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XenThug - Warehouse
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May 15, 2020 @ 2:16pm
Jun 11, 2020 @ 8:49am
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XenThug - Warehouse

XenThug, the Horde Defense Gamemode releases NOW! The very first VR Mod for Half-Life: Alyx!
Find yourself again in the world of Half-Life: Alyx, but this time packed full with action, headcrab petting and flying sawblades! Get started today, install the mod and share your high-scores!

NOTE: Was originally created before the Workshop existed, you can find the original entry here:




10.06.2020: UPDATE: Warehouse version 1.44 (Mod version: 0.47)
- Partly Fixed: only one polymer was spawning, now all of them spawn once a whole wave is dead

09.06.2020: UPDATE: Warehouse version 1.43 (Mod version: 0.47)
- FIXED: Bug where sometimes no further waves would spawn
- FIXED: Bug where Polymers would drop where you are looking
- FIXED: Bug where Polymers would get teleported around the map sometimes
- FIXED: Bug where shopitems would spawn where you are looking at before getting teleported into a vender
- FIXED: Bug where sometimes a wave would be declared dead altough one enemy was still alive (Known Problem: The Headcrab dropped from a zombie is not counted as an enemy)

30.05.2020: UPDATE: Warehouse version 1.42 (Mod version: 0.45)
----- Fixed the bug where enemies would always start spawning in front of you.

21.05.2020: UPDATE: Warehouse version 1.41 (Mod version: 0.45)
----- Implemented better debugging support
----- Fixed many positions where headcrabs could get stuck in (though not all of them)
----- Slight improvements on headcrabs spawning in front of you and teleporting to their positions very late

18.05.2020: UPDATE: Warehouse version 1.4 (Mod version: 0.44)
----- Fixed the respawn door getting stuck in an endless loading screen
----- Fixed the respawn door crashing your game
----- Fixed a problem which caused the mod to be loaded in very late
----- Fixed the problem that there was no time to buy items in between waves
----- Moved the Yellow Keycard to a better visible position
----- Fixed some places where headcrabs could get stuck in

----- Known Problem:
Sometimes a new wave can spawn even if one enemy is still alive. Though this problem is now pretty rare after this patch!

28.04.2020: UPDATE: Warehouse version 1.3 (Mod version: 0.43)
----- Added a respawn menu
----- Added different combine soldier types
----- Finally fixed the immortal headcrab
----- Fixed a location on the map where you could get stuck in
----- Many other small bugfixes
----- NOTE: If it seems like no new wave is spawning, look in every corner for enemies, sometimes they hide quite well!

16.04.2020: UPDATE: Warehouse version 1.2 (Mod version: 0.33)
----- Immortal or invisible headcrab blocking the mod from spawning next wave should appear less frequently
----- More time in between waves
----- Better sounds for signaling start and end of a wave
----- Crowbar now does some damage

14.04.2020: UPDATE: Warehouse version 1.1 (Mod version: 0.31)
----- Improved shops
----- Keycards are now better visible
----- Better hints for discovering all features
----- Small technical tweaks

13.04.2020: Release of map Warehouse version 1.0 (Mod version: 0.3)




XenThung introduces a brand new gamemode to Half-Life: Alyx. Prepare for smashing waves of zombies, petting headcrabs to death and kick some combine asses!

In between fights manage your economy, collect money from the dead fools and buy yourself ammo, health and more at the four vending machines placed on the map. Brace yourself for the next wave, your highscore migh end right there!

Trailer: https://youtu.be/bSvwAgw45H0

Feel free to give me feedback about my mod, either in the comments or send me an email to me@manellos.online :)
Whilst you are looking forward to updates you might want to follow me on Twitter to get the latest news about new maps and mods!

@Valve, if you are wondering why this page is in the guides section, well release Workshop support pls as I don't have another good place to share!


Gameplay Guide


A full guide on this gamemode, specific to the Warehouse map can be found here:

Many thanks to Xelanater for creating this guide!




I want to use smooth turn, is that possible in this mod?
Yes it is! The game sometimes just doesn't use your normal user settings, so you might have to go into your settings again and change it to the desired mode.

