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Genuine EndGamePVE
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This is a client and server mod aiming to create unique challenges to survive. It will keep you busy even after you build your base, have some cars and you probably think there is nothing left to do.

Here is how:

Gasoline - it can only be found in small quantities between 5-25 % in each canister and you cannot refill it at fuel stations.

Hunting - only wild animals exist, no domestic ones so you have to go in the woods. If you are lucky you will see two animals together, but most of the time only one.

Wolfs - are many and dangerous. Their meat is not good for eating so you will not get any meat from skinning.

Food - canned food is rare. It can't be found in zombies inventory. You have to search house by house.

Raw meat - will make you throw up / vomit, it must be cooked before consumed.

Water - will be a problem, wells are working near the spawn points only, inland you'll have to improvise and find other sources of water. Don't panic if you get sick, it's not that bad, plus there are pills for that.

Base building - nails and required tools are easy to find.

Vehicles maintenance - you need charged battery to start the engine and it will discharge with each start attempt. Remember that lights will also drain your car battery and if you are traveling for short distances you may consider to use a battery charger. Details here.

Realism - if you clear a small village from zombies and you don't leave that area (400 m radius), it will remain cleared. You can camp there, no new zombies born out of nowhere.

If you crash a car on this server, it will not dissapear. It will smoke forever so you have time to move your stuff to another one. At some point if admin/server owner want to cleanup those damaged vehicles, it can be done easily from configs. I will assist if needed.

Server owners:
1. Copy @EndGamePVE folder to your root DayZServer folder.
2. Copy the key file provided to your DayZServer keys folder.
3. Add launch parameter: -mod=@EndGamePVE.
4. Overwrite your mpmissions\dayzOffline.chernarusplus folder with the one from @EndGamePVE.

I use special diff tools to keep track of what is changed in each DayZ Standalone release in order to keep this mod up to date and compatible with latest version.

You are NOT allowed to repack, reupload or reproduce any portions of this mod.
You are allowed to add it to collections.

Any donation is appreciated click[].
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Lucian  [author] Apr 7 @ 4:17am 
I have heard this issue more time. I don't know why 4nteplayers has this issue. However, this server is running only one mod at this time. So you can subscribe here and find it in game in comunity tab, filter "endgamepve". Sorry for inconvenience.
geperoge Apr 7 @ 3:22am 
i cant find this server on DZSA..
Lucian  [author] Apr 6 @ 3:04pm 
Genuine EndGamePVE 2 - 4Netplayers (10 slots, will be more)
1 hour and 30 minutes day / 30 minutes night
If there will be players I will increase slots. Also i plan to add DisableBaseDestruction mod to this server.
Airborne Apr 6 @ 2:51pm 
any server using this mod?
Lucian  [author] Mar 28 @ 2:13pm 
Please be aware of the upcoming change about water and tell me your opinion if you would like to prevent this feature to be released.
Lucian  [author] Mar 26 @ 6:56am 
Thank you. For sure can be. And very good point. Until i will make this change, server owner can edit types.xml from mission folder. You have some lifetime in seconds.
Ehrenmann Mar 26 @ 6:34am 
nice Mod! Verry good job!
But i have one Question: is it possible to increase the lifetime of a battery? :D
Lucian  [author] Mar 22 @ 10:15am 
Yes please. Any server running it is welcome here
Would you be ok if i posted my server that will be running this mod in these comments?
Lucian  [author] Mar 20 @ 9:59am 
Car owners, be aware of the new update, do not make too many start engine attempts, you will discharge your battery completely and your engine will not start anymore.