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THDOTS·NEW is a fanmade MOBA game similar in style to Dota 2 but based on the Touhou Project. Features 80+ playable Touhou characters with custom models, art, and voice acting, completely new items, and even a completely different map.


This mod is a continuation of the original Defense of the Shrines map for WC3, which itself was inspired by the original DotA game. As such, the gameplay and goal of the game is the same as DotA - build up your characters, kill your enemies, take down enemy towers, and bring down your enemy's base.

Like DotA, there are a lot of things to learn, so if you're new to the genre don't be afraid to take it slow. Choose low complexity characters (◆◇◇), follow basic guides, and try them out in practice lobbies if you want to get a feel first. If you want to ask others for advice, hop onto the discord linked below and just ask around! If you want to find other people to play with, the discord server will be the best place to find them (outside of CN, anyway).

This game is still updated regularly thanks to the efforts of Lonnet, DD虚零, 千刻丶零 and many localization helpers. Patch notes are posted primarily in chinese, but translated patch notes can be found on the discord (and also eventually the wiki).



English Wiki (currently incomplete):


Voice Actors: 小缘、北斗夜、VV、小N、小敢、落雪、星之祈愿、星酱、简翎、绯月、シズミ、明石千曲、天气、星野樱羽、团纸、口谷亚夜

Thanks: Eriko、zdw1999、Tohsaka Sakura、神夏等
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Jun 8, 2020 @ 4:10am
Can u pls add Arena version. like overthrow
< >
Hemlock Aug 30 @ 8:17pm 
Seems to be completely unplayable at the moment. Game won't load the team assign menu. If left alone, the game ends instantly.

Unless I'm just, doing something wrong?
MadLad May 16 @ 1:59am 
how to play with bots?
Pablich May 7 @ 9:47pm 
Make Seija Ellen Shion and Sagume playable in thdots map :D
Aeserius May 5 @ 1:26pm 
Hi guys, there some problem with Pachi's Metal+Metal skill after this update
Skill worked well on first level of Metal, but stoped applying effect after 3 level for some reason
also there were same visual effect, but not on target but on Pachi for some reason
hoping for fix
Nikita Jan 12 @ 12:10pm 
How to play ExRumia?
Lasiace Jan 5 @ 11:20am 
@方块五 I see. Is there any possibility to contribute by providing updated names for the things that have changed and are not updated in english?

I actually very recently started working on an english wiki for the game that will hopefully be useful to other english-speaking players when I complete it. Since I am doing that, I also started translating many of the things which were not updated in English. Admittedly, since I do not speak chinese, I have to rely on machine translations, in-game testing and a lot of research to make sure my translations are 100% correct for the wiki. However, I am wondering if since I am trying to translate anyway maybe it could be added to the english translation of the game for other english-speaking players.
方块五  [author] Jan 5 @ 7:59am 
@Cultits it works on her 3rd skill that make the enhanced attack become a true Strike
@Lasiace at the beginning of DotS 2 , all of the items were almost as same as 1, after a period of time, with the help of some good guys, 2 reset icons of all items(use old icons from 1 before) and changed Chinese name of items
Lasiace Jan 4 @ 1:13pm 
Hello, after reading the chinese wiki website for this game, I noticed a lot of the english names for items use their names from DotS 1 (from warcraft 3) rather than being actual translations of what they are now in this game.

Therefore there are weird cases, like:
- "Gohei" is named "Bento" when it is not food anymore
- "Xiao Yushen Adamantine" is now actually the "Ghastly Send-off Lantern" item from touhou 14.3
- "Zun's Glasses" is actually a cloak from patchouli (帕秋莉)
- PAD is now a tengu shield similar to momiji's (犬走椛)
The pictures are no longer accurate to the names.

To be clear, it's not important, the game is still great and I'm very happy you all are working on it. The game is a lot of fun and these names do not matter that much. I also understand the english translation is no longer being updated, so I guess it cannot be changed right now anyway. I was just curious if this was intended by the translator to use the DotS 1 names.
Cultits Jan 4 @ 4:19am 
We tried to understand Clownpiece's Lvl 10 left talent but machine translation gave us garbage so we would like to know how it works on her 3rd skill (or is it 1st skill?)
no one play global steam server so i go china server using vpn