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Feenex's Battle Pack: Shapeshifting
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Game Mode: Story, GM
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Dec 23, 2019 @ 5:33pm
Sep 26, 2020 @ 8:54am
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Feenex's Battle Pack: Shapeshifting

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This mod requires Feenex Core - Mod Library

Welcome to Feenex's Battle Pack: Shapeshifting!

This mod is an expansion to Feenex's Battle Pack: Definitive Edition, which adds loads of new skills, features, and unique items for even more customization options! This mod creates shapeshifting spells for the polymorph school, allowing you to change into different creature forms, each with its own skills and statistics!

This mod requires Feenex's Battle Pack: Definitive Edition and Feenex's Battle Pack: Expanded.

WARNING: This mod works through intense scripting and by changing character templates. Many redundancies have been coded in, and many individuals have playtested this for bugs across many hours. That being said, anything can happen. Save often!

WARNING: This mod is NOT compatible with Shapeshifting: Definitive Edition. All support has been moved to this mod only.

Special Thanks!
A special thanks to several people for helping make this mod possible, through ideas, support, and playtesting:
  • RzR332Guyver
  • Malchezzar
  • Shrike
  • Kalavinka
  • Stereotypical Anomaly


This Expansion adds 150+ new skills to the game, with custom effects! Additionally, it introduces a few new mechanics, such as Transmogrify, Polymorphic, and Ballistic.


  • Each form still uses your armor statistics, so gear is important.

  • Forms level with your character. As you grow, your forms also grow stronger, learning new abilities and gaining stronger bonuses. All forms grow at levels 4, 7, 9, 12, and 16.

  • Free PetPal - While shapeshifted, you can talk with animals!

  • All forms equip a weapon which scales based on your highest stat from Strength, Finesse, and Intelligence at the point of transformation. This way, you can build how you like with no interference, and use any weapon/shield combination you'd like outside of shapeshifting! Your gear will be reequipped upon returning to your normal form.

  • There are 18 unique forms; one form must be found and unlocked through gameplay!

  • You retain your racial skills, BUT NOT YOUR RACIAL FEATS, when transforming.

  • While shapeshifting you may only use skills granted by your new form, and scrolls, arrows, and grenades may not be used.


The Expansion adds 2 new archetypes and 2 new presets to choose from during character creation:
  • Shapeshifter: A master of transformations, the Shapeshifter can turn themselves into many powerful forms!

  • Beastspeaker: A master of polymorph, the Beastspeaker summons and transforms allies into powerful beasts to fight for them.


Six new unique items have been added to the game, each of which will level with your character so you'll never be forced to relinquish your favorite items! They're hidden in different locations, and many are useful for playstyles developed in Feenex's Battle Packs!


NOTE: New skillbooks appear at traders at levels 1, 4, 7, 9, 12, and 16.
NOTE: Expanded Arcane Archer skillbooks added to Arcanist trader.

Marlyn (Shapeshifter)
(219, -11, 159)
Fort Joy, caddy-corner to blacksmith

Marlyn (Shapeshifter)
(333, 4, 124)
Driftwood square, near fountain

Marlyn (Shapeshifter)
(283, 8, 290)
Arx central square, left side

Shapeshifting: DE V. Feenex's Battle Pack: Shapeshifting:
A love note to Shapeshifting: Definitive Edition

I love both the Divinity: OS games and Larian. It's because of my likeness for these games that I decided to dive into the world of modding, and D:OS has been my first modding experience. It was a massive undertaking, but through gruelingly long hours and with the help of a WONDERFUL modding community I took my first steps into learning. My first major project was Shapeshifting: Definitive Edition and although I loved the mod, I was relatively new - which shows in its overall quality. Over a few years, I've developed many more skills and learned much more of the Divinity Engine. Because of this, I decided to massively overhaul my first mod, from scratch, in hopes of creating the mod I originally set out to. Although nothing can never be perfect, I'm very proud to preset Feenex's Battle Pack: Shapeshifting. I hope you all enjoy playing this mod as much as I did creating it. Good luck chasing divinity, friends!
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Trader bug
< >
Yemto Aug 25 @ 9:14am 
Can the werewolf stuff be disabled? I don't want to become a werewolf just because a player or NPC hits me with an AoE spell
Cheese Aug 2 @ 11:20am 
Can I use this without any of the requirements? I dont like any of the spells added and would only like the shapeshifting spells.
Ghrin Jul 2 @ 4:29pm 
Possibility to fix the scaling of the skills. Only strong skills I have at level 17 with 57 int and basically over maxed elemental schools is the dragon's with their 1 source 2 ap breath attacks and even then that's just barely better than my friend's common vanilla skills. The other skills deal next to no damage and basic attacks as well
Smug Schadenfreude Apr 30 @ 10:18am 
All of my skills disapeared? Any ideas
Yoshikami Apr 14 @ 2:44am 
I think the werewolf should just be a race so it would be convenient to play as a werewolf right from the start.
Smokey Apr 4 @ 12:06am 
the tiger shapeshifting form is waaaay to weak. Getting back stabs seemingly do nothing even with 20-30 in strength. also being unable to use other skills outside of the shapeshifting skills really kills it even more sense you cant use other skills to boost damage and such, unless u want to constantly have to cast buffs always before fights.
MangixFab Mar 27 @ 4:51am 
Anyone has a issue with the Bestial Wrath skill? Because since now this spell just crashes my game, moreover i have Osiris Extender v58 and it says i need v49 or higher, how can fix this?
Sníper Mar 10 @ 5:56pm 
Am I just locked out of getting the werewolf form since I didnt start using this mod until act 2
mozzman12 Jan 1 @ 7:35pm 
i cant find the shape shifter she just disapeared from the area shes supposed to be
Oyama Nov 5, 2022 @ 9:13am 
my character got the werewolf condition. but it is infecting other character also?