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The Witcher Trials v2.0
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Oct 10, 2018 @ 4:16pm
Oct 17, 2018 @ 1:50pm
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The Witcher Trials v2.0

Image created by 'alexnegrea' of DeviantArt. {LINK REMOVED}
(Please save your game FIRST. These operations unbalance vanilla pawns, and failed trials may kill your pawns.)

Update v2.0:
v2.0 - C# implemented, Operations are sequential and require ingredients, white hair, witcher swords..

This mod allows you to research the ancient Witcher trials and perform the procedures on your pawns. You are able to research:
  • The Trial of the Grasses: The first trial. The body is manipulated with herbs, toxins and poisons. This primarily affects the nervous system.
  • The Trial of the Dreams: The second trial. The mutation of the eyes, hormones and bone marrow is performed.
  • The Trial of the Elders: The final trial. Forgotton practices were once performed on the witchers. You too can uncover these secrets, and pay the price.
  • The Witcher art of Metalurgy: Create Steel swords, folded using witcher techniques. Heavier and harder than any other steel. Create Silver Swords, hardened with runes and witcher oils. Lighter and sharper than any other sword.

Good questions so far:
  • I have a big modlist, are there any compatability issues? - I sincerely doubt it, my mod only adds.
  • Can I use this on a running savegame? - Knock yourself out, will be fine. Uninstalling is a different matter.
  • When I apply a new Trial, the old one disappears? - This is expected behaviour. Its easier to calculate the balance of the mod when only one Trial is being applied to the stats.

Anticipated questions:
  • Q: My hair isnt white?! -
    A: Keep going.
  • Q: These ingredients are unrealistic!/The research takes too long!/The costs are too damn high!
    A: Honestly? Witchers are overpowered, think of witchers as implanting every bionic. Now do you get it?

  1. Enable Dev Mode. (BUT I PERMANENTLY DISABLED IT!? - you've just learnt a valuable lesson.)
  2. Use 'Destroy' to delete any items made by my mod.
  3. Use 'Remove Hediff...' to disable the Trials bonuses on your affect pawns.
  4. Save your game, exit rimworld.
  5. Your save should now be clean.

Thanks especially to #erdelf (code) and #ib2grh8 (art), and thanks to everyony in the rimworld modding community.

Feedback encouraged.
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Trogladonis Jun 25 @ 1:59pm 
Have your colonists wear tanky armor when you work on them. I've come to realize that a surgery "failure" is just random calculated damage applied to a colonist. If the armor is great enough it can mitigate or outright block all damage from a failure. I've failed the grass trials three times and had to damage bounce off the gear.
Haineko Jun 23 @ 5:40am 
The trials should be CE compatible, the weapon will bounce off armor unless you add: <armorPenetration>0.4</armorPenetration> The 0.4 value is slightly higher than the CE vanilla spear, so for a magical weapon maybe 0.55? Too much higher and we get into chopping through plasteel power armor like tissue paper.
Didgereedank Jun 14 @ 8:13pm 
thryllth Jun 4 @ 11:08pm 
It may be possible that the failure chance is slightly overtuned, 20 subjects, I mean willing volunteers resulted in 16 fatalities and the use of 115 brew of grasses. Yes 80% fatality rate to just get the first trial done. This was with a skill 13.5 doc in clean but not sterile conditions with good light. I understand that there are great benefits involved but frankly that is a bit much for just the first trial.
Keller Max May 29 @ 6:32am 
Loool. Just got a cargo drop with 225 Brews of Dream
Keller Max May 26 @ 4:58am 
This mod doesn't do well with "Less Arbitrary Surgery" Failed trial can end without wounds.
BellBlack May 11 @ 4:46am 
Great mod but I have a question:

Is your mod compatible with EdB Prepare Carfully? I cant find the Witcher Trials under the health conditions.
krwr12 Mar 22 @ 3:48am 
Does it combat extended compatible?
velcroboy333 Mar 16 @ 9:35pm 
Looking to check this out in my next play-through...Any chance of adding/or creating mod with Witcher monsters? Nekkars, barghest, drowner...etc

Finwej Mar 7 @ 8:23am 
Any updates?