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Vassals Expanded and Reworked - FunEFork
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Jul 31, 2020 @ 12:29pm
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Vassals Expanded and Reworked - FunEFork

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Short Description:

- This is a fork of the Vassals Expanded and Reworked mod by lpslucasps.

New Contract Terms:

- Ruler Designation: Determines whether or not the Overlord can change the subject's ruler. Limited Designation allows the Overlord to choose from amongst the subject's leaders, while Unrestricted Designation allows the Overlord to choose from their own ruler's as well.

- Government Restructuring: Determines whether or not the Overlord can change the subject's government authority (Democratic, Imperial, etc.).

- Domestic Affairs: Determines whether or not the Subject must align their policies with that of their Overlord. Once this is enabled, at that moment, and then every year, the subject's policies will attempt to change to match those of the Overlord.

- Capital Relocation: Determines whether the Overlord can relocate the capital of their subject.

- Naming Rights: Determines whether the overlord is allowed to rename their subject.

- Proxy War: Determines whether the Overlord is allowed to force the Subject to partake in Proxy Wars, which is a mechanic where the Overlord can direct a subject to attack someone without participating themselves.

Other Features:

- All of the subject interaction features of the mod are handled through a new edict: Manage Subject States.

- Changing your subject's name: To do this, I made it so your subject name will change to the name of your Capital system. You can easily rename your capital system, and so, you can easily rename your subjects.

- You can give subjects all of the technology that you have researched.

- Taxes can be more fine-tuned, with separate tax options for each resource, and 5% increments.

- New Casus Belli and War Goal to take another empire's subject if they border you. Think Rome and Parthia fighting over Armenia.


- Subjects will now get an impact to the stability of their planets and their faction happiness every time something is changed. This is to represent the populace's feeling of resentment at foreign intervention. Loyal subjects will have a lower stability hit, for less time. These effects will not apply for the first two times you change their name/subject type, or the first time you change their authority.


- There is a new Casus Belli/War Goal to go to war to steal another nation's subject if the subject is neighboring you. If you win the war, you will be prompted to install a new leader in the subject nation (as this is how it has been done historically, think Rome and Parthia).


- Condiminum can only be made from Subjects who border a nation that is not your Subject.

- You can only have 1 of each type of Specialized Subject (Prospectorium/Scholarium/Bulwark)

- You may only have one Blood Tributary.

- If using my Civil Wars mod, place this mod after/below it in the load order.

- For the best experience, I recommend UI Overhaul Dynamic. If you use it, you must place it after this mod in the load order.

- If you have more than 10 subjects and want to manage one, you may have to refresh the edict a few times to get the correct subject to appear on the list.


- Obviously credit to lpslucasps and their original mod. I never got to use it, but it was great idea that I wanted to be able to use. Check out the original mod page for more info.

- Spanish Localisation by Darh. Thank you!

- Chinese Localisation by MyresMkG. Thank you!

- Russian Localisation by Anti4iteR. Thank you!

- Decision Icons: FirePrince.

- Thumbnail Image: The submission of Torrhen Stark, the King Who Knelt by Chase Stone

Some Other Mods I've Made/Updated:

- Civil Wars

- More Authorities

- Viable Feudalism and Imperialism - Empire Federation

- Useful Heirs

- Species Name to Nation Demonym

- End Truce & Close Borders

- We Require Borders

- No More Exclaves

- Ethics and Civics Alternative - FunEFork

- Galactic Bank - FunEFork

- Intervene: Help Friendly Nations - FunEFork





For the best support, find me at #mrfuneguys-mods on the Stellaris Modding Den Discord:

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Subject Types from Other Mods
Chastity the Celibate
Giovanni Apr 1 @ 8:17pm 
yeah the changing the empire name works fine, it's only the ruler title.
MrFunEGUY  [author] Apr 1 @ 4:37pm 
Huh, does changing their empire name work fine?
Giovanni Apr 1 @ 7:35am 
When I attempt to change my vassal's ruler title it becomes "root.capital_scope.solar_system"
MrFunEGUY  [author] Mar 30 @ 12:07pm 
Updated and added ruler renaming and an edict to toggle the special subject cap.

@Quin_D - I could not replicate.

@PeachySnail183444 - If an empire is equivalent to you or better in fleet power, they will never accept subjugation.
emerald10005 Mar 28 @ 6:04pm 
Incompatible with 'More Emperor & Custodian Resolutions, and Galactic Unification'
Quin_D Mar 17 @ 10:25am 
having an issue where i cant change subject gov type, cant find any mod conflicts, anyone have any similar issues?
PeachySnail183444 Mar 6 @ 12:17pm 
for some reason this mod adds another relative power modifier to subjugation aceptance and always slaps it to -1000
Anti4iteR Feb 24 @ 9:20pm 
Based. This will be the magnificent, bc I'm tired of changing empires via console just to change ruler title from "Emperor" to "Duke"
MrFunEGUY  [author] Feb 24 @ 9:51am 
You're not wrong. I'll add that for the next update.
Leck400 Feb 24 @ 9:25am 
This mod should allow changing the ruler title of your vassals. It does not seem a difficult feature to implement, and it would help the RP.