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Modding Guide
By Nitrous Butterfly
How to get started creating mods for Mercury Fallen.
What Are Mods?
Mods are a way of adding or changing game data. This includes overriding existing data and adding new data to change various aspects of the game such as a new language translation. Mercury Fallen data is defined using XML files.
Tutorial Files
Download the tutorial .zip file below which contains examples of adding and overriding data in Mercury Fallen. The tutorial mod also shows the expected file structure for your custom mod.

Included Examples
  • Overriding the Power Generator to increase power output and material requirements
  • Creating a new piece of colonist equipment
  • Creating a language file to add name/description data for added equipment

Tutorial Mod Download[]
User Mods Location
When creating your own mod, or using a mod not on the Steam Workshop, the mod folder must be placed inside the Mercury Fallen UserMods folder. Placing mod folders in the UserMods folder will ensure that the mod can be enabled in the Mod Manager in game.

Windows Location
<Documents>/Mercury Fallen/UserMods/

Mac Location
/Users/<yourusername>/Mercury Fallen/UserMods
Mod File Structure
A mod must be contained in it’s own folder. In the root of this folder resides the modinfo.xml file and preview.jpg. Xml files that modify or add game data must be in a sub-folder.

Sub folders containing your mod data files do not require any specific naming convention. When a mod is enabled the game will search all sub folders inside a mods main folder for xml data.

The mod preview image is required if submitting your mod to the Steam Workshop. 512×512 pixel size is recommended.
Mod Info File
A modinfo.xml file must be in the root of your mod folder. This defines your mod and is required for your mod to function. The mod info file must contain the following XML content. You can use a text editor such as WordPad or Notepad++ to create and edit XML files. Change the values accordingly for your mod.

<ModInfo> <Name>Generator Mod</Name> <Author>So &amp; So</Author> <URL></URL> <Version>1.0</Version> <Summary>Increases Output of Coal Generator</Summary> </ModInfo>

This is the display name that will appear in the mod manager list inside the game

This is you. Add your name or call sign here. This is visible in the mod manager.

A link to your website or page regarding this mod or your mods.

A description of your mods version. Version info is up to you, but should reflect the current state of the mod and be changed as you update your mod.

A description of what your mod does.

If you upload your mod to the Workshop the Name, Author and Summary fields will use the values from the Steam Workshop when viewed in the Mod Manager. This allows you to modify your Title and Description on the Workshop without having these values overridden when you update your mod later.
Core Game Content
When creating a mod you will often be overriding XML data defined by the core content of the game. Follow the instructions below to reach the location of the core game files.

  • Right click Mercury Fallen in your Steam Library and click Properties
  • Click the Local Files tab
  • Click the Browse Local Files… button. This will open the local game folder for Mercury Fallen.
  • The core game files are located under MercuryFallen_Data/Mods/Core

The game data files are organized into sub-folders. This is a good place to get started as this will show you how the various data is defined in the game.
Enabling Mod
Once your mod has been setup it will need to be enabled in game. On the Main Menu click on Mods to open the Mod Manager. The mod should appear in the mod list. Click the toggle next to the mod to enable it and click the close button. The mod is now enabled and loaded.

If your mod doesn't appear in the Mod Manager double check that your mod folder is in the correct location and that your modinfo.xml is setup correctly as shown above.
Upload To Workshop
Be sure to play test your mod before uploading it to the Steam Workshop. Any mod that you upload must either be of your own creation or you have proper permission to upload it as your own.

You can easily upload your mod to the Steam Workshop from the Mod Manager. Select your mod in the Mod Manager and click the Upload To Workshop button. Once the upload is complete your mod should now be in the Steam Workshop. This is also how you can update your mod if you need to upload changes.

Workshop items are hidden by default, so be sure to set your mod to visible in the properties page of your mod on the workshop.