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Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal (EEWA)
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May 6, 2019 @ 2:08pm
May 25 @ 1:54pm
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Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal (EEWA)

Lore-friendly mod with 100+ new items. Adds new dungeons, weapons, armors, mounts, immersive systems and lore.

Control Sorcery with the unique mana system!

Become an instrument of the gods by ascending and aligning yourself with a constellation!

Conquer Outposts and reap the rewards! And conquer outposts from under other players noses!

Incredible admin customisabillity!

A documentation of unique features may be found here.[]

This mod does not extend the level range, you will need another mod for that, I recommend the Kerozards Paragon Leveling - A Multigun Refresh mod by Kerozard and Multigun.

The mods includes lots of custom weapons, movesets, animations, particles and more.

Don't forget to check change notes for important/interesting info.

This mod aims to increase available content and act as a sort of unofficial expansion to the game, with tons of weapons, items, dungeons, unique systems and more.

It also integrates well with AoC, offering unique cross-compatible combinations of gaining resources and the likes.

I personally recommend using a leveling mod for level 300 to get the most out of the mod. Like Kerozard's Paragon Leveling mentioned above.

However, there are tons of options for admins to customize and tailor the mod to their needs. I recommend checking out the Feature Documentation[] as well as the Content Guide by Community Manager Stormy[]

There are custom crafting materials that you will need to get these weapons and items. They are crafted in various different crafting benches, vanilla and mod.

EEWA Feats Remover Addon - Click Here

EEWA Outpost Remover Addon - Click Here

This mod adds over 100 new weapons and items that all feel very different!


Enjoy the mod!

Big thanks Dragoon.reynolds for the blueprint help in the early days!

Models and textures from :
  • Me
  • Epic Games (one Infinity Blade Model)
  • JaySus
  • billyro
  • InsanitySorrow
  • jmenaru
  • jojjo
  • Overmind5000
  • Kasualty21

Big thanks to you guys for letting me use your models!
A few are still awaiting approval of use and are prone to change. I respect the authors and their property.

Some models have been used under CC License. []
Sketchfab of these amazing people.[]

Don't forget to submit any bugs you find as I am constantly trying to find and squash them.
I got my flyswatter ready.
If there is someone I forgot to mention or if you are wondering about something. Feel free to tell me. :)

I will be continously trying to update this mod and add new weapons and spells.

If you take some issue with my mod, please let me know.

Known mod issues:
  • Hemoglob Armor can sometimes have a piece of it stretch.

  • If you have another mod with a non-updated weapon type enum, they will cause issues with the weapon animations, always put EEWA after any other weapon mods in the modlist to bypass this issue. The modders have to update their mods in-order to fix that issue, nothing can be done on my end.

Mod ID :

Weapon/Spell ID Range:

Base setup for my IDs are usually:
6950xxxxx (All items and weapons etc...) 89695xxx (Placeholders)


I recommend loading this mod after other weapon mods in-case the other mods are outdated, for minimum issues

This mod contains assets (art, music, code, items, systems and/or designs) that are the intellectual property of Funcom Oslo AS or their licensors.

Note to other modders:
My mod modifies
Camps x3-y2
Mod Camp 13
Mod Camp 39 (Outposts)
(These were available according to Espen (AoC) and Snowhunter (Riverboats), so should not conflict with their mods in any way)

If you wanna support me:


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imortaln 4 hours ago 
I should clarify sorry. I mean it seems like since pets and thralls cap at 20 they become inneffective as enemy levels get higher. They seems to get completely destroyed in combat agains the higher 100+ content.... or am I not understanding something
perugion 10 hours ago 
@imortaln : Exactly where did you get that from?
Galahad De Lafayette Aug 9 @ 12:40pm 
Hey Hosav, Is this normal, that NPC's in every city attacking us ? We need to unlock something to prevent that ?
imortaln Aug 9 @ 6:16am 
So mod seems awwesome just wondering am I missing something? Thralls and pets will be destroyed at levels beyond 100
TaliHazard Aug 9 @ 5:23am 
ah ok, thanks for the info, keep up the good work!
Hosav  [author] Aug 8 @ 5:35pm 
There is a big update in the works, so no, I unfortunately cannot just re-cook haha
But it is in the testing phase right now. I recommend joining the Discord to stay updated.
TaliHazard Aug 8 @ 5:36am 
can this mod please be "re cooked" to the current version? it shows up as red on my gportal mods list
Hosav  [author] Aug 8 @ 3:30am 
Strange, I have not had that issue on any of the servers I play on personally.
Jimmä 2022 Aug 7 @ 9:48am 
I'm having issues with this mod, I've deactivated every mod except this one so I'm able to pinpoint the issue. My preferred weapon of choice is a 1h axe + shield, the right click combo means I do 4 swings in total, whereas the 2 last ones apply bleed. But as soon as this mod is installed the enemies will lag out, get pushed away too far after the 3rd attack and making the 4th one miss, the NPCs are laggier in general.

I'm hosting through g-portal and got tick rate set to 60, is there something I can change on my end to make this work? Cause the mod is really lovely and I don't wanna play without it. We're only two players on this server.
Not-a-Cockroach, the Unbug Aug 6 @ 6:49am 
the wiki has apparently been seeing some LOVELY updates, many non-purge only thralls now have these maps which show *ALL* possible spawn locations for the thrall in question: for Sayd Secret Keeper per most recent reference to a thrall in this thread.