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Cargo Magnet - v.1.2
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Mar 25, 2018 @ 9:25am
Jul 1, 2018 @ 2:45am
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Cargo Magnet - v.1.2

Cargo magnets

This mod allows you to generate demand on any cargo, in any place on your map. Just choose type of cargo, amount of demand per YEAR, and plop magnet in preffered place. That`s all, you`re amazing! :)

Mod can be found in "Track assets" menu, in "Tools" category

This mod contains only standard cargo from the original game! If you are looking for a magnet for cargo from Industry DLC, check here:

If you want to have magnets for all cargo, both standard and from DLC - subscribe to both mods!

Mod features:
1) Magnets have only "input" options, but not "output". They do not generate cargo by itself. For spawning cargo, use "Cargo generators".
2) You need to plop magnet near the road, just like buildings spawns. Also you can plop it ON the road, or on the station. But not in the middle of nowhere. Magnet need connection to road system, by which cargo moves.
3) Magnet can be destroyed at any time, also it can be upgraded to any size or cargo type
4) However, mod can not be removed from savegame until you remove all magnets from map. Just keep in mind.
5) Please note, that it takes a few month before magnet will "make order" and cargo will start to spawn on appropriate industries. And a few years (!) before production becomes stable. It`s game mechanics, you know.
6) In the later stages of the game, when there is a lot of transport, cargo and people on the map - when you trying to build, upgrade or demolish a magnet, the game can slow down and lag. Yep, this is unpleasant, but not critical - just wait until the game resumes.

Ways to use
First of all, it`s good addition to "Personmagnet" mod by JoeFried. His mod was an example and inspiration for me, so many thanks to him. And now you can not only create a passenger traffic to any place on map, but also create cargo traffic too! You can build small villages or towns with cargo demand far away in mountains, or create something like consignment warehouses, or imitate import, or just boost some of your cargo lines and make them profitable, or... There are many ways, I`m sure, your imagination will tell you much more.

Hey, Max Well, we have other similar mods like "Import/Export" or "Plop Town Buildings" and can plop buildings with cargo demand anywhere. So why we need your mod, huh?!

Max Well: no doubt, these mods are good and useful! But "Cargo magnet" have more flexibility. Look:
- You can generate demand on any cargo (raw mat-s or final products) without the need to create full production chain;
- Magnets are an excellent addition to the cargo generators. Working in a bunch, they allow you to easily and quickly create a cargo line anywhere;
- You can choose amount of cargo - from a few units to "OVER9000!" (actually, no - just up to 8192 so far, but it`s A LOT), and you can plop as many magnets as you want;
- Magnets has a small size, and also can be upgraded at any time;

Changes in 1.2:
- fixed "floating" upgrade window;
- part of the code was rewritten to fix lags and crashes in some cases;

So, guys, use it wisely, ask questions, rate, criticize, in a word - enjoy!
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Max Well  [author] Sep 19 @ 6:44pm 
@Liv Marques oh, great news! You're welcome, enjoy =)
Liv Marques Sep 19 @ 3:35pm 
It is working now!!!!!! :steamhappy:
I. f. love. you. Thanks for being so patient and helping moi.
Max Well  [author] Sep 19 @ 2:58pm 
@Liv Marques, I dunno, really... The last one what can I suggest to do:
- download backup copy of this mod from here
- unzip it into the ...\steamapps\common\Transport Fever\mods
- in the list of mods you will find second Magnet mod, but it will have Manual source (icon with hand), try to use it.
Liv Marques Sep 19 @ 2:41pm 
It worked before. But it has been a while I played this game. I reinstalled(the game) a few days ago and the magnet wouldnt work anymore.
Max Well  [author] Sep 19 @ 10:41am 
@Liv Marques, I don't think it's because of conflict with another mods... There was no conflicts before.
Okay, tell me please - did magnets work before? Or it's broken from the first day you installed this mod?
Liv Marques Sep 18 @ 8:44pm 
Unistalled all my mods but cargo generator and magnet. Still nothing. :steamsad:f my life:steamsad:
Liv Marques Sep 18 @ 8:33pm 
I waited a few years and still nothing.
And yes everything is is correct. I reinstalled and still nothing. :steamsad:
Do you think is possible that another installed mod (even if it's not actvated) is causing this issue?
Max Well  [author] Sep 18 @ 5:09pm 
@Liv Marques, hmmm, nothing wrong... Here is my suggestions:
- how long have you been waiting? Sometime you have wait 6 months before it starts to work.
- are you sure that you choose correct type of cargo in magnet/generator?
- are you sure that cargo vechicle can carry this type of cargo?
- did you build excacly cargo stations (not passenger)?

Dumb questions, I know, but at first we all made these mistakes...
If still nothing - well, I don't know, really. Try to resubscribe the mod. Or even reinstall the game (it helped me once).
Liv Marques Sep 18 @ 4:13pm 
I started a new game with only the cargo generator and magnet mods, still nothing.
I placed a truck station outside a city, close to the road. Then placed de cargo generator at the entry of the station(it works anywhere). The I placed a truck station inside the city and the magnets also on the entry of the station. Set a line between the truck stations and used a single truck in this line. The city only receives the amount the truck transports. What am I doing wrong? :steamsad:
Max Well  [author] Sep 18 @ 6:06am 
@Liv Marques , I just tested magnets and generators in new game - it works just fine and can be upgraded. So...
Try to place magnet and generator near the station, close to the road. Wait few months before it will start work. Check this problem in a new game (maybe, your save just bugged, I dunno).