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BuildAnywhere version 3.1.

Allows ghosts to be set anywhere for placing objects and building of components where the vanilla game normally would not.
There are some limitations, for example if you cannot see the trigger points (ie putting a fence completely inside a wall,
you will not be able to actually build it as the wall will obstruct your view of the fence).

Mod not allows placing GardenPlot on roads, stones, in houses and builds stairs from it.
Mod not allows placing tents on water, trees and much higher or lower than player.

Server Owners:
Install the mod on your client to download.
Right click on the mod in Launcher and Browse Files
Copy the @BuildAnywhere_v3 directory to your DayZServer directory root
add -mod=@BuildAnywhere_v3 to your launch parameter -mod= or ;@BuildAnywhere_v3 after all other mods.

Copy BorizzK.bikey from inside @BuildAnywhere_v3/Key to the Keys difrectory in the root of your DayZServer.


For change default Tent place restriction level on server side (affects to clients) add parameter
TentCanBePlaceAnywhereLevel to config file of your server (for example: serverDZ.cfg) and set parameter to:

0 or no parameter - Soft restrictions for placing tents, default restrictions for Garden Plot and no restrictions for others. BuildAnywhere V3 Default. Recommended.

1 - No restrictions for all (Like in original BuildAnywhere), but little resrictions for placing tents.

2 - Default game restrictions.

For example: TentCanBePlaceAnywhereLevel = 1;


NOTE: This is required on both client and server to function. Requires verifySignatures=3; to be set in server config file.
Be sure to copy the provided .bikey from key to your keys folder.

Mod co-Author: Cleetus.

ThanX to: MusTanG and Wardog.

ADPL-SA Bohemia Interactive[]
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Mar 21 @ 11:53pm
Servers Using this mod
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T2OJAN Mar 30 @ 6:13pm 
They told me that the tents could not be positioned, and I discovered that the cause is Place Anything, then later I discovered that BuildAnywhere_v3 is the cause of the moved positioning problems... I am forced to fall back on BuildAnywhere ... And not I'm happy ... I hope it can be solved.
[G.P.]NOlZZ(MC2)  [author] Mar 14 @ 9:15am 
ну и гуд
только краши точно не с этим модом связаны
::: SERVER: BuildAnywhere_v3. OnConnect(): Player: ХХХ >>> m_TentCanPlaceAnywhere = 1 и тут же краш - это лог установки режима - больше там нет ничего что бы могло повлиять
100% краш с другим связан
2 поставил - стало ::: SERVER: BuildAnywhere_v3. OnConnect(): Player: ХХХ >>> m_TentCanPlaceAnywhere = 2
reanimatolog_2k Mar 14 @ 7:06am 
@[G.P.]NOlZZ(MC2) однако стены встают как надо. Мне то этот мод в основном нужен именно для стройки "абы где".
[G.P.]NOlZZ(MC2)  [author] Mar 14 @ 1:04am 
При параметре 2 смысла в этом моде нет
reanimatolog_2k Mar 13 @ 1:30pm 
@[G.P.]NOlZZ(MC2) поставил "2" в параметр... и краши ушли. Я не утверждаю, что это конкретно мод. Я лишь предположил, что беда именно с размещением палаток на земле.
[G.P.]NOlZZ(MC2)  [author] Mar 13 @ 10:10am 
reanimatolog_2k - мод точно не при чем
у других-то все норм
подвинь его в списке на последнее место
reanimatolog_2k Mar 13 @ 9:04am 
@[G.P.]NOlZZ(MC2) Опять тоже самое... краш и стока в логе. Есть мысть полагать, беда с модом.
reanimatolog_2k Mar 13 @ 8:28am 
На каждый краш сервера, лог обрывается на строке:
::: SERVER: BuildAnywhere_v3. OnConnect(): Player: ХХХ >>> m_TentCanPlaceAnywhere = 1
Captain Bigzy Feb 24 @ 10:59am 
Is there something up with this mod or is it just me? When we place objects inside houses too close to a wall or a piece of furniture in the house the placement gets thrown away from the walls ect?
NOVA Feb 11 @ 9:43am 
i dont exactly trust offline mode anymore to test others' mods lol may work in offline but not on live servers and vice versa. the map mod for example doesnt work in offline but does for live server.