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Severe Weather 1.8.24
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Jul 6, 2019 @ 12:49am
Nov 18 @ 11:15am
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Severe Weather 1.8.24

Severe Weather attempts to improve on survival element of the gameplay by working with light/ambience, temperature and weather exposure.

Current version: 1.8 build 24 Early Access

ModID: 1793706840

Early Access Notice:
As Isle of Siptah Expansion is in Early Access there are already many known bugs and not everything is working as intended and/or is balanced on game side, this reflects on modded experience as well, please be patient as expansion develops so shall the mod.

Map Support and Mod Spotlight:
Severe Weather supports current official maps:

Exiled Lands
- Biome specific Daily Temperature Cycle - you shall see temperature difference between day and night
- Weather Exposure system - rainy weather makes you colder, it may be good thing in warm climates, but be wary in the north
- Custom Shelter mechanics - too hot/cold for comfort? hide from elements, light campfire, use environment (or structures) to save your life exile
- Customised nightime conditions giving more realistic effect
- Customised most caves and dungeons ambience
- Customised biome ambience for deserts, jungle and snow.
Eldritch Phenomena support:
- - Exiled Lands suffer from supernatural sandstorms formed eons past - beware of searing sands as they are likely to suffocate you as cook you alive

Isle of Siptah
- Biome specific Daily Temperature Cycle - you shall see temperature difference between day and night - island has one biome, but tower surroundings are little diffrent.
- Weather Exposure system - weather on Island is tied to maelstrom occurrence, nasty stormwinds ahoy! In addition you'll experience regular weather including rain and thunderstorm.
- Custom Shelter mechanics - too hot/cold for comfort? hide from elements, light campfire, use environment (or structures) to save your life exile
- Custom light/sky environment with near-realistic nightime and weather conditions lightning, a fulltime overhaul
- Eldritch Phenomena support:
- - Mysterious maelstrom plagues the Island and rules the weather, don't let its high winds cach you unprepared.

Custom maps support:
- as long as author followed Exiled Lands climate volumes and weather design rules, Severe Weather shall work in plug-and-play mode providing basic day-night cycle/climate/weather/shelter functionality but depending on map design some values may be off.

Known Issues:
- upon entering vault on Isle your temperature gets locked and can't be changed - it's a game "feature" pending with Funcom
- moonlight in Exiled Lands shines from opposite direction to actual moon, someone at funcom has a wicked sense of direction and/or humor

Compatibility Notes: Severe Weather does not edit any vanilla assets apart from EnergyEventTable (ModController merge)

Special thanks to members of Conan Exiles Modding Discord for support

Given EA status, is it playable? Yes.

On Island and Exilaed Lands? Yes.

So why EA status? Because given opportunity I capriciously tweak things an/or build new functionalities I feel mod is missing, plus there are EA changes added by Funcom I may have to consider along the way, like planned Island map expansion, whatever form shall it take.
After Siptah Expansion oficially launches it's gonna be update when necessary only.

What's with the light levels man? that's a new feature I called realnite, took me hours after hours in front of linearly callibrated display to make levels simulate right for each hour of a day/night, but I'd like to hear some feedback. Also see patchnotes for details.

You Crazy I DIE!!111: suck it up and start playing CE as survival game, I'm not planning on milkdrinker edition release

No seriously there is something off with <insert your piece here>: then give feedback in comments section, it may be by design or it may actually be off
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drachenfeles  [author] Nov 10 @ 10:13am 
thanks, fun fact: it's the only biome that has separate set of instructions for night and day, cause it was impossible to implement otherwise
morningtide13 Nov 10 @ 10:08am 
Thank you for the quick update!

Loving the jungle tweaks in the new update.
MCT-23 Nov 10 @ 9:26am 
Much better! Thank you!
drachenfeles  [author] Nov 10 @ 8:44am 
fix is live, thanks for feedback guys, really appreciate that
morningtide13 Nov 10 @ 8:20am 
Just chiming in on the new lens flare addition as well.

I have the belt lantern equipped from Immersive Armors mod and my screen is covered in giant hexagon lens flare artifacts that jump around and block my view.

Even the smallest oil lamp lantern from Turan DLC is producing the effect.

Love the mod and all your efforts, thank you!!
drachenfeles  [author] Nov 10 @ 6:34am 
ok, I can see how's that little overboard lens flare, thanks
MCT-23 Nov 10 @ 6:12am 
Map is 'The Exiles Land'
Mod: Severe Weather 1.8.22

Mod is on.

Mod turned off. Lens Flare effect disappears:

drachenfeles  [author] Nov 10 @ 5:29am 
Hi MCT-23, thanks for feedback,
could you be more specific as to where exactly, there are tens of different presets, not to mention two separate maps
MCT-23 Nov 10 @ 4:46am 
Very cool weather mod.
But, can you make version without this Lens Flare Effect?

P.S. IMHO, Fire in v.1.8.22 is too bright.
Primus Nov 1 @ 3:07pm 
thanks for fast response. From what I read, I believe so. But I like to really torture my players x)