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Lycanthropy Mod
ID 1781217181

Awaken the Beast Within!
Run through the wood as a wolf with your pack; soar through the skies as an Argentavis, or prowl toward your prey as a Sabertooth Tiger!
With this mod you become the beasts of the wild! There are SIX creatures to choose from. You just take a pill, and you ARE the beast.

Need to host a server?

NOTE: Do not use this mod if you are already using the Morgrande RP mod. I wrote that one, and this mod is just a small part of what is in that mod:

This mod was made especially for MorgrandeRP, dark fantasy server:
Player made trailer:
Server Website

There is only one engram to learn: Lycanthropy Table
Craft the Lycanthropy Table. Inside you will find one of each of the pills that cause the form. You can only have one form at a time, but you'll always have the form. Even if you die, the form will still be there for you! The form will last until you choose another form.
To transform: After you take a pill, a new item appears. Put this on your hotbar (this is required) and then activate it any time you want to change. Press the dismount button to change back.

Sabertooth Tiger

Special Rules:
The beast gets YOUR stats. Whatever your stats are, the beast magnifies those same stats. When you are in beast form, any damage you take hurts you as well as your form. This is the same with hunger, stamina and the rest. You are the beast, so take care of yourself!
Any items in the beasts belly will be returned to you automatically when you turn back human.
Beast forms take NO fall damage!
If your beast form dies, you will fall unconscious with 10% health.
If you wear out your form to the point of exhaustion, you will turn back human and pass out.
If you are starving or thirsty as a human, go beast mode and eat, it will fill your human belly too!
The activation item can never be lost, if dropped it will appear back in your pocket. If you die, you still get it back. It can never be looted from you or placed in any container, it is part of you!
The pills will spoil in one minute, so must be eaten immediatly. You can't carry a pocket of them to have multiple forms.
The table will self destruct if it isn't opened in about 25 minutes. This is to prevent tables being left all over the map randomly. But the table doesn't drop its contents and doesn't leave your inventory when placed, so you can just place another.
Note: Anything that dismounts you automatically, like the raptor pounce, will turn you back into a person instantly.

Additional Items:
Hunter Tool:
This is a tracker for finding animals to tame or kill. Activate the tool; choose what beast to track and press "Track". The nearest high level specimen will be found and you'll be guided to its location via messages at the top of the screen.
Open the tracker and press "X" to stop tracking.
The tracker stops giving specific instructions when you get too close. But your prey will have sparkles to identify it!

FixMe Tool:
This item can help if you get stuck between rocks or glitch in the ground. Click the FixMe tool and it will teleport you up and to the side, allowing you to safely land somewhere nearby, hopefully.
This item is included with the animal form, so you'll always have it when you need it!

Genetic Restore Pill:
This pill clears the buff that gives you your form. It won't force you to change back, but it will prevent you from being able to change next time.

Lycan Admin Tool:
This is a tool only admins should use. It gives access to all settings of the mod.
Forms can be deactivated. If they are, anyone currently with that form will be unable to use it effective immediately.
This will also remove the pills from any table and it will stop spawning the deactivated form.
All stats in the forms are tied to a multiple. This is how much the players stats are multiplied when changing into the form.
You can also set the table to "Admin Only" by selecting that checkbox. This will prevent anyone other than an admin from being able to open the table.
Be sure to save changes, or press "X" to cancel any changes made.
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LRC // Volyck Mar 10 @ 1:22pm 
there are no more ways on "ARK: Survival Evolved" to have an update on the "Lycanthropy" mode because it is no longer working, the table is not functional anymore, only the destroy button is working.
Thank you anyway
Quasidivine Dec 12, 2022 @ 5:03pm 
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table isnt working. I made and placed it, but i cant open it
Murder Kitty Jan 26, 2022 @ 6:21pm 
anyone know any good alternatives?
GlitchTooMuch Dec 14, 2021 @ 10:05am 
Its nice, that you dont have to be the Dino forever, like Play As Dino, but i have a question:

Do im invisible and riding the creature? If thats right, i dont know, why i should install this mod.
Its like Play as dino, but with fewer dinos.

This mod wouldnt be popular, if there are no better updates, like more creatures or thirst.

Hope you took my advice seriously!
This mod has potential!
Murder Kitty Dec 12, 2021 @ 1:52pm 
no updates, no progress, no creator comments... when this first came out it was great but with no updates to keep it working or compatible with newer game versions this mod is essentially dead. i hope someone updates this or someone else gets permission to take it over and maybe reboot it. but that seems unlikely. ive decided to unsubscribe from the comments. time to give up. goodbye
GothicaRayne45 Oct 31, 2021 @ 6:19pm 
the only mod i had on and it crashed before it could load
Asher Sep 24, 2021 @ 2:17am 
Just tried it table doesn't work only says Demolish, tried the spawn codes and nothing happened accept a little hop I hope this gets fixed soon would an amazing mod for shape shifter fans : /
Sasha Fox #SaveTF2 Sep 14, 2021 @ 4:46am 
Tables broken and manual spawning of pills doesn't work
Gibberish Q Jun 3, 2021 @ 6:21pm 
The table isn't working and after updating and I can't turn into anything now.