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Jan 21, 2020 @ 12:20pm
Jul 29, 2021 @ 3:32pm
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Public Service Announcement

Discord deleted my account / server because I posted a study about COVID-19 derived from the United Kingdom Government. This inability to speak openly and deleting my ability to speak with friends that I have built relationships with for years, has killed my motivation. Discord was the community that kept me interested in modding. I also promised that if Discord did delete my account that I would move on. This sweeping algorithmic censorship is intolerable and abhorrent to human progress. If we shut down each other's critical discussions and ability to listen, what form of communication is left?

As such, my work in RimWorld is suspended indefinitely. Everything I have created is under licensing (mostly GNU General Public License v3.0). Feel free to pick up the projects. As per the licensing of course.

I'll still be around on Steam and GitHub if you wish to reach out to me. Best of luck to everyone out there with the challenges ahead!

November 5th, 2021

The goal of this mod is to make pawns feel damage/make combat deadlier. I found inspiration in VE-CO[ludeon.com] to overhaul the Vanilla combat in a mod-friendly way. The way in which this mod handles that are through these features:

- Increase pain and bleeding rates to Human pawns from most damage types (no more spongy flesh pawns)
- Pawns are less likely to lose small limbs
- Pawns are more likely to be shot in the torso
- Organs are critical wounds and more likely to be hit
- Medical aid will be more necessary in the field
- Animals are slightly more robust
- Bionics and Armor become far more important
- Completely save-friendly to add or remove as you wish

All races are effected by the bleeding and pain changes. This mod also effects races using Vanilla bodies (Humans and Animals) by changing their bodypart hit chances. Feel free to leave a suggestion on races that require patching, with specifics on what needs fixing.

Compare Vanilla vs DPO

Suggested Mods To Use With
Vanilla Friendly Combat Overhaul mod collection. If you do choose to use these mods, in conjunction with DPO, it will greatly change your Vanilla combat experience.

Other Notes
The mod Combat Extended changes many aspects of combat, and your results may vary if using DPO with it.

Chicken Plucker for the sweet CE Thanos.

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Jun 8, 2021 @ 2:45am
Dr Zhivago
The Atomic Option May 3 @ 9:30am 
oof that PSA. This is why I always use alt accounts if I want to talk politics anywhere. Hope you're doing better.
Draqvaus Feb 16 @ 10:02pm 
Lemmington Nov 10, 2023 @ 4:07am 
Bro you do understand that you can just make a new discord account and they aren't going to give a shit right? It doesn't even care if you use the same phone number you had for the original one if you do have to do phone verification. You can make them with gmail accounts or just use a temporary email website. It takes like a minute.
Chaplain Roach Oct 11, 2023 @ 6:31pm 
@No Meds Riiight, the UK government has never influenced any social platform to punish anyone for any reason. Keep your blinders on, the real world is too scary for you.
No Meds Aug 21, 2023 @ 3:54am 
They won't just delete your server for posting survey from an official Government source. Complete bollocks.
toaster bath Jul 13, 2023 @ 1:46pm 
It is also easy to create a new Discord account. Huge overreaction on your part, and you've decided to respond to Discord's decision by doing something that does not affect them whatsoever. It literally makes no sense whatsoever, and the only people you are harming are the people who actually supported you and your work.
toaster bath Jul 13, 2023 @ 1:44pm 
Sad that you decided to move on, but politics don't have anything to do with Rimworld and shouldn't have been posted to a Rimworld modding server anyway. There is a time and place for everything, unfortunately that wasn't it.

Likewise, it doesn't make sense to quit modding because of something Discord did. Discord has nothing to do with Rimworld or its community. Your reaction is akin to a child not getting his way and deciding to take his toys and go home.
salvadore Jun 28, 2023 @ 6:44am 
what insane victim blaming is going on here
Kyrar May 29, 2023 @ 7:16pm 
Just stumbled across this... Shame to lose a modder, but the PSA is blatantly fishy (just consider the wording and context) and some of these comments just go to show how gullible people can be and why companies like Discord feel the need to add these policies in the first place. Take it from someone who has shared plenty of COVID coverage on the platform, they don't just go after someone for nothing.

Here's hoping the break has given you some time to reflect.
Saxton Fail May 27, 2023 @ 12:12pm 
That sucks of what happened to you man. Great mod though and thanks for your contributions to this community