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Athanasios' Attila Ultimate Fixes
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Feb 16, 2020 @ 3:06am
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Athanasios' Attila Ultimate Fixes


Misc. fixes
1) Fixed the Hull Strength bonus of the Carpenter building: correctly applied as an equipment upgrade (the building must be in a port City)
2) Fixed tne missing seasonal effects of Insulae Orientalis and Insulae Occidentalis
3) Fixed the campaign's lighting (this fix will not cause any bugs to the Marib Dam)
4) Fixed the experience rank bonus of ancillaries not being applied

Unit recruitment fixes
1) Alani mounted tribesmen recruited from Pastures, Livestock Herd, Livestock Pens (settled) and Sparring Fields, Warrior's Encampment (horde)
2) Desert Hurlers, Nubian Archers, Kushite Shotelai also recruited from level 5 infantry barracks
3) Sarmatian Skirmishers also recruited from Hunter's Encampment and Warrior's encampment
4) Suebi Warriors/Suebi Champions recruitment when migrating was missing: now recruited from Sparring Fields and Warrior's encampment
5) Frankish Skirmishers recruited from level 2,3 and 4 barracks (TLR DLC)
6) Salian Frankish Lancers/Frankish Lancers recruited from all levels of barracks (TLR DLC)
7) Alani mounted bows recruitment from migratory barracks fixed
8) Tanukhid recruitment fixes for the units: Desert Levy, Desert Mounted Skirmishers, Desert Hurlers and Desert Legionary Defectors
9) Recruitment of Desert Levy, Sarmatian Band and Celtic Levy from roman cities and towns fixed
10) Himyarite Armoured Shotelai "recruited too soon" bug: now only after the technology Universal Combat Training

Unit stats/values fixes
1) Fixed a major bug that prevents many bogyguard units from receiving the corresponding bonus of morale, melee defence or zeal from the general's/admiral's authority, cunning or zeal level
2) Tagmata Cavalry weight increased to heavy and weapon changed to spear_heavy
3) Scholae Palatina weight increased to heavy
4) Buccelarii Guard Cavalry negative dismounted charge bonus value corrected
5) Sarmatian Skirmishers upgrade stats are now corrected
6) The units upgraded from Sarmatian Skirmisher now have correct unit abilities
7) Alani Heavy Cataphracts health and charge bonus corrected
8) Sarmatian Cataphract Lancers health corrected
9) Byzantine Marines weight fixed
10) "Encourage" removed from Eastern Auxilia Palatina
11) Western Auxilia Palatina voice corrected
12) Cavalry units now receive collision damage
13) Alani Cavalry Warriors caste corrected
14) Alani reload value corrected
15) Noble Acaziri Raiders: unit health increased by 20 (horse armour)
17) Armour stat of Hunnic Mounted Warband corrected to leather
18) Corrected the reload value of Alani Sarmatian Mounted Skirmishers and its upgrades

Unit upgrades fixes
1) Fixed the upgrade paths for many units (this bug affects upgrade paths that include 3 or more units and essentially when the level 2 unit could upgrade to level 3, the level 1 wouldn't, and that cause the level 3 unit not being able to be recruited from the appropriate building or prevented the player from upgrading a level 1 unit that wasn't upgraded to level 2) including the upgrade paths of: Alani Mounted Bows, Alani Cavalry Warrios, Alani Shock Cavalry, Sarmatian Skirmishers, Zafar Sentinels, Ras Guard, Celtic Cavalry Raiders, Gazehounds, King's Radif, Mavia's Bodyguards, Mounted Archers (Age of Charlemagne),
2) Sarmatian Skirmishers now upgrade to Alani Cavalry Raiders, then to Alani Mounted Sword Raiders and then to Alani Chosen Raiders
3) Equites Dalmatae now upgrade to Equites Promoti with the technology "Eastern Heavy Cavalry Tactics"
4) Salian Frankish Lancers upgrade to Frankish Lancers with the technology "Organized Armour Production" (TLR DLC)
5) Suebi Warriors now upgrade to Suebi Champions with the technology "Weapon Mastery"

Unit appearance fixes
1) Tagmata cavalry missing armour properly restored (no floating dead cavalrymen bug)
2) Vandal Warlord missing armour restored
3) Buccelarii Axemen, Skutatoi Axemen javelin throwing animation fixed
4) Suebi Warriors/Suebi Champions officer and standard bearer corrected
5) Alani Mounted Tribesmen/Alani Mounted Veterans floating dead cavalrymen bug fixed
6) Suebi Nobles now have their unique horse and don't share Vandal Warlord's horse
7) Burgundian Axemen and Barbed Skirmisher officer and standard bearer corrected

