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Turret Enhanced
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Jan 13, 2019 @ 1:25am
Mar 15, 2021 @ 8:09am
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Turret Enhanced

BI Forum:

This mod enhances the capabilities of ISR[] turrets on both vanilla and addon UAVs, Planes & Helicopters.

*Now Requires CBA_A3*

Current features:
-Configurable keybinds for adding markers (NEW 2019-02-03)
-Options dialog via CBA to disable GUI elements (NEW 2019-02-03)
-Measure distance (2D) & heading between two points (NEW 2019-01-30)
-Slew turret to position on map via click (must be zommed in one level so the camera is geolocked)
-Slew turret to typed coordinates (6, 8 or 10 digit grids)
-Grid indicator for where turret is pointing (With 6, 8 or 10 digit grids as of 2019-02-04)
-Add Black, Blue or Red numbered markers on the map where the turret is pointing (will use your current chat channel)
-A North marker in the turret view for situational awareness
-Server key included
-Support for most vehicles with a turret that inherits the base UAV, Helicopter or Plane class within ARMA
-Only needs to run client-side (thanks MGZoltan for testing!)
-Turret azimuth and elevation indicators (NEW 2019-11-30)
-Change Altitude for UAVs (NEW 2020-08-26)
-UAV Weapon Status Report (NEW 2020-08-30)
-UAV VMS (Vehicle Management System) reset (i.e. a reset in case the UAV becomes bugged) (NEW 2020-08-30)
-Change Change Loiter Radius for UAVs (NEW 2020-08-30)

Planned Features:

Features under consideration:
-3D Distance Measurement
-Real-Time Distance Measurement Method
-MTI (Moving Target Indicator)
-More advanced markers
-Language support
-ACE-specific version
-Locked/Unlocked status of turret (May be an engine limitation)
-Eliminate the black "mask" on vanilla UAVs in the turret gunner's view

Known Issues:
-Some users are experiencing "flickering" of the UI elements
-The turret on the USAF MQ-9, RQ-4A needs to be zoomed in one level before slewing will work
-The turret only seems to be accurate within a few meters
-The addon doesn't work with CUP helicopters - I don't plan on fixing this unless it affects a lot of people. The fix would require CBA XEH - Fixed 2019-02-03
-GUI elements conflict with ITC - Fixed via settings dialog 2019-02-03

Marker and slewing interactions are accessed through the vanilla scroll menu when actively looking through an aircraft turret.

The intent of this mod is for it to work on ALL UAVs, Planes and Helicopters with a turret.

Default keybinds:
Add Black Marker - Shift+1
Add Blue Marker - Shift +2
Add Red Marker - Shift+3

The following assets have been verified to work with the addon:
-Vanilla AR-2 Darter
-Vanilla MQ-4A Greyhawk
-Vanilla A-164 Wipeout
-Vanilla AH-99 Blackfoot
-CUP MQ-9 Reaper
-USAF MQ-9 Reaper
-RHS A-10
-USAF AC-130 Spooky 2
-USAF RQ-4A Global Hawk
-USAF AC-130 Spectre
-Firewill's F-22, F-16C & A-10C
-EricJ's UH-60 Pack

The addon does not work with the following:
No known assets at this time. If you know of something the addon doesn't work with, please let me know.

Credits & Thanks:
-Killzone Kid
-DevTeam Paxton
-Lasket & TrainOfThought6 for Distance Measure Feature idea
-The CBA-A3 team for their awesome and easy to use settings system
-SGT Fuller & the USAF team
-JacobZeD for testing Firewill's Assets & bringing them to my attention
-kju2 for his notes on multiple display optics and the need to use the IDD layer
-Ski for technical input on the MQ-9 display

And of course thanks to BIS for ARMA 3!

You MAY use this addon as part of an addon package. You MAY also pull out the .pbo files and include them in your own addon.

This addon pairs well with one of my other addons:
-MS IFF Strobes -

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Skuijs Oct 10 @ 11:02am 
There is a mod thats called drone upgrade that has amazing zoom levels for drone could you do this with your mod to plz ?
Bund Jul 21 @ 2:24am 
is it possible to change channel from command to additional
PirateBTF Jun 12 @ 9:00pm 
Any idea why map slew is an option when I’m standing outside a helicopter and disappears once I’m a pilot?
Ray Jun 5 @ 10:44am 
Ok, so even when verify signatures and all that, the addon still doesn't want to load clientsided, so Idk what is going on

VerifySignatures = 2;
made an exception, still a bunch of times "missing key"
9ED6F5E1 May 28 @ 3:58pm 
Hello, there's a problem with the target grids on maps such as Maksniemi ( these maps have the zero-zero grid offset from the zero-zero point of the map co-ord space. As a result, the target grid displayed being offset from the grid shown on the map.
Would very much appreciate this being fixed as it leads to serious complications especially with artillery.
♂SUPER KAZUYA♂ Apr 4 @ 2:26pm 
how do i unlew the turret? I have accidentally slewed it and now i can't move it anymore
Lezard Mar 15 @ 4:06pm 
how do i add new plane to this mod ?
Kiri Otoru Jan 21 @ 1:55pm 
can it be updated, so it's not that blurry and in full zoom it's not so jumpy up and down?
飞龙岩山 Oct 21, 2022 @ 12:45am 
I think after H-60 0.6 update, this mod cannot work on it again
Finger Jam Aug 13, 2022 @ 8:43pm 
Love this mod. Can we get an IR pointer/laser add to the turret?