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Crystalloid (Rewrite)
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Crystalloid (Rewrite)

This mod requires the Alien Races Framework by Erdelf.

1.1 Release. Will require Royalty DLC to be error free.

For those who want to play without Royalty, use this version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2060085475

Many changes were added since the last release, and most importantly.... Psionic abilities were added!
Check changelog for a semi-complete list of changes

This mod adds a xenohuman race of crystalline people called Crystalloids. Crystalloids are psionic beings that come from a strict collectivist civilization where all members are linked in a neural network. Independence is limited, and some Crystalloids strive to escape and live among humans and other xenohumans.

Coming from A15, Crystalloids were one of the first Alien Races for Rimworld.

Crystalloids are psionic, their connection to the psionic field develops over time. Generally, the older the Crystalloid the greater their psionic connection. Rumor has it that there is a special pill that is traded out on the Rim that enchances the development of psionics, and can even enable a connection in other beings.

Psionics give pawns the ability to use special PsyCasts and give a multitude of small buffs to to pawns, depending on how advanced their psionic class is.

Crystalloid Racial Traits:
+ Long lifespan, up to 2000 years old
+ 5% blunt and 12% sharp natural armor
+ Better base comfortable temperature range than Human
+ Only 75% Toxic Sensitivity
+ Psionic Buffs and abilities

- Requires 20% more food
- Worse mental break range than Human
- Slightly lower movement speed than Human
- Weaker unarmed attack than Human

Valkyrie Racial Traits:
+ Long lifespan, up to 2000 years old
+ 7% blunt and 20% sharp natural armor
+ Better base comfortable temperature range than Human
+ Slightly higher movement speed than Human
+ Higher melee attack chance
+ Powerful unarmed attack
+ Only 50% Toxic Sensitivity
+ Psionic Buffs and powers

~ Only Female

- Carnivore
- Worse mental break range than Human
- Requires even more food

Along with the race, this mod adds the hostile Crystalloid Collective faction. The collective employs the use of Constructs, animated solid crystal beings, to assault your colony. While the constructs are extremely tough, they have some key weaknesses.

Surviving the collective allows you make use of Crystalloid technology. You can craft weapons that fire searing bolts of psionic energy, or harness the psionic grid to generate electricity.

Thriving and lucky colonies can even create their own Constructs to defend their base!

Craftables and buildings are under Crystalloid Research tab with some exceptions:
- Crystalloid mantle buildable with flak armor research

Important notes:
- Psionic Field Scanner allows you to visualize the psionic fields on the map, you can put the psionic electricity generators on the areas to boost their output. Psionic fields also give passive boosts to any pawn with a high enough psychic sensitivity.
- Valkyries are Carnivores.
- No worldmap factions are added, the Crystalloids and Valkyries are integrated into the existing human factions. The collective faction works in the same fashion as mechanoids.
- An event may occur where a siege crystal will drop from the sky and produce units to assault your colony, destroy the crystal and the attackers will stop coming.

Please post if anything seems to be broken or not working as intended.

Thanks to erdelf for their work on the AlienRaces framework, and Chjess for their help on some of the more complex features!

Thanks to Tarojun for making a patch that resolves compatibility, their method wasn't something I could of came up with on my own.

Also credit to Sarg, who maintains Alpha Animals, for updating Animal Ranged Verbs (Which this mod makes use of).

If you enjoyed this mod, I ask you help support the creator of Framework, Erdelf, @ https://ko-fi.com/erdelf
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AtomicRavioli  [author] Aug 9 @ 11:14am 
Hello everyone, the mod is in a state of disrepair and I plan to have it up for the 1.2 release
Syna Aug 9 @ 10:56am 
I can't add Valkyrie with Edb Prepare Carefully
XxxPr1CklYP3n1SxxX Jun 25 @ 12:18pm 
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colossus OP as fuck... seriously one shot and it rips arms and legs of everybody...
Digitalvolt Jun 6 @ 3:04pm 
Crystalloids don't work with Combat Extended's ammo system. They can't pick up or load ammo limiting them to melee weapons. Is there a patch? Or is this on combat extended's end? The ammo system works with other races like the Drow and Android Tiers++.
[JdG] Pejman Jun 2 @ 10:32am 
A way to create artificial Psi fields ? (using eneormous amount of power or rare ressources from quests?)
Redknight910 Jun 2 @ 9:56am 
Question, what's the Amplifier Crystal for? I got some in a drop pod, but can't seem to make anything with them.
AtomicRavioli  [author] May 29 @ 4:13pm 
Update changed psycasters kinda considerably. I am weighing my options, especially considering now that psychic powers are determined by a natural source now for vanilla...
Tomore_ May 29 @ 7:48am 
Same, also I can't use Psylink neroformer on the crystalloid... Sure they get Psycast with time, but it a shame that you can't upgrade them that way (but it's maybe intended)
sam1373 May 28 @ 5:17pm 
I noticed that when using this mod with the latest update, the psycasters of this race don't get the focus bar and I also can't see neural heat recovery in their stats.