Garrison unit fixes
1) Fixed missing garrisons when capturing Cities or Towns of different culture: added Sarmatian Band garrison to captured Sassanid and Roman settlements, added Desert Levy garrison to captured Barbarian and Roman settlements
2) Corrected the number of spear garrisons in Barbarian level 4 town garrison
3) Corrected the number of spear garrisons in Eastern Roman level 3 city garrison
4) Added 1 sagittarii garrison in Eastern Roman level 1 city and town garrison
5) Corrected the number of sagittarii garrisons in Western Roman level 3 city
6) Corrected the number of sagittarii/limitanei boderguards garrison in Eastern Roman level 2 city garrison
7) Fixed missing garrisons of slavic farms and Venedian pastures
8) Fixed the double garrisons bug of Cornuti Seniores garrison and multiple Eastern Roman and Vandal naval garrisons
9) Corrected the number of celtic spear garrisons in foreign culture City/Town buildings
10) Praeventores removed from Roman garrisons

"Missing garrisons after upgrade" fixes
1) Fixed multiple alani units vanishing from garrisons after upgrading (Alani Horse Archers, Grey Hair, Sarmatian Warband, Sarmatian Cataphracts, Elite Sarmatian Cataphracts, Alani Mounted Veterans, Alani Horsemen, Noble Alani Cavalry)
2) Fixed Pictish Berzerkers vanishing from garrisons after upgrading
3) Fixed Pictish Swordsmen <<>>
4) Fixed Suebi Oathtakers <<>>
5) Fixed Sword Heerbann <<>>
6) Fixed Germanic Spearmen <<>>
7) Fixed Germanic Spear Masters <<>>
8) Fixed Lanciarii Seniores <<>>
9) Fixed Avar Horse Masters <<>> (AoC DLC)
10) Fixed Fianna, Kerns <<>> (AoC DLC)

Startpos changes
1) Arria Flaccila is now correctly the new born legitimate daugther of Arcadius and Aelia Eudoxia, as she was historically
2) Fixed the missing factions: Axum Separatists, Himyar Separatists
3) Visigothic religion corrected to Arian Christianity
4) 1 unit of Palatina added to Stilicho's army and 1 unit of Palatina to the army stationed in Constantinople
5) Vandals no longer at war with the Alamans
6) Fixed initial Axum and Himyar bodyguards

Hunnic Warlord and Steppe Chieftain missing missile weapon fixed
Hunnic Noble Horse Archers melee weapon corrected
Steppe Horse Archers missing melee weapon fixed
New horse variant "lamellar_leather_threequarter", used by Acatziri Raiders
New horse variant "lamellar_leather_threequarter_ornate", used by Hunnic Mounted Warband
Leather horse armour for Steppe Raiders
TLR DLC Roman cavalry and infantry officers shield boss corrected
Shawia guard skin and hair corrected
Lakhmid Scouts hands bug fixed
Added missing shield boss for all roman generals and faction leaders including Belisarius
Steppe Spearmen: voice corrected from eastern to nomadic
Gothic officers: shield bosses corrected
Added a lamellar armour variant to Vandal Warlord as the unit card indicates
White Hun faction leaders shield boss and shoulder armour fixed
Fixed invisible arms and legs of Tanukhid faction leaders
Fixed missing belts of Bosphoran Warriors
Fixed the shield bosses of Alani Chosen Raiders, Alani Nobles, Redoubtable Chieftain, Scaled Clubmen, Alamannic Scavengers, Young Wolves, Sword Heerbann, Steppe Warriors, Khingilas Khandas, Yanda Spearmasters, Steppe Spearmen and Scirii Warriors
Fixed shield boss of faction leaders of Alamans, Langobards, Danes, Visigoths, Ostrogoths


Athanasios' Rome II Ultimate Fixes:
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Auriman Apr 14 @ 12:26am 
I ment the Last Roman campaign, mixed it with the Last Kingdom in my head for some sort of reason :D
Mars Apr 13 @ 7:30pm 
Amazing mod dude, thank you for this :steamthumbsup:
Athanasios95gr  [author] Apr 13 @ 7:59am 
I am trying to fix this one for almost a year. Nothing worked yet. I am getting closer though.
Auriman Apr 13 @ 6:30am 
I think there is main game map color bug, in Last Kingdom campaign in North Africa's Thagaste city region where the the map owner color does not change but stays "rebel color"
the_legionnaire Apr 11 @ 11:19am 
do you find the screenshots?
the_legionnaire Apr 11 @ 11:15am 
i've share it
Athanasios95gr  [author] Apr 11 @ 11:12am 
Alright send me a link in private
the_legionnaire Apr 11 @ 10:21am 
hey athanasios, i found some textures bugs with the scholae gentiles unit, i have the screenshots
Jason Wolf Apr 9 @ 3:36pm 
Okay, thanks
Athanasios95gr  [author] Apr 9 @ 2:24pm 
I already have AoC fixes, I will add more in the future of course.

Also the AoC stat-tweaking mod is compatible with mine as far as I know