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Aug 31, 2019 @ 12:43pm
Jul 2, 2020 @ 2:18am
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Finally you can fish again in Dayz! Be kind this is my first released mod and still a WIP (v0.7)


- Sea shore fishing for Shells (with digging equipment)
- New fish type (Sea: Cod/Mackerel/Scallops, Land: Carp/Pike) ** Added Salmon for Sea Fishing (Thanks Helkhiana!)
- Tacklebox item for storage (can be repaired)
- Backpacks on which you can attach Cooking equipment, light, binoculars, Canteen, Fish trap, Tacklebox
- Many items of clothing in Leaf Camo made by Creep: Bandana, Cap, Boonie, Pants, Raincoat, Jacket, Wellies, T-Shirt

* The mod works with the Vanilla Fishing rods (one added camo rod) + crafted Improvised rod
* You can craft a hook with metal wire + pliers
* Tested in 1.08


For classnames: *** UPDATED 02/07/20 ***
For types XML: *** UPDATED 02/07/20 ***

Sea or Land Rod Fishing:

Mod now uses the Vanilla code for fishing with added chance for big fish and different treasures

Sea or Land Trap Fishing:

Traps are removed for now until I fix things

Sea Shell digging:

* To dig out shell you need to be in sea water low depth and have a digging tool in hand, prompt should come up.
* Shells can be cooked for maximum nutritional value.

Known bugs:

* Languages translations may not be complete (send me translations!)
* Backpack holding animation needs replacing


Big thanks to Uncuepa, Not_A_Banana, Thurston, Arkensor, Jacob Mango, Camino, Ethan, Wardog, AeryesOG, Ammo, Weyland, Creep, Baroness, Munghard, Helkhiana and MortenTardo. Thanks to Mikero for his marvellous tools!

Models purchased thanks to donations!:


New Server Key to use (zeroy_v2)

Monetized Servers: I allow for this mod to be run on monetized servers however I do not allow to physically monetize this mod on such servers (no paywall to mod access)

You are welcome to open the mod and study it but if you wish to use any aspect (scripts/models) please contact me for permissions. Same for repacks, ask permission!
If you want to buy me a beer or add to the donation pot for more features on this mod you can do so here:

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Nov 4, 2020 @ 8:53pm
Server with this Mod
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CHADDLES Jan 7 @ 7:33pm 
is there a way to make it toggle fishing instead of holding the button so i can relax and fish, or have like an afk mode so i can just leave my dude there fishing
Hi, can I pack a fishing mod?
s-baranov1986 Jan 6 @ 2:35pm 
Hi can I repack your mod to my server?
bedrocmobb Jan 3 @ 3:35pm 
update plz
GAD Jan 3 @ 3:07pm 
Great idea if you like Sushi, but being unable to cook the fish (on Expansion) is a deal breaker for me. Still a really cool idea though, be great once sorted.
Uncle Fester Dec 16, 2020 @ 10:06pm 
@SF362 I second that!
SF362 Dec 15, 2020 @ 4:02pm 
really hope you update the mod, thinking the people on my server would really enjoy this (also compatibility with expansion would be nice)
GAD Dec 15, 2020 @ 3:14pm 
This mod is very cool. I even wear the clothing instead of patrol gear. Great stuff buddy. Only little thing was I could not boil the Northern Pike. That could be my own fault though. :steamhappy:
Shaggoth (Ищезаяц) Dec 9, 2020 @ 9:59am 
did anyone adapted this mod for namalsk fishing without worms?
Derleth Nov 27, 2020 @ 2:36am 
@ZeRoY I have done some testing with FishingZ and cooking still works, although the fillets from your fish will not go into the smoking slot on stoves.

Also, it is still not compatible with Expansion, with Expansion also on the server the fillets can't be cooked, you can keep them boiling/baking for an hour and they are never ready (or burnt).

Is there something they need to change on their end or can you fix it?

Also, I fished from the sea for more than an hour and I never ever caught a salmon. The ratio mackerel vs cod was something like 10/1 (and a lot of junk too ofc...)

Don't know how interested you are in developing the mod further, but maybe you could add a config to adjust chances of catching fish, what fish you get and possibly what items you can get when you get junk?

Anyway, love the mod!