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Ark Omega
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Ark Omega

Mod ID: 2447186973
Ark Omega V3.26
"The MMO of Ark"

Mod additions can be commissioned! Message me on Discord!

This is a full overhaul dino mod that changes nearly all aspects of the game.

Basic Mod Info:
Ark Omega uses dynamic generation to create a near limitless amount of content. Where other mods might have hundreds of custom dinos, the system in Ark Omega puts this number closer to 300,000 dino combinations.

Ark Omega has more dinos, more abilities, more progression, and more content than every other dino mod combined. Tired of dino mods that force you to finish them with 3-4 meta dinos and can be beaten in a couple of days? Not here. Nearly everything you tame can be end-game viable thanks to hundreds of upgrades you can do to your dino to increase its stats and functionality. Metas have been shattered here. Even a Coelacanth tamed early on can carry you to end-game through Tier, Variant, Paragon upgrades and Unique/Legendary saddles that provide very powerful bonuses and complex strategies.
Every dino has every stat tier and ability available. Nothing is left out.

A full playthrough of Ark Omega can last several months even for the most dedicated of players. There are tens of thousands of bosses and just as many reasons to fight them.

Things you\'ll see in Ark Omega:
-A custom damage number system that is configurable for Color and more.
-Vast damage strength/weakness interactions.
-Thousands of bosses, and always more being added.
-In-Game guide that covers most content.
-In-Game admin panel with built in commands and INI settings.
-Randomly spawning loot chests that can be unlocked for items.
-Miracle system to modify server settings temporarily.
-Nearly limitless strategies.
-ARPG style item drop system with dynamic drop tables.
-Often referred to as the "Path of Exile" Ark.

The Dinos:
-Every dino has every Tier, every Variant/Ability available.
-Everything can be tamed, most can be ridden. Almost nothing is left out.
-"Unique" dinos with custom names and a combination of 2 abilities.
-Hybrid dinos obtained by breeding 2 species together. 50+ currently added!
-Nearly full-viability for every single tame. Complex stat scaling systems!

Zytharian Critters Compatibility
Install and run Zytharian Critters alongside Ark Omega!
Gain over 50 new dinos, all fully integrated with variants, paragons, Uniques, etc!

The Items:
Ark Omega uses runtime editing to turn a few items into many items.
It does this through both editing vanilla items and its own:
-A complex imbue system with millions of combinations.
-Normal/Unique/Legendary/Set items with complex interactions and synergies.
-A curse system that lets you modify your imbue bonuses for big gains, or losses.
-A custom durability system to ensure that even vanilla armor can survive big damage.

The Structures:
-Complex auto-sort and pull system that is far more capable than other structure mods.
-Nearly infinite items can be compressed in the Quantum System, taking up no space.
-Pull items from the Quantum system from anywhere on the map!
-Auto-sorting for Sets, Uniques, Imbued Items, and more.
-Complex summoning structures that help with the thousands of bosses.
-Gene Splicer structure that allows mating separate species together.
-Custom Grinder that can autogrind structures and resort them instantly.
-Vacuum system that can grab items and auto-sort them based on your settings.

If -preventhibernation is not used on single player, Ark Omega dinos may not spawn or behave properly. If this is the case, please implement -preventhibernation.
It only takes ~30 seconds to do. Follow this tutorial:

-Forcerespawndinos is also recommended.
If you\'re having trouble getting your single player or server to restart, use this!

There is a massive amount of content packed into such a small download.
Join the Discord if you want information on the mod, or to view the FAQs.
This information will go a LONG way for you! Click the links below.

Special Thanks
-My Beta Testers: RedDragon, Lolitus, NVCGN.
Months of late nights, brainstorming sessions, and headaches.
-NovaStrike for volunteering to help manage the Discord.
-KAVAN for the open source Game Powers mod for the cooldown UI.
-HeartlessVegan for the custom icons.
-Lethal for working to get Dino Storage to support dynamic eggs.
-Viral for tossing together a bunch of hybrids for me to speed up the process.
-Flockerkill for helping manage the Steam page and Discord.
-Special shoutout to Froggyman for taking on the mod early in the beta and providing feedback.

This mod/code/work is protected by the [Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.](
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