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Garry's Mod

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Garnet MilitaryRP
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Garnet CS:GO Knives
XDShot's CSGO Knives repack for Garnet Gaming's DarkRP servers
I did not create the content within this addon, neither do I take any credit for it - this was reuploaded with the original creator's permission....
Call of Duty MW2 Playermodels
Created by Zackyo
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Russia and Rangers for Garry's Mod.

These troopers are working playermodels that uses Valve's skeleton, which will let you be the either Russian Soldier or a Ranger as a Playermodel. I'm uploading this bec...
Call of Duty MW2 NPC Pack
Created by Alpha Male
Originally created and uploaded on by Jason278

I just added it here to workshop


42 NPCs from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Main characters such as Soap, Ghost, Captain Price, Dunn & Foley, and Makarov
US Rangers
COD MW2 Players V2
Created by Sample Text
Jason278 made these


Found at

I will remove this if the original author wants me to....
CoD MW2 Playermodels
Created by 7beat
!!![!WARNING! This addon is outdated and probably will not work correct, downlad at your own risk(and dont spam)]!!!
Hello in this mod you can find player models from Call of duty MW2. Here you have:
-US army
-US dark army
-RU army
-TF 141
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Russians
Created by 👻Nindzya Nub🍕
You get: Modern Warfare 2 Russians playermodels and ragdolls!
You can also turn them into npcs with the model manipulator, but some animations may be missing.

IW for making Modern Warfare 2
Pvt. Jenkins, Rustled Jimmies, for test posing.
And me for r...
COD Ghosts (PlayerModels)
Created by Mokey
"We've always had the power. Not anymore. All we have is each other. We're Ghosts, fighting for something that can't be killed."

Info: Call of duty Ghosts Player Model Pack.


Modern Warfare 3 Rangers
Created by Half-Dead
Due to confused people in the comments trying to tell me I'm wrong and these are from MW2 for the last few years, I'm gonna just put this here.

They aren't a playable faction in MW3 but they are background characters in the New York maps. The models are...
Viper's Operators Playermodels 'Remastered'
Created by maJor
Funny marketing title to advertise the "remastered" version of the addon.

Hey. I've been contacted by someone with a request to basically revive the whole addon and completely fix it. I've had no backups and no tools for years, so I had to start from sc...
Nailgunner Playermodel and NPC
Created by Zackyo
Nailgunner Playermodel and NPC for Garry's Mod.

This is a working Nailgunner model that uses Valve's skeleton, which will let you be the Nailgunner as a Playermodel or fight against/along with it with the NPC.suits. I'm uploading this b...
PAYDAY 2: Medic (player/npc)
Created by Shadow Bonnie (RUS)
Medic from PAYDAY 2.

-Friendly medic can heal you and other friendly npcs.
-Medical bag as bodygroup.
-NPCs (rebel and combine).
-firstperson model.

Blue SWAT (+li...
Uncharted 2 Dragan [PM/NPC]
Created by KuMaGR
Another heavy soldier from Uncharted 2
Pictures taken in de_dust2

This upload includes
  • Playermodel
  • NPC
  • Viewmodel hands

Features of the models
  • Face p
Goat (simulator) Playermodel
Created by 2XMM2
this took less than 2 hours to make, and is really just a hacked version of doge

goat features
• glitchy jigglebone tongue
• unfitting animations ported from [url=http...
PMC playermodels
Created by maJor
Hello everyone, this is my first workshop addon and my very first convertion of a ragdoll into a playermodel.
I've seen a lot of people asking for PMC playermodels on the PMC Pack workshop page, no one else have done it so I did it.

All 84 mo...
3D2D Textscreens
Created by James
Create 3D2D text anywhere in the world.


This addon is now open source! Co...
Advanced Duplicator 2
Created by WireTeam
Ground up rewrite meant to make up for some of the shortcomings of the first iteration of AdvDupe. Still considered alpha!

Wiremod Landing Page:



[CW 2.0] XM1014
Created by White Snow
Report any problems in the comments below, and if you gave a negative vote please state why in the comments below so i can fix what ever you dislike.

[CW 2.0] UTS-15
Created by fluffy
I don't take request as I only have converted this weapon to CW 2.0.

The UTAS UTS-15 is a bullpup 12 gauge pump-action shotgun with two 7-round magazine tubes that can feed in an alternating or selecting pattern. The UTS-15 has a 28.3” overall ...
[CW 2.0] SV-98
Created by Holmander
Made for RP servers...
[CW 2.0] Random stuff
Created by Double
The original upload goes to Ber : , I do not own them! I only fixed the problem, deleted doubled guns and changed some stats!

This pack contains:





[CW 2.0] PPSh-41
Created by White Snow
[img] [/img]

Report any problems in the comments below, and i'll do my best to fix them, or comment how awesome I am to let me know I am doing everything right.

The model is from [url=
[CW 2.0] Extra Rails
Created by White Snow
More rails opens up more possibilities, but I truly made this so people can stop putting ACOGs on pistol sliders.

These are ment to be used by CW2 weapon makers who wish to use them in order to put scopes on there weapons. However it is still an effect ...
[CW 2.0] ARES Shrike 5.56
Created by Rambotnic
Hey guys, this is my second addon! And this time, I'm bringing you the Ares Shrike 5.56 Machine Gun! :D

Customizable Weaponry 2.0
M9K Specialties

This addon was not designed for TTT. DarkRP works with minor changes to settings, such as default clips, weapon stripping. See the description for info on how to adjust these s
Infantry First Aid Kit
Created by Othereum
IFAK from FA:S 2.0 Misc. Good for RP servers.

It's STANDALONE addon that NOT requiring FA:S 2.0 Base or Misc.
Well, you can use both if you want.

Credits to spy....
Customizable Weaponry 2.0
Created by sрy
Check out the game I've released on Steam!

Q: Why replace CW 1.0 on the workshop? Why not keep CW 1.0? Why not make it an update? Why are there so few weapons? Why call it CW 2.0 a...
Extra Customizable Weaponry 2.0
Created by sрy

Currently it includes:
- M14 EBR
- H&K UMP .45
- M3 Super 90
- H&K G36C
- M1911
- Walther P99
- VSS Vintorez, AS VAL and S...
SH Flashbang content
Created by mochi
This is not a LUA add-on!

This is the content required for the SH Flashbang script, which is available for purchase at
SH Whitelist Content
Created by mochi
This is not a LUA add-on!

This is the content required for the SH Whitelist script, which is available for purchase at
SH Chatbox 'Lounge' content
Created by mochi
This is not a LUA add-on!

This is the content required for the SH Chatbox「Lounge」script, which is available for purchase at
Talk Icon
Created by Johnny
NOTE: This addon will force mp_show_voice_icons to 0. Changes will be applied in your server CFG.
Short description: this is a replacement for the default voice chat icon plus a new text chat icon, with minor improvements.

Modern Notifications
Created by UselessGhost
Little cosmetic update for default Sandbox notifications....
Handies | Dab & More!
Created by leaf
A cool addon that adds sweps wich allows you to do some cool moves!
At the moment the animations only look right when u stand still!

I recently added a new command that lets players give themselves the sweps witho...