a mod for Babys and faster aging so you have them grown in a quadrum or so
otherwise just standart rimworld ways and hope
Benni May 31 @ 5:56pm 
true material influence would me nice
but not getting 80+ azuri with spacer tech weapons and 4-6 rockedlaunchers when other raids give less then 20 enemies would be kind of awesome too xD
Mismagius May 29 @ 3:12pm 
so uhh, i can't suggest anything on the github since it is set to read only and i was hoping to suggest that you make the apini armor vest stats be different depending on what material you use to make it. cause why would i want to use hyperweave, a rare material when it has the same exact stats as the more common leather and cloth, apart from value, hit points and flammability?