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Severe Weather 2.2
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Jul 6, 2019 @ 12:49am
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Severe Weather 2.2

Severe Weather attempts to improve on survival element of the gameplay by working with light, temperature and weather exposure.

Current version: 2.2 build 2 (discontinued)
Funcom made sure I don't really want to make any more content for their game, mod works, it will very likely continue to work for years to come, but... no more updates

ModID: 1793706840

Mod Spotlight:
  • Biome specific Daily Temperature Cycle - custom profiles for all existing biomes based on actual climatology data - you shall feel temperature difference between day and night.
  • Weather Exposure system - rainy/windy/bad weather makes you colder, it may be good thing in warm climates, but be wary in the north, Arid, no-rain climates also have slightly varied temperatures, no day is exactly the same.
  • Shelter mechanics - SW uses in-game shelter mechanics in a new way to help exiles shield themselves from elements. Anything that gives shelter buff in meaningful way (meter almost filled) will allow you to get some protection from expanded array of weather effects SW introduces.
    Actual building pieces work much better then natural shelter in that regard.
  • Custom seasons system that allows world scale climate changes.
  • Custom light and post process settings giving official maps (Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah) more serious/natural feel, fitted for survival game.
    No fake light in naturally dark interiors or dark places like inside of a volcano, fully reworked jungle to resemble actual rainforest ambience and more.
  • Eldritch Phenomena support: Sandstorms in Exiled Lands and Maelstrom on Isle of Siptah cause some serious exposure anomalies, be wary of them.
  • Expanded status effects for extreme conditions and encumbrance. disabled due to a glitch
  • Expanded Weather Visuals available here

Map Support

Severe Weather supports current official maps, in addition to spotlighted features:
  • Exiled Lands
    - custom light/sky ambience with more natural light
    - fully volumetric light and effects overhaul.

  • Isle of Siptah
    - custom climates: Island of Siptah is temperate, while Islands of Dawn and Dusk (with floodlands in between) have tropical climate.
    - regular weather (rains and storms) can naturally occur.
    - custom light/sky ambience with more natural (and sometimes supernatural) light

Unofficial Maps:
Experience on custom maps/map mods may vary based on how map is designed, while SW is inherently compatible and will work, that does not necessary mean it will work as intended, as long as author followed Exiled Lands climate volume rules, Severe Weather should be good to go.

Savage Wilds
  • custom climate profile
  • custom light ambience with volumetric overhaul and most seasonal features present

Other custom maps/dungeons support:
  • will provide basic day-night cycle/climate/weather/shelter functionality to custom maps (depending on map design some values may be off)
  • will properly switch to underground climate in custom dungeons

MCP Support (requires admin rights to access)
  • with MCP widget you can customize your experience. Sliders allow you to pick from seven different severity scalars for individual systems.
  • Normal setting is what is intended for challenging, semi-realistic survival gameplay
  • two shades of Brutal setting makes SW little more and more... well... brutal, intended for hardcore survival servers or when you hate your players so much you wish to constantly remind them of those feelings.
  • Barbaric setting makes things even more brutal, to the point of being non-realistic, not intended for regular gameplay, server events maybe.
  • two shades of Relaxed setting allow you to ease environment a bit if you want expanded systems SW provides, but not a fan of survival, it's a setting for you.
  • Milkdrinker setting is... I really don't know what is it for, children? it's 18+ game, so...that's a no... <confused>

    Season Settings allow picking one of three preset seasons that affect world in many little ways.
  • Intermediate Season - default Severe Weather experience.
  • Dry Season (aka Cruel Sun) - all biomes* get warmer, with brighter light ambience and more summery feel, precipitation is decreased where applicable.
  • Wet Season (aka November Rains) - all biomes* get cooler, with deeper shades and more flinty light ambience feel, precipitation is increased where applicable.

    * - it's a marketing lie, mighty volcano remains unbothered by puny seasons

    Seasons are fully supported on official maps only, Savage Wilds and others won't be getting any imagespace changes. Seasonal temperature and precipitation changes are implemented.

    Moonlight Control (available in Exiled Lands and Island of Siptah)
  • Pick one of four moonlight settings that best fits your server/singleplayer game.

    In addition MCP gives off/on content control over post process, fog and weather (on siptah).

obviously requires ModControlPanel
for widget to work, but MCP itself is not needed to run SW.

Known Issues:
  • upon entering vault on Isle your temperature gets locked and can't be changed - it's a game "feature" pending with Funcom

Compatibility Notes:
  • Should be compatible with most mods out there, even other weather mods (unless they mess with hardcoded basegame blueprints).
  • Edited assets: none
  • Table merges: EnergyEventTable, WeatherConditionsTable

Load order:
should not matter at all, unless other mod affects merged tables

Special thanks to members of Conan Exiles Modding and Better Builders Bureau discords for support

Constructive feedback is welcome, join my discord here []