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Modding Guide - Language Translation
By Nitrous Butterfly
How to create a language translation mod.
This guide will cover how to create a new language translation for Mercury Fallen. This is done in the following steps.
  • Create and setup your mods folder
  • Copy the core English language files that will be translated
  • Setup and translate language files
  • Upload To Steam Workshop
Setup Your Mod Folder
You will first need to setup your mod folder in the UserMods folder. Please view the the Modding Guide for more information on setting up your mod. Once your mod folder has been setup and you have a Data folder you will need to copy over the source language files to your mod folder.
Copy Core Language Files
Follow the below instructions to locate the core language files.

  • Right click Mercury Fallen in your Steam Library and click Properties
  • Click the Local Files tab
  • Click the Browse Local Files… button. This will open the local game folder for Mercury Fallen.
  • The language files are located under MercuryFallen_Data/Mods/Core/Language

Copy the files inside of the Language folder to your Mods Data folder.
Modify & Translate Language Files
Language File Setup
At the top of each language file inside your mod folder you'll need to change the name and display_name properties. Be sure all of your modified language files use the same values.

<GDInfo name="YOUR_LANGUAGE_NAME" class="GDGameLanguage"> <components> <comp class="CProperties"> <display_name>YOUR_DISPLAY_NAME</display_name> <language_code>en-US</language_code> </comp> </components>

This is the unique identifier for your language mod. This must be different from the core language file. All of the translated language files must use this same name.

This is how your language will appear in the Language setting drop down in game.

After setting up your mod and copying the language files you can translate the game. Open the language files in a text editor like WordPad or Notepad++. All language strings for Mercury Fallen use the 'gstr' tag. Translate the values between the opening and closing gstr tags.

Do not change the name attribute value. Do not change/remove any special characters including curly brackets. Doing so may cause unexpected behavior when running your mod.

You can enable your mod using the Mod Manager from the main menu.

Be sure to change the selected language under settings after enabling your mod.
Upload To Workshop
Once your translation mod is complete you can upload it to the Steam Workshop from the Mod Manager in game. Select your mod in the mod list and click the Upload To Workshop button at the top right of the window. Once your mod has finished uploading you can view it on the Workshop. This is also how you can update your Mod if you need to upload changes.

Your mod will be invisible by default. Be sure to set it to visible and update any additional information on the Steam Workshop.
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