Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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Athanasios' Ultimate Fixes
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Jan 7, 2020 @ 3:34pm
Mar 17 @ 9:31am
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Athanasios' Ultimate Fixes


Read the entire list of changes:


Fixed icons of greek military port buildings [ALL]
Fixed icons of roman Shieldmaker and Armourer settlements [ALL except ROTR]
Fixed cranes submerged in sea during port construction animation (changed animation from “building” to “port”) [ALL]
Fixed displayed building model of Hieron ton Megalon Theon temple, Nymph, nomadic religious buildings including Kurgan Field of ED [ALL]
Fixed incorrect icon of roman siege workshop [ALL]
Fixed swapped descriptions, icons and names of Greek and Roman military buildings [ALL]
Fixed eastern palaces preventing the construction of various other buildings in the same settlement (corrected the building instance to rom_Governor) [ALL]
Fixed flag of Armenia’s civil war and secession factions [GC]
Fixed missing faction group of civil war and secession factions of: Cimmeria, Colchis, Pergamon, Saba, Kush, Nabataea, Masaesyli, Massilia [GC]
Fixed missing faction group of: Siraces, Catiaroi, Aorsoi, Thyssagetae, Dahae, Rhodos [GC]
Fixed missing terrain immunities of: Egypt’s secessionists, Carthage secessionists, Iceni secessionists, Suebi civil war and secessionists, Boii secessionists, Nervii secessionists, Roxolani civil war and secessionists, Royal Scythia civil war and secessionists [GC]
Fixed missing provincial attribute bonus for desert kingdoms faction group
Fixed incorrect government type of Athens, Massilia, Cyprus, Trapezos, Rhodos, Libya, Nova Carthago [GC]
Fixed displayed unit weight of Evocati Cohort [ED]
Fixed saxon officer of Eastern Horse Skirmishers [ED]
Fixed lack of auxiliary unit availability to minor roman factions [ED]
Fixed “floating dead riders” bug of: Praetorian Cavalry, Zhayedan Immortals [ED]
Fixed wrong unit card of Iapygian Noble Hoplites and Etruscan Cavalry [ROTR]
Fixed missing officer weapons: missing inv_rom_officer_noarmor_sword entry in variants table and missing reference of it to the corresponding officer in battle_personalities and fixed incorrect animation of inv_rom_officer_noarmor (from sword to spear) [ROTR]

Features :
  • Fixes to minor or major game breaking issues
  • Ability to use it as a base for future mods
  • Continuous updates and support

Notes : Usage with large mods and "overhauls" is not recommended and will not work but graphical enhancements, reskins and small mods are compatible.

Other mods

Anagenesis Mod (pre-alpha, work in progress):

Athanasios' Ultimate Fixes StartposFree:
(a version without startpos fixes, in order to be compatible with tpy, faction unlockers or other mods that have a startpos file)

Athanasios' Attila Ultimate Fixes:
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markus.stretz Apr 12 @ 6:04pm 
Your mod and "Faction UI Overhaul" ( seem to be incompatible with each other since the last updates. Any chance you could look into this?
Athanasios95gr  [author] Apr 12 @ 3:27am 
Bug fix only
David Apr 12 @ 3:19am 
Is it a bug fix mod or a rebalance mod ?
Ragnar Apr 12 @ 3:19am 
Athanasios95gr  [author] Apr 12 @ 3:17am 
Alright it makes sense. I will fix it in the next update.
Ragnar Apr 12 @ 2:40am 
Even with the Greeks, when you own a whole province it doesn’t always pay off to have the Farming Settlement because of the presence of ports and resources and the Province Capital income. However it makes sense when you only have one or two minor settlements in a province and you specialise into farming.
Ragnar Apr 12 @ 2:03am 
The difference between the 10% and 6% is not enough to compensate for the subsistence income from the tribal Pagus if you do the maths. So even if you had two farms and the farm Pagus (10% bonus to two farms vs 6% bonus to two farms plus subsistence).

It’s even worse at the province level because there’s often a port or two or a resource settlement.
Ragnar Apr 12 @ 2:00am 
The romans and Eastern settlements also have trade or agricultural so it is only the barbarians that have it different.
Athanasios95gr  [author] Apr 11 @ 4:36pm 
By the way the +10% from agriculture/trade/industry applies to the whole province
Athanasios95gr  [author] Apr 11 @ 4:33pm 
Excellent observation!!

Quite some time ago I had wondered about the greek settlement too and I thought that agriculture and trade income should change to subsistence for a more balanced result. So I guess there are two ways to solve the issue

We have to think about it a little