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Apr 4, 2019 @ 12:12pm
Mar 21 @ 5:28pm
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Ever got in trouble because of Splendid physics? Fear no more!


This small utility addon allows players to perform Unflip on vehicles that are on their side or upside down

- CBA_A3
- Installed both on clients and server

By default single infantry unit can unflip vehicles up to 3000 mass. Default value was balanced to allow unflipping of smaller vehicles by single unit.

If vehicle is heavier than can be lifted by single unit then multiple people can join unflipping process. Amount of people needed depends on weight of vehicle.

If you would like to configure the addon to behave somewhat more "realistic" you can tweak following values in CBA Settings in `VET_Unflipping` category:
- Unit mass limit - How much can be unflipped by single unit (default: 3000)
- Man limit - Maximum amount of people that can be needed to unflip vehicle (default: 7)
- Unflipping time - How long does it take to unflip vehicle (default: 5)
- Maximum unflip weight - Vehicles with weight above this limit will be not unflippable (default: 100000)
- Require toolkit (default: false)
- Require servicing vehicle nearby (default: false)

Vanilla / ACE Actions
If ACE3 is detected unflipping action will be available in ACE3 Interaction menu, otherwise vanilla interaction menu will be used.

BI Forum thread:


Known issues:
- Some vehicles might be a little bit wonky to unflip, try a few times, eventually they will unflip.

Feature requests
As it's getting really hard to keep track of both BI Forum and Steam Workshop comments section please add all of your feature requests on GitHub:

If you want to thank me for the addon and buy me coffee, you can do this on here:
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Rooster 3D Mar 21 @ 12:29pm 
It's a great utility. If only there were a simple way for a function to examine the circumstances of the vehicle turning over in the first place, and correct it automatically or prevent it altogether. ...but something that doesn't prevent user error overturns, such as driving into a ditch.
veteran29  [author] Jan 7 @ 4:10pm 
You're welcome, enjoy the mod!
mjveveruska Jan 7 @ 1:08pm 
Thank you for repairing everything works Thanks
mjveveruska Jan 7 @ 6:52am 
Greetings to the server also reports the wrong key. Request to correct. Thank you
mjveveruska Jan 6 @ 11:01pm 
Zdravím taky na serveru hlásí nesprávný klíč. Žádost opravit. Děkuji
guyan Jan 6 @ 10:06pm 
After the update, I am receiving a BiKey issue on our server. It worked just fine prior to the update. The Bikey in the folder is v1.3.1. Any ideas?
Armatop Jan 6 @ 11:39am 
mod broken after last ace3 update.
no menu in ace-menu
▂ ▅ ɮǟʏɮǟʀֆ ▅ ▂ Dec 29, 2019 @ 8:41am 
can you add some scripts to release a vehicles that was stuck on a stones that cannot move anymore!
silver Jul 7, 2019 @ 8:58pm 
veri gud
God Jul 6, 2019 @ 8:40am 
Must be a really strong guy to flip this vehicle in 10 seconds.