Does the difficulty in my game settings affect this mod?

Where can I find my current score?
You can see your current score on one of the monitors in the office room.

Are there spoilers in the mod about the story of HLA?
In theory there is nothing you can get spoiled about in this mod, but if you wanna be sure finish your campaign first!

I installed the mod exactly like you described, but once I start the game I just end up in the main menu!
Well check again that you did everything corretly, step by step. If you are using other mods as well they might break mine, depending on what they do.

Can this mod be played in No-VR Mode / with one of the No-VR Mods?
In theory yes, but in this version, nope.

I am not able to find the shotgun!
You won't get it without the yellow key.

Where the heck is the SMG?
Look up high!

Am I able to exchange the health vial?
Nope sorry, not at the moment.

Will you implement upgradeable weapons?
I will, but I am not sure if this will happen before the official tools release.

Is there an end to this gamemode?
No there isn't. Once you fought against all available waves you will receive the very first wave again, but this time doubling it's life. So go in there and hunt down the high score!


For Mappers, Modders and Content Creators


If you want to create a map including this gamemode simply have a look at my Github page!
It is very easy to implement my mod on any map, so don't leave out your chance to expand your map by this gamemode.

If you want to create content or expand the mod, or if you have any other questions feel free to reach out to me on Discord! Manello#1406
TheMadDash Jul 23, 2022 @ 8:13pm 
i cant get ammo
ShubDrub Aug 20, 2021 @ 6:37pm 
re skins dont work with the shops as when i press the buttons ammo dont come out even tho i have enough resin
ahv Aug 12, 2021 @ 12:40pm 
Got to wave 12, killed everything, and nothing spawned anymore.
mqiu243 Jul 10, 2021 @ 7:32pm 
I love this mod since there is not enough shooting game during the original story
Skummeh Mar 2, 2021 @ 8:39pm 
Such a classic! I remember loving this back when we were on the alyxmods site before the workshop even existed. This map still holds up today and I enjoyed playing and reviewing it here: https://youtu.be/bRzKY3bWTjE

Note that the map is not balanced for Hard difficulty. You will run out of ammo on Hard. The FAQ states, "Does the difficulty in my game settings affect this mod? Nope." but that is not entirely true. While you won't have more enemies to fight, etc., you will have to use more ammo to kill enemies and will run out. I suggest playing this on Normal difficulty as a result.
shihdo Feb 14, 2021 @ 6:58am 
Hi, really enjoying playing this but, i got to wave 10 and gat caught in a corner so my health depleted but i didnt die, managed to get out of it and reload, next wave 11 came and 4 grunts came out then nothing more, have i missed something i should have done? got the yellow pass and into the room but cant see a way to move on.
Manello  [author] Dec 13, 2020 @ 2:34am 
@Tony Gunk thank you very much for your feedback! Nice to see someone playing the mod after such a long time.
For your question: There is no use for that organic energy cell atm, I planned for more features which would use it but as I stopped development I never came to the implementation.

For the Bug: Dang I am sorry to hear about no resin droppin on shattered enemies! Seems to be a new one due to game updates.
BT-Jaylex Dec 12, 2020 @ 9:01pm 
Very fun mode, but one bug and one annoyance though. Any enemy that shatters on death isn't dropping any resin, that's armored headcrabs, headcrabs killed with the Shotgun, manhacks, and antlions. Those rounds kept me pretty low on ammo. And if the health dispenser vials aren't going to serve any purpose right now, why not replace it with health syringes for a lower price. There doesn't seem to by any way to heal after it's empty which is a bit limiting for runs. Maybe set up the vending machine to just delete the dispenser and respawn a new one.
One question though, what do I do with the organic energy cell after killing the lightening dog.
TikeLeSpike Aug 18, 2020 @ 2:55am 
Great mod, but for some reason I seem to be stuck after wave 4... No more enemies spawning. Any Ideas?
Manello  [author] Aug 13, 2020 @ 10:03am 
Yo @razan I am afraid I wont. More XenThug maps where planned but I am currently too busy with uni and working, so no more new mods for at least some time now