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Finally you can fish again in Dayz! Be kind this is my first released mod and still a WIP (v0.5)


- Sea and land fishing with rod
- Sea and land fishing with traps
- Sea shore fishing for Shells (with digging equipment)
- Fish bait crafting (Hook / Bone hook)
- Fish filleting for cooking (sardines and chub do not need filleting)
- New fish type (Sea: Cod/Mackerel/Sardines/Scallops, Land: Carp/Pike/Chub)
- 2 New Fishing Rods Extendable
- Tacklebox item for storage (can be repaired)
- Backpacks on which you can attach Cooking equipment, light, binoculars, Canteen, Fish trap, Tacklebox
- Many items of clothing in Leaf Camo made by Creep: Bandana, Cap, Boonie, Pants, Raincoat, Jacket, Wellies, T-Shirt

* The mod works with the new Fishing rods added + crafted Improvised rod
* The bone hook can be crafted with bones and knives
* You can craft a hook with metal wire + pliers
* Worms must be digged out with digging tool and then you can craft the "bait" or "bonebait"
* Tested in 1.05


Fro classnames:
For types XML:

Sea or Land Rod Fishing:

* To fish you need a non-ruined improvised rod (long stick + rope) or a non-ruined new fishing rod extended (you can open/close rod at any time) with a non-ruined bait+hook attached
* To fish, Rod must be Open and the player cursor must be pointing a water body and at a max distance of 5 Meters from that body of water
* Once bait is cast simply wait for the random fishing timer to complete to see if you caught something (fish spawn on ground at player position).
* All fish can be filleted for eating using a sharp tool (Except chub, sardines)
* All fish caught can be cooked for maximum nutritional value.
* The fishing rods will worn out over time (can fixed with duct tape)
* You can decraft the Improvised Rod
* Fishing rods must be closed to fit in Storage or can be shouldered

Sea or Land Trap Fishing:

* You can craft the small fish trap with a water bottle and a sharp tool
* You can craft the large fishing trap with netting + metalwire (can be Decrafted)
* bait is required on both traps (worm, fish fillets, small guts, berries)
* The fishing traps will worn out over time (can fixed with duct tape)
* The trap can be used for holding items in inventory
* Traps can spawn various fish randomely no matter what the bait

Sea Shell digging:

* To dig out shell you need to be in sea water low depth and have a digging tool in hand, prompt should come up.
* Shells can be cooked for maximum nutritional value.

Known bugs:

* Rods animamtions are placeholder at present
* Hud messages might not always show up
* Languages translations may not be complete (send me translations!)
* If using Offline with COM Hud messages will not work


Big thanks to Uncuepa, Not_A_Banana, Thurston, Arkensor, Jacob Mango, Camino, Ethan, Wardog, AeryesOG, Ammo, Weyland, Creep, Baroness, Munghard and MortenTardo.

Models purchased thanks to donations!:


You are welcome to open the mod and study it but if you wish to use any aspect (scripts/models) please contact me for permissions. Same for repacks, ask permission!
If you want to buy me a beer or add to the donation pot for more features on this mod you can do so here:

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Sep 17 @ 3:54pm
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NachoNinjaGnome 28 minutes ago 
Also, only getting one crafted hook from metal wire seems a bit unrealistic. Any way you could make it craft multiple? Anywhere at or above three hooks would probably be reasonable.
NachoNinjaGnome 40 minutes ago 
@ZeRoY Nice mod... works great. My only complaint is that the sound effects are WAY too loud. They're almost as loud as an unsuppressed M4. Without earplugs, the casting off sfx hurts my ears, due to the high pitch of the swing.
ภєςг๏ђยภtєг Sep 19 @ 6:14am 
fishing.pbo is missing... i reinstalled the mod but the .pbo is in the folder.. i dont understand why it is missing
ภєςг๏ђยภtєг Sep 19 @ 6:06am 
hey there, a friend and me have trouble with loading this mod on a server.
it always says file not found in the "Addons" folder.
if i open this folder, its also completly empty.. how can we fix that?
where can we load the missing files in the addons folder?
ZeRoY  [author] Sep 19 @ 1:11am 
Did you put bait in the trap @jj ?
The Ghost Sep 18 @ 9:32pm 
haha u make bo3 and dayz mods how funny
jj Sep 18 @ 11:52am 
@Shaggoth - упс, ирландец, мне лень было в профайл посмотреть. буду считать, что он человек любопытный и скормил гуглу-транслятору комментарии
2 owner this mod:
"fine! now the pan looks right, thanks!
the trap from the net can now be set into the water, but nothing is caught - next to it is fishing with a spinning rod and carps are pecking, but the net is not working
PS patch 1.05 - your mod, trader, zil130, vaz2107"
DJ VanDam Sep 18 @ 8:24am 
🆂🅰🆈 Sep 17 @ 3:35pm 
@ZeRoY Thanks for the answer. Will wait BI :steambored:
ZeRoY  [author] Sep 17 @ 3:29pm 
We still are waiting for a fix from BI on the various errors below, the mod alone works fine its only when combined with some others that you will see problems