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Better Spectator Mod (BSM)
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Nov 19, 2019 @ 9:47am
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Better Spectator Mod (BSM)

Better Spectator Mod:
v1.1.4 (Compatible with Portugal Patch)

Originally built for Civilization esports event (e.g. CWC, ZLAN tournaments), this mod is intended for casters to follow and comment MP games. It is also a good way to simulate AI battle royale in SP.

In-game improvements:
  • Allow up to 4 players to play the game as observers
  • Click on the player's portrait in the HUD to jump to a player's POV
  • In a player's POV you can see his Tech Tree choice, Cards and more
  • Use the button in the Spectator bar in order to access more infos on each players' stats

How to be an observer:
  • In single player select the "Spectator" leader
  • In MP the top 4 slots are able to select the "Spectator" leaver

Note: You need to select Spectator as a Leader to access those features. In Multiplayer this function is restricted to the top 4 slots. Using Multiplayer Helper is not compulsory but if Multiplayer Helper is installed you will have access to more functions (e.g. preventing random players to play as spectators)

CPL is a league of players who love civ6 and would do anything for one more turn.
Come join the fun if you are up for the challenge. New players are always welcome.

Discord :

Support Development: Paypal link[]

(Everything is done for free, but if you put anything in the jar it will go toward a pizza night with the kids and help support family acceptance ;-) )

Join our Steam chat here : steam://friends/joinchat/103582791431089902

Compatible with other Community mods:
Better Balanced Starts
Better Balanced Game
Multiplayer Helper


You are out-of-sync with the rest of the players? Most likely that's due to you having a different version of the mod. Unfortunately the auto-download isn't reliable.

Please follow the excellent guide from Zaty, a CPL admin:

Any other issues: please comment below or better log on the discord server and reach out. Ideally a savefile and a lua.log would help tackle the issue.
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PR Apr 17 @ 1:29am 
Hey Jack, I'm from GameWatcher and was wondering if it would be possible to talk with you in regard to your mods for Civ 6. Is it possible to chat via Steam or DC? Thanks :)
Dude with Joe-pinions Apr 5 @ 2:12am 
Love this mod. Great work.

Two problems I'm encountering:

1. Can't get it to work with the new Barb Mode. Can't interract with barb camps, such as bribing or hiring. Also, when the barb camps mature into city states, the city state color is invariably white (regardless of city state type), and the units do not change color from red to match the color of the city state.

2. More importantly, the spectator is included in the Great Person recruitment process. Since the spectator never earns great person points, the recruitment is effectively halted if all other players pass on a particular great person.

Is anybody aware of any fixes for these issues. Thanks so much.
D. / Jack The Narrator  [author] Apr 2 @ 8:38am 
@gpig212: you need to be in the top 4 slots in MP to be able to select it.
gpig212 Mar 28 @ 8:09am 
I cant see the Spectator leder.
Winlock Feb 19 @ 8:00am 
world congress breaks it
Kotori Asobi Feb 17 @ 1:48pm 
It looks like the mod has issue with great works window after getting industries/monopoly working.
Happymartin Jan 28 @ 1:02am 
How do I get the autoplay to stop?
nileprime Jan 18 @ 12:22pm 
Does anybody else not see the Spectator leader? (In single player or multiplayer)
rdngmikey Jan 9 @ 10:46am 
King_Of_Insanity Shift+Enter forces the game to end turn, allowing you to continue at World Congress
King_Of_insanity Jan 7 @ 2:46pm 
Anybody have a fix for the game freezing at world congress?