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This mod adds Photos that players are able to find that lead to hidden treasures. Uppon finding a photo and examining it (take to hand and left click to "Examine Photo") you get hint as to where the treasure is located. Some treasures are easy to find, but some are very hard.

Currently there are 40 photos.

1. You will need to add the content of the provided types.xml example file to your servers files. Photos 1-20 are for Livonia, 21-40 are for Chernarus.
2. Dont forget copy the provided key file to your keys directory on the server.
3. Add -mod=@Treasure to server startup options.

Default configs: Photos 1-20 are for Livonia, 21-40 are for Chernarus.

You can of course create own locations/descriptions editing these configs. That means you can use this mod on every maps. (Deer Isle, Chiemsee...)

Default example types.xml - It have two example parts!!! One part for Livonia and second for Chernarus. There are also new item - Metal Detector, dont forget add it to types.xml on server too. Its needed add to types.xml HiddenStash and HauntedStash - everything is in example of types.xml in mod directory.
If You have Trader mod, please do not sell photos. It should be rare. Also survivor will be happiest when found photo instead buy it.

You can on server side configure:

LootRandomization - value is between 0-1. For example 0.1 will give a 10% chance for each item that would spawn that the item wont spawn. So a box spawning 10 items with a LootRandomization of 0.1 would spawn 9 of those 10 items on average.
RadioFreq - default 94.6 (If DayZ saves this value as something like '94.5999984741211' you may need to change it back but it should work)
RadioInterval - in minutes how often will players recieve radio beacon treasure pings, set to -1 to disable feature
RadioRange - in Meters how far will the radio pings travel in all directions, 30000 is 30Km (the entire map)

- name - The name of the Photo item that will be used to reveal the location, "ItemPhoto01" for example.
- position - Coordinates of the location the loot will be found in format "X Z Y" but Z should always be 0 as the height is completed by the mod on execution
- chest - the container the treasure will be held in when found
- haunted - 0 = Not Haunted // 1 = Haunted - Haunted treasure locations have extra effects
- hidden - 0 = Not Hidden // 1 = Hidden - You will need metal detector to reveal hidden treasure.
- loot - A list of the loot that will be found in the treasure chest, you can use items from "PredefinedWeapons" like "TR_predefined_SVD" for example

Everything is stored inside Treasure.json file, which you can find on server under profile directory(default is created automatically when server start).

Btw in json you can see some predefined weapons. Thats because I would like have complete weapon inside treasure without adding attachments manually. Now is also possibe attach magazine.

Examples: TR_predefined_SVD, TR_predefined_SKS etc. Everything inside json file.
Predefined weapons must have prefix TR_predefined_

Changing descriptions is now possible using json files. Server owners should copy examples to mod directory under profile directory for example myprofile/Treasure

language codes are:


Default language json files are stored in mod and need to be copied to mod folder under profile directory on server.

Please make everytime English translation, it is used as fallback. For example you have mainly german players, but when come for example french player, and french translation missing on your server, this player get english version of descriptions.

Loot randomization - value is between 0-1, when you set it to for example 0.1 its 10% chance item will be not inside treasure chest. You can for example add more loot than chest can take, then set randomization to 0.5 and see how it works.

As server admin you can now configure everything. Also when you redefine description/locations you can use all 40 photos in Livonia/Chernarus/whatever map.

Server admins also can see in log when someone unlocks treasure. Log is stored in mod folder inside profile folder.
Client log is stored under appdata/DayZ.

Custom Photos
There are new feature - extend this mod with own custom photos. It is a separate mod, with documentation howto create own photos.
Namalsk Photos
DeerIsle Photos
Banov Photos

Hidden Treasures
When you unlock photo, to find this type of treasure you also need Metal Detector. When you turn on this detector you need move slowly with pressing Ctrl and also press right mouse button to raise detector. Then you need look to ground and slowly search place, which is described in photo description. Happy hunting!

Treasures with Radio Beacon
New feature - Radio Beacon Treasures. To find these type of treasure you need radio. Default freq is 94.6 (configurable on server side) Then try to run around to locate direction of treasure. There is one treasure on map, as server admin you can set interval when will be new treasure spawned when old one was digged out (RadioInterval in minutes). When set to -1 Radio Treasures feature will be disabled. Is also possible set RadioRange, default is 30km to be possible catch signal everywhere on map. As server admin you can of course edit this to for example 5km range. Treasures are randomly spawned on map. It avoids building, roads, ponds, sea, stones etc. If you found treasure spawned and not accesible please let me know. This feature should work on every maps.(cherno, livonia, chiemsee...) Everything is logged into log for better troubleshooting. Serveradmins dont forget update types.xml with new entry "RadioBeaconStash". Example is shipped with mod. Loot is randomly selected from config, which is already defined in Treasures.json file.
See how it works:
I am still working on this feature and know that need improve and optimize.

Loot Tables
This is original idea of CJ-187 and first used in LootChests mod. Now is present in Treasure too. You can define tables with prefixes like: Table_Weapon and Table_Item. Weapon tables are for weapons with attachments, Item table is for single items. More info you can found in LootChests mod.

Dynamic Stashes
Those stashes are random and not related to photos. See example config.

Further Info

No repacks allowed. Don't ask. Repacking is cancer of DayZ community.

You are allowed to look into mod for learning purposes or if you want know how it works.

Mod is now translated to English, Czech, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Chinese and Portuguese Brazil language. (Default examples of Treasures descriptions)
Thanks to all translators!

See also my others mods in Workshop.

If you found some bugs or have suggestions, use discord. Thanks for any feedback!
Discord: HunterzCZ#4660


Weyland - idea and sound effect of haunted treasure
Caleb - model of green metal detector
Aromaze - idea of radio beacon treasure
Translators - thanks for translations to all supported languages.