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Mutation Kibble
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Apr 2, 2019 @ 1:49pm
Jul 5 @ 5:03pm
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Mutation Kibble

MOD ID: 1701679918

Mutation Kibble

Allows the creation of mutated kibble which will increase the mutation chance of your dinos while breeding when consumed.
This mod was created for people who would like to speed up the chance of mutation while still having balanced breeding server settings, it allows casual breeders to speed up their progress breeding for colours or stat mutations.

The Kibble will only work if consumed by a female creature, will have adverse effects if consumed by a male

There are 6 stages of kibble which can be made in the mutation pot.
These are 16% (Basic), 32% (Simple), 48% (Regular), 64% (Superior), 80% (Exceptional) and 100% (Extraordinary) Mutation Kibbles
Percentages can be changed in GameUserSettings.ini

How to Use
There are a few engrams you need to learn for the mod and you can find them all by searching for the word mutation in your engram list.
You must place down a Mutation Pot and fill it with the required items the eggs required are listed below and are the same eggs required for regular kibble of the same type.
Remember to have fuel in the Mutation Pot, that the Mutation Pot is lit and that you have learnt the engram for the kibble you wish to make.

Once you have the kibble place it in the FEMALES inventory and use\Mutate! the dino by right clicking it in the dinos inventory. It stacks up to more then you would want to use and you can see the time remaining on the female dino.

You can use the soap to remove the buff if you add too much time.

Eggs used in recipes
  • Basic Mutation Kibble: Extra Small Eggs
  • Simple Mutation Kibble: Small Eggs
  • Regular Mutation Kibble: Medium Eggs
  • Superior Mutation Kibble: Large Eggs
  • Exceptional Mutation Kibble: Extra Large Eggs
  • Extraordinary Mutation Kibble: Special Eggs

New Additions This Update
* Gender Swap Kibble, a special type of kibble which will allow you to swap the gender of a creature permanently

Future Plans
* Add a mutation spyglass (Allow viewing of two creatures and mark any mutations)

Where to find GameUserSettings and spawn Codes
Go check the pinned topics in the discussion section, there is a post each for settings and spawn codes there.
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Jul 5 @ 3:24pm
please update mod
Dec 11, 2019 @ 6:00am
How long does the kibble buff last on the dinosaur
Jul 2 @ 3:19am
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Kriogenic  [author] Oct 8 @ 8:20pm 
I have finally sorted out family stuff and got the dev kit up and running so am working on an update. Thanks everyone for your patience.
matic1205 Oct 6 @ 11:20am 
also I gave it a thumbs up because the concept is great and I can imagine that it took a lot of work to do. just make it soo we can get only 1 mut/ dino and it will be perfect :)
matic1205 Oct 6 @ 11:17am 
well great mod overall but huge problem is that you always seam to get 3 or 2 mutations soo it sadly is not that great for breeding because the chance of you getting 2 mutations in one stat and the stat being the one you need are small don't get me wrong it is still good because it lets you jump like 2 mutations ahead but the chances of you getting the one stat boost are rughly the same as getting normal mutation for the said stat but it also makes it soo u must check every dino and find the one that got all of those mutations in one stat and soo it takes much longer for boosted games where females produce like 10 eggs/hour or so. making it better to not use it because you have this pre filter (you can see a lvl without anny need of checking the stats soo for like 40 eggs you check only like 1-5 dinos and you can kill the rest without anny danger of loosting mut) but well just add an option that will let us chose if we want to get only 1 mut or we want to get them normally
Garry.oakes Sep 19 @ 4:48am 
nice work man
Magnolia Sep 9 @ 1:06am 
Nice mod and I love it! but it seems always get 2 or 3 mutations, it would be very nice if it can only get 1 like normal. Hoping fix that bug, I cant wait to get my super dinos !
ig saucy Sep 5 @ 10:45pm 
Amazing mod bc trying to get mutations is just a pain in the ass. Only thing is whenever you could get around to updating it and making it give 1 mutation like normal instead of 3 and it would be perfect. Love the mod idea tho.
MaliceMH Aug 28 @ 2:09pm 
@Kriogenic Okay, I understand totally. Thanks for giving us a heads up!
Kriogenic  [author] Aug 28 @ 11:18am 
Sorry guys I have been really busy, an update to this should be out in a few weeks. I have just not had time dealing with some family issues.
MaliceMH Aug 26 @ 9:31am 
Hoping the weird 3 mutations bug can be fixed soon! Seriously missing your mod ':( My argies need you! LOL
zhang.yifan1999 Aug 8 @ 10:57am 
Would love a global change of the mutation rate, plz consider adding that in future versions.