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Cargo Magnet - Industry DLC
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Mar 19 @ 12:46pm
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Cargo Magnet - Industry DLC

Cargo Magnet from Industry DLC

This mod is for those who play with the “Industry DLC” add-on from TGR Studio, and it works the same as the original Magnet - it allows you to generate demand for any cargo from the DLC in any place on your map. Just choose type of cargo, amount of demand per YEAR, and plop magnet in preffered place - and the cargo will always go there. Thus, magnets will help you to compensate demand drops in cities and at industries, or to create demand anywhere. Magnets will not affect the level of consumption or of development of the city or factory - magnets just absorb cargo, but with them your lines will no longer be empty and unprofitable.

Mod can be found in "Track assets" menu, in "Tools" category

This mod is needed only by those who use Industry DLC - it will not work without DLC and will lead to the game crash! Mod contains only cargo from Industry DLC! If you are looking for a magnet for standard cargo from the original game - check here:

If you want to have magnets for all cargo, both standard and from DLC - subscribe to both mods!

Other aspects:
1) Magnets have only "input" options, but not "output". They do not generate cargo by itself.
2) You need to plop magnet near the road, just like buildings spawns. Also you can plop it ON the road, or on the station. But not in the middle of nowhere. Magnet need connection to road system, by which cargo moves.
3) Magnet can be destroyed at any time, also it can be upgraded to any size or cargo type
4) However, mod can not be removed from savegame until you remove all magnets from map. Just keep in mind.
5) Please note, that it takes a few month before magnet will "make order" and cargo will start to spawn on appropriate industries. And a few years (!) before production becomes stable. It`s game mechanics, you know.

Based on my personal results of the tests, the mod does not affect stability of the game, and does not conflict with other mods (including Cargo Generators and the original Magnet). In case of errors and bugs - write in comments. Have a good game and big profits!
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Max Well  [author] Apr 2 @ 5:13pm 
@KlausiMaus , read my previous comment, please.. Steel in other mod.
KlausiMaus Apr 2 @ 4:17pm 
Hi, I miss steel! Is that forgotten or I just did not find it?
Max Well  [author] Mar 24 @ 4:54am 
@timothyguymartin, you're welcome! And about steel, logs, planks and other vanilla cargo - there is another Magnet already exist. Check here:
timothyguymartin Mar 24 @ 12:29am 
@Max Well.
Thank you for this great script mod - together with slow time progression it makes DLC playable!

There appear to be a few 'missing' items - steel, logs, planks for example - any chance they could be added?
Max Well  [author] Mar 23 @ 11:06am 
@LB_Industries: yes, permanently. Magnets always order fixed number of cargo every year. If you don't deliver cargo - no problem. It will always work when you will send cargo to it.
LB_Industries Mar 23 @ 12:41am 
general question to all your CM : The magnet orders permanetely no matter how much is deliverd ? or if the demand is not satisfied it stopps ordering ? as Cities and normal Industries ?
EmperorDarthSidious (NL) Mar 21 @ 10:51am 
Well, that sure is a nice dream but so far none of the creators of the Industry DLC have responded to any comments or reported bugs for the mod, so that might take a while I guess...
Max Well  [author] Mar 21 @ 6:52am 
New Industry is obsolete mod, also it has different cargo list. So I can't say anything about supporting NI...
Maybe, creators of DLC will fix bugs soon, and then all be OK.
曼得里联 Mar 20 @ 10:09pm 
Very nice...but DLC has still a lot of bugs on it's own. Could you create one magnet and generator for the 2.42 NI version ?
EmperorDarthSidious (NL) Mar 20 @ 8:27am 
Very nice...but DLC has still a lot of bugs on it's own. Could you create one magnet and generator for the 2.42 NI version ?