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Mercenaries For Me
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Mercenaries For Me

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Hire and rent mercenaries throught the comms console, use mercenaries as bodyguards (follow and protect) and guards (protect areas on a standing spot).
Hired mercenaries are placed under you control (like other colonists) throughout their contract.

One RimThemes theme included !

Mercenaries contrats are not limited to soldiers you can hire workers too ( artists, farmers, scientists, diplomats, builders...).

Support other mods weapons and gears for the generation of mercenaries.
C.E (Combat Extended) compatible

Fully customizable.

Please read the FAQ topic before asking questions


The United Space Force Mercenaries, is a galactic conglomerate of companies specialized in military support for planets in their area of influence, mainly providing mercenaries rental and orbital support services (powerbeam targetting).

  • Earn money with your rented colonists as mercenaries (warning : they can be injured and killed).
  • Guard and protect areas using guard spots.
  • Raise a quick big army for a military campaign, bug hives, raids or temporarily reinforce the regular forces on a new colony
  • Protect a VIP colonist during his work (eg a very precious doctor).
  • Use the USFM orbital support to destroy an ennemy base.

  • A Medieval version of Mercenaries For Me (limited to Tribal and Medieval tech), with medieval/tribal way to contact the USFM and Medieval/Tribal mercenaries.
  • **Not confirmed** Add a new service provided by the USFM : the ability to send a mercenary squad to do at your place a world questi
  • Add the ability for player to control his rented mercenaries on some missions to add more interactivity
  • A new guard patrol job for mercs and regular pawn to allow more depth in the security aspect of bases management

  • Mercenaries raid : Some enemy faction paid a high price for a USFM mercenary squad to annihilate you
  • Counter-offer : Some enemy faction offer to your mercenaries more advantageous salaries to attack you, some of your mercenaries may accept it and turn against you. They require you to pay them a certain amount to stay on your side, you have 6 hours to pay.
  • Rented mercenary death : One of your rented mercenary died during his service, his corpse will be sent back to you
  • Injured rented mercenary : One of your rented mercenary was injured, his contract was interrupted
  • Mission loot : Following a successful raid against a base, on of your rented mercenary earned a bonus salary that he sends you through the USFM
  • Rented mercenary fired : One of your rented mercenary misbehaved in one of his assignments with a client of the USFM he showed insolence and improper behavior regarding his colleague, he was therefore fired and can not be hired as mercenary again for a while
  • Mercenary want join : One of your hired mercenaries wishes to join your colony because he likes it, however the regulation of the USFM stipulates that to be able to recruit one of their mercenaries you have to pay 3 times his salary.

To get back your rented mercenaries, it's possible only on the USFM Bill dialog you will receive each day 1 of new quadrum, click on the "Show income" then uncheck the checkbox at the right of mercenaries you want to get back.

Dont treat your mercenaries like garbages because for all mercenaries hired you pay a guarantee for each one of them, which will be restored to you only if they come back alive and not wounded (in this case you get back a prorata of the guarantee).

Mercenaries For Me use a monthly ( each 15days (quadrum)) contract system,so the contracts follow the quadrum.
When you hire or rent mercenaries, you create a contract between you and the USFM lasting a quadrum, this contract can be renewed indefinitely at the beginning of the next quadrum when you receive the invoice.

When the contract does not begin exactly at the quadrum start, a prorata is applied to the price so that you only pay from the moment the contract started, so for example if the contract start the day 6 of the current quadrum, you will pay only from 6 to 15 so 9 days not 15 days.

Bionic parts for cyborg mercenaries :
  • Cybernetic Organism and Neural Network (CONN)
  • Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering (EPOE)
  • Rah's Bionics and Surgery Expansion (RSBE)
  • Envolved Organs
  • Medical System Expansion : Cyborgs mercs have all bionics except synthetic organs (heart and stomach)

Should be compatible with all other mods
Compatible with Combat Extended (C.E)


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Aug 15 @ 1:52am
How to fire Mercenaries?
< >
in my opinion
@The only execption. They are suppossed to not be the best wish colonists. I mean, if you call a mechanic at your home to fix your TV, you mostly cant expect him to make your garden or being able to cook a 3 star meal for you. "Mercenaries" are soliders that got trained theire whole life to do that thing they should do. If its killing, they bloodlusted and good at shooting, if its repairing war machines, they good mechanics, nothing more. If you call a Merc company saying you need a good cook, yours died and people starving, they wont send you a lvl 20 shooter, cook, crafter with passions in eveyrthing. They will always exactly send you want you want. A cook, etc. Im sure this mod did not aim on sparing you from taking prisoners, trying to take prisoners from raids etc or buying slaves. Since they only cost 750-2500 per 15 days, it would be a little cheap to just buy people with good stats for lazy 750
The Only Exception 4 hours ago 
for the people saying they dont see any mercenaries. you have to buy them through the comm's console.
JC 10 hours ago 
It doesnt show me any mercenary
Rev 13 hours ago 
Not that I'm complaining, and I know it should be, but mercenaries' skills seems extremely one-sided, making them less attractive to recruit them as a colonist. Even their skills are all 0, I'd consider it if one or two of them had passion at least.
second now I healed his sternum but I cant send him back to this asshole just to probaly get him back after 14 days and 23h without getting payed cause one of his fingernails broke. How long do I have to wait to send him back, cause I frankly just recruited him for this (he is totally useless otherways) or cant I anymore cause he got fired last time, (but wihtout being an ***, just wounded
Short question. I had shooter (11, passion for it) that was send back to me cause his sternum was destroyed. Now two things, first, I mean, I didnt get anything even he was 14! of 15 days (one day less then teh quadrum) already out there and I for example cant just send somone back that looses a body part, so whoever buyed his service could at least pay me part of it for using him 14 of 15 days and then just sending him back like a broken toy. Feels bad sending somone 99% of the time and then getting nothing because he get hurt 1% before the normal payment
@Mirith didn't work in the end for me, but still thank you. I'm running over 400 mods so my loading times are quite log.
Mirith Aug 23 @ 1:32pm 
@Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth You're welcome. Just to make sure - you mean 45 minutes for the entire game or a save file? There is no need to restart Rimworld itself - just loading a save is enough.
@Mirith Thank you very much. Never though of it as my reloading time is around 45 minutes.