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Zytharian Critters
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May 28, 2019 @ 10:08pm
Nov 12 @ 6:46pm
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Zytharian Critters


Zytharian Critters is a collection of creatures balanced around Vanilla Stats and gameplay.

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Zytharian Critters is compatible with Ark Omega.
No configuration is needed on the server owners side. Simply have this mod loaded alongside that mod and it will turn (most of) mine into variants of his.

About the mod

List of ini settings and information about disabling creatures in this mod

List of Creatures that are in the mod and their information

List of spawn codes for the mod

Google Spreadsheet with Spawn Codes[]

Contact and Support

For support on the mod please visit my discord. I don\\\'t get notications for the comments section on steam and may miss a comment if posted here.

My discord can be found here.

Other Disclaimers
Tek Theriz saddle guns will only work on the Skeletal and Tek theriz since modifications to the base character file is needed so it wont work on vanilla theriz to shoot.

Spawning in the _AO creatures that are in the AO folder may cause problems since they are dependency files needed for Ark Omega to interact with my mod and allow its functionality when the two are together.
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Nov 21 @ 12:57pm
why did it take so long to finish downloading
Oct 1 @ 7:30pm
Servers Running This Mod
Vocal Tune
Nov 10 @ 9:18pm
PINNED: Spawn Codes
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Xelz Nov 22 @ 5:33pm 
I don't know what's wrong, the mod is giving me problems every time I want to execute admin commands inside the FJORDUR map, every time I want to spawn a creature the mod knocks down my server, I tried the same in local host and I realized that while the server is new you can add creatures without problems, but when the server is already some time old it crashes the server.

I really love the mod I would like that you can solve this problem.
1234 Nov 17 @ 12:52pm 
Tek mana saddle?
Pr0v3n Nov 15 @ 5:12am 
Like to the discord for people asking.
Xelz Nov 12 @ 7:12am 
anyone can share the DISCORD?
Digital Dash Nov 6 @ 6:06am 
The discord link isnt valid anymore.
TigerBlade Nov 1 @ 4:50pm 
whats the big grey sea serpent next to the mosa? is that the vepent? every time i try to spawn it in it crashes my game
Para The Cat Oct 29 @ 10:12pm 
Hey, I have noticed that when breeding certain Tek dinos (Sino's in particular), they give birth to regular babies and not tek ones.
DarkthShadow Oct 25 @ 4:28pm 
Hey, im running a server for a discord im in, and someone mentioned not having seen any of these dino's in the map we are currently on (Crystal Isles) and were wondering if they spawn there?
Flockerkill Oct 15 @ 12:47pm 
as this mod is blanaced for vanilla, and not other rebalance mods you will not se any dive on wyverns unless wildcard adds it to the vanilla wyvern
Shazammo Oct 15 @ 9:08am 
feels like a big missed opportunity not having tek variants of the stone and metal wyverns, especially since your dinos by a happy coincidence are compatible with the valyrian reins in krakens better dinos. this means the wyverns can be buffed for armor, stam amount and also turn radius. obviously its possible to use the skins to make them look like the other tek wyverns, but not at the same time as the valyrian reins. big ask I know but especially the metal wyvern feels like it really ought to have a tek variant.

also, a suggestion for an additional feature. PLEASE MAKE THE WYVERNS DIVE. or atleast perhaps just the tek variant?