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Guards For Me
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Guards For Me

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A light mod allowing you to use your colonists as patrol guards (follow waypoints and attack threats), bodyguards (follow and protect) and standing guards (protect area).

Fully customizable.

Latest Dropbox link[www.dropbox.com]

How to remove a patrol path ?
When you select the patrol waypoint (of the color of the path you want to delete) in the security tab of the architect menu, press the "Del" key to remove it.

The work priorities are not applyed and when i enable a guard job all other works are ignored
Checks if the setting "Present the function of 'Guard' as a job" is enabled.

How to remove the last placed waypoint without having to remove the whole path ?
Simply hit the "backspace" key

When i affect a colonist to a patrol path he can go on forbidden area
To prevent weird behavior ( patrols go forward and backward), when a colonist is affected to a patrol path he ignore his area assignation, to stop that simply unaffect it from his patrol path

My colonists dont want to do their guard job (bodyguard, standing guard, patrol guards)
Your colonists only work as guard when they are not too wounded (health > 55%), and their needs (food and rest) is greater than 25% (customizable in settings).
If you enabled the guard duties as job setting, then you need in addition to assign guard colonists to "Guard" job, they will guard based on job priorities you configured.

Can i slow down patrolling guards, make them walk instead of run their routes ?
Yes in mod settings "Walking mode for patrols" you have the choice between (walk, jog (by default), sprint).

When patrol guards reach the end of the path i want them to go back to the first waypoint instead of starting from the opposite direction
You can order it in the mod settings "When a guard reaches the end of a patrol", set it to "He goes back to the first waypoint"

Weirds behaviors happens (ex : cannot delete waypoints path, ...)
Some errors related to other mods can sometime break some harmony patchs, so you should try to put the mod just after HugsLib in your mod list and retry, it can fix this kind of issues.

Should be compatible with all mods

Note : Gears used in the screenshots are from the Vanilla Armour Expanded mod and the flags from the Flags and Banners mod


Enjoy my mods and like me to continue updating ?
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BADMAN 22 hours ago 
It would be great if you can create formations for the patrols and VIP guarding.
Omega13 Sep 21 @ 2:48pm 
Minor bug: I've noticed that colonists on guard duty will often get a bit distracted while returning from a hunting job, often dropping the carcass on the ground on the way back (and forbidding it, for some reason) and wandering off to guard. (This also seems to occasionally cause drafted guards to forget what you told them to do and just stand in place, which can be annoying when you sent them somewhere in a hurry and then lost track of them.)
aRandomKiwi  [author] Sep 21 @ 4:17am 
:ai_wormhole: Update 2.0.7 :ai_wormhole:
-Fix issue which prevent placing guardspots on floor emplacement building

@Partisanship : Fixed, in fact you could by placing first the guardspot then the trenches.
Partisanship Sep 21 @ 3:57am 
@aRandomKiwi Turns out I can't place the guard spots on the trenches again. Just thought you'd like to know.
Partisanship Sep 21 @ 1:03am 
@aRandomKiwi Awesome! Thank you.
aRandomKiwi  [author] Sep 20 @ 11:51pm 
:ai_wormhole: Update 2.0.6 :ai_wormhole:
-Fix an issue in the code allowing to get a random free guardspot (more null value checking to avoid interruption of the step)

@Partisanship : Should theoretically fix your issue.
Like your guard checkpoint design and nice mountain base !
Partisanship Sep 20 @ 2:27pm 
@aRandomKiwi https://www.dropbox.com/s/xgqz7ghwle5xrq7/Rockdweller%20Androids.rws?dl=0 Yeah, basically assigning guardspots fixes it. Also here is the save file, let me know if I uploaded it correctly. I get the idea it might be caused by setting up guard spots on other parts of the map before returning to base, but that's just my wild guess.
aRandomKiwi  [author] Sep 20 @ 11:41am 
@Partisanship : By "forcing a guardian" you mean assign it to a particullar guardspot ?
I confirm that this behavior is not intended so can you share the save (.rws file) where this issue happen so i can see if it's a mod incompatibility or a bug and fix it.

@Omega13 : Glad it work now for you !
Partisanship Sep 20 @ 11:23am 
@aRandomKiwi Just tried out the update and it definitely works with furniture and trenches now! Awesome job. That said, I seem to be running into an issue where the guards don't go to any available guard spots, but rather wander all over the place. If I force a guardian, they will stand on the spot, though I thought you'd like to know in case that wasn't intended.
Omega13 Sep 20 @ 9:36am 
Welp I completely reinstalled rimworld and my mods just to see what would happen and now the mod works fine. No idea what that was all about but I do sincerely thank you for your patience and trying to help me out.