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Command & Conquer™ Remastered Collection

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Veterancy and more - Beta 4
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Aug 11 @ 7:10am
Sep 24 @ 1:33pm
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Veterancy and more - Beta 4

➡️ Looking for the TD version

❗️❗️ You can only activate one DLL mod and this mod does change the DLL. ❗️❗️

⚠️ I haven't tested this mod with the LAN mode yet. If you still want to try it out make sure that all players have the same MOD.INI file. ⚠️

Found a bug? Please use this thread for bug reports.

New features
  • Units that take part in combat gain exp. There are 4 levels they can get, reaching them unlocks powerful traits.
  • Infantry may now shot from inside an APC, like they could in Generals Zero Hour.
  • Added tech upgrades available at the Sidebar. ⚠️ Only works in campaign if you enable Aftermath units aswell.
  • Option to enable Aftermath units in campaign.
  • Units attack is buffed if Tanya is near.
  • Based on More QoL Improvements developed by Rampastring and CFE Patch (for Red Alert) by t2d | no.SkiLLz @ Töffte.
    Key features taken from said mods:
    • Rally Points
    • Configurable Build Distance
    • Multi wall building
    • Harvester Queue Jumping
    • Configurable INI file
  • Attack Move originally developed by Butch. Hold SHIFT while ordering units to move somewhere on the map.
  • A* path finding originally developed by KingLol.

QoL changes
  • Added an option to disable friendly fire.
  • Buildings will pause repairs instead of canceling it if the player runs out of money.
  • TD building capture style.
  • Option to hide fake buildings.

Visual updates and changes
  • Aircrafts with ammunition now show a bullet symbol instead of the generic one.
  • Units in Guard Mode will now indicated with a 'G' letter.

Veterancy level bonuses
  • +20% HP
  • +1 HP heal <50%
  • +10% Damage done

  • +20% HP (+40% total)
  • +1 HP heal <75%
  • -10% Damage Taken (-30% for Infantry)
  • Infantry immume to fear
  • Infantry automatically scatters from incoming threats -NYI-

  • +20% HP (+60% total)
  • +1 HP heal <100%
  • +10% Damage (+20% total)
  • -10% Damage Taken (-20% total, -40% for Infantry)
  • -10% Reload Time

  • +40% HP (+100% total)
  • +10% Damage (+30% total)
  • +2 HP heal <100%
  • -10% Damage Taken (-30% total, -50% for Infantry)
  • -15% Reload Time (-25% total)
  • +30% Weapon Range

Tech upgrades
Infantry upgrades
  • Rifle Infantry Training - All Rifle Infantry are recruited with Elite level - Cost $1500
  • Soviets - Kevlar Vest - Equip your infantry with a kevlar vest - Cost $1000
  • Allies - Insulated Armour - Improves the resistance of Infantry against heat and electrical threats - Cost $1000

Unit upgrades
  • Minigun - Upgrades the weapons of Rangers, APCs and Pill Boxes - Cost $1500
  • Soviets - Uranium Ammunition - Uranium ammunition for tanks - Cost $2000
  • Allies - Composite Armor - Improved tank armor - Cost $2000

Building Upgrade
  • Fortified Structures - Increases armor and repair efficiency of structures - Cost $2000
  • Advanced Power Turbines - Increases the power output of power plants - Costs $1500

  • Almost everything can be toggled or configurated inside the MOD.INI file.
  • You can find the file in "Documents/CnCRemastered/Mods/Red_Alert/Veterancy"
  • Please refer to this thread for more informations.
⚠️ It'll be created when you first start a game (skirmish or campaign).
⚠️ New settings will available once you started a game (skirmish or campaign) with the new mod version.
⚠️ Make sure you leave a blank line at the end of the file!

Credits and Special Thanks
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DontCryJustDie  [author] Oct 11 @ 11:56am 
Yes Legend gives a 30% bonus to weapon range. I must have forgotten to add to the description.
Commisar Jon Fuklaw Oct 11 @ 11:42am 
Veterancy ranks also add range, which is not listed anywhere.
Commisar Jon Fuklaw Oct 10 @ 5:19pm 
All units seem to do twice as much damage to other units with this enabled as usual. Feels kinda weird, tbh.
[Enso] Gummiel Oct 10 @ 3:32pm 
@Star Wrath Pretty sure whatever it is, it is a you issue and not the fault of this mod, as thousands of people (myself included) are using it without issues
Star Wrath Oct 10 @ 3:17pm 
This crap mod nearly destroyed my computer use at your own risk!
Bast75 Oct 10 @ 9:35am 
Source code?
Rolex ♛ Oct 8 @ 5:05am 
i subscribed but it dosn't work :( and the "Mods" folder is empty ?!
puggy74 Oct 7 @ 3:34pm 
Source code?
Joe Oct 6 @ 3:29pm 
Thanks so much
FoxThree Oct 5 @ 1:51am 
Love this one just like the TD one, but could you add the feature where in RA they won't sell their base/C-yard when losing their C-yard/enough building like in your TD version? Just noticed on Soviet 4 b when I blew up their c-yard the AI just sold the rest of the base so I didn't get to blow everything else up.