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Ultra Historical Mod - Realism Overhaul
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Ultra Historical Mod - Realism Overhaul

0.16.6 beta for HOI4 1.12

Discord group [discord.gg]
Paradox forum [forum.paradoxplaza.com]

What is ULTRA?

HOI4 ULTRA's goal is to give a historical feeling to Heart of Iron. Our ambition is to make the less changes as possible from the vanilla, but rather adapt it to a real historical balance and is meant to be played in Multiplayer.
The original goal was to give an historical repartition of the industry, but we decided to add/fix/tweak other contents we feel important.

Reasons to play or not to play ULTRA

- You should not play ULTRA if you want memes games
- You should not play ULTRA if you want to world conquest with [insert irrelevant minor nation]

- You should play ULTRA if you want more historical immersion without changing the whole game
- You should play ULTRA if you want a multiplayer game balanced toward History and realism
- You should play ULTRA if you want to feel the power of a major country during WWII


HOI4 ULTRA is compatible with HOI4 1.12 version
NOT Ironman/achievement compatible
NOT compatible with any mod changing the checksum. If you want your favourite mod integrated, just ask it (and the mod creator too) and we'll see what we can do.

All current DLC (TFV, DOD, WTT, MTG, LaR, NSB BBA ) required for a complete experience. We cannot promise potential issues if you play without the required DLCs.

The alternative histories focus trees are supported but less develloped and tested than historical path

For the moment, only the english version is supported

Main feature - Industrial rebalance

The primary objective of our work was to "correct" the industrial balance in the game :
In vanilla, industry is balanced around "playability" and not around History. For the HOI4 devs team, each minor country should be "playable", the Axis should have a chance to "win", global conquest should be a possible achievment...

We don't agree with this view and want rather to play in a situation with historical settings concerning the relative power of each countries.

That's why we did a research work about the industry in the WWII timelapse in order to translate it into a mod. Our main sources are The Wages of Destruction from Adam Tooze and The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers by Paul Kennedy.

From the later, we took the concept of "war potential" for each 1936 country and translate it into ingame industry (civilian, military and dockyard). To gives some figures, the 7 Great powers have more than 90% of the world IC and the gap between the last major power (Italy) and the first (the USA) is more than 1 to 10.
To have a better repartition, we made each vanilla IC equivalent to 2 IC in the mod.

To stay in the border of plausible, we also had to change 2 keys elements : the industrial growth rate (nerfing heavily industrial snowballing, we now get a growth rate under 10% per year in 1936) and the ressources system. Coal, Iron and Bauxite were added and globaly ressources are less expensive to get (depending of the ressource) to avoid overpowered minors from lots of ressources and majors having to trade away half of their industry.

Other features

We tryed to keep things as close to vanilla as possible, so most of our work here are balance tweak for a more realist gameplay. Here is a list of some features we added or changed :

- Division designer overhauled
- Naval overhaul "Naval Rework" mod integrated
- Nation-uniques tanks and aircrafts for majors
- Integration of some QoL mods
- NEW! Infantry Squad Designer

Projects and perspectives

Since we never test enough, we'll be pleased to hear your feedback and suggestions to improve the mod within the same philosophy.

Sub-modding is also encouraged if you want to integrate your favourite mod or create a feature inside the mod, you're welcome ;)

Tank and Aircraft designer rework and integration are next big projects on the list


We are in partnership with the World Ablaze team. We share ideas, concepts and features. Make HOI4 more realistic is the main goal of both mod
Try World Ablaze!
We learnt a lot from them, especially on research and equipment fields. Parts of the code of ULTRA (the whole tank tree and other features) are from their awesome work.
So a special thanks to Uncharted!


A big thanks to all the contributors, testers and data researchers!
Special thanks to all excellents modder which let us borrow part of their work into ULTRA:

- Atreides for his BIG resources features in the Yet Another Mod - The Case of Resources mod.
- Wunderwaffle for the nice WW's Buttons+ mod
- Dziurkacz for the cool Coloured Puppets mod
- Gundahar for the obligatory Coloured Buttons mod
- Elouda for the totaly awesome Naval Rework mod
- Yard1 for the usefull Recall Volunteer mod
-Lennard for his Topbar Resources mod
- Myzael, Alex Brunius and Voigt for big help and ideas from Improved Historical MP mod
- RPM, tank-encyclopedia[tanks-encyclopedia.com] and http://www.wardrawings.be/ for the very niice equipment images.
- German Generals for extra officier portraits
- Xpanded Propaganda for extra propaganda decisions

If I've forgotten anyone, please tell me so I can credit you
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Mar 28, 2023 @ 8:21am
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< >
Hjalfnar_HGV  [author] Feb 28 @ 7:42am 
We have updated our roadmap, check it out on our Discord or here in the Discussions tab!
VintageV Feb 23 @ 7:16am 
ahh interesting, thanks
Hjalfnar_HGV  [author] Feb 23 @ 5:25am 
AAT will be needed in the future or if you are playing the current test version, but not for this main version currently.

Not being able to send volunteers is intended, you are only able to send air volunteers, advisors and lend-lease, except for Italy once they run the focus for the Corpo Truppe Volontarie. The total amount of ground troops of the Wehrmacht in Spain was miniscule, the equivalent of half a regiment, so not even half a division. 3 tank companies, half an AT battalion. The rest was Luftwaffe personnel, and of those less than 1000 were AA personnel. It's similar for the Soviets, so we decided to remove the option to deploy volunteer division, nobody did that besides the Italians.
VintageV Feb 22 @ 4:07pm 
Thanks for the quick response, after unpausing the game and getting the notification for that I felt pretty ridiculous for asking the question without pressing play. On another note though, in the test version of the mod it is impossible to send volunteers even if I have 80 divisions, is this because I don't have AAT? It is literally the only dlc I don't have and I only just saw now that it is needed after spending like 6 hours in the mod
Hjalfnar_HGV  [author] Feb 22 @ 11:30am 
They should close down after a few days.
VintageV Feb 22 @ 11:14am 
what happens to Steel factories when you don't have enough iron ore? From what I can see they still produce steel even if I am -2000 iron ore, what am I missing here? thanks
Hjalfnar_HGV  [author] Feb 17 @ 2:02am 
Test version was updated with another round of fixes and changes, we are getting closer to a full release of the update for the main mod!

R+ Feb 2 @ 11:29pm 
Thank you
Hjalfnar_HGV  [author] Feb 2 @ 11:24pm 
Oh sorry about that, I forgot to share it here yesterday evening! The test version is a snapshot of the current dev build so lots of stuff isn't finished but the major work is done and it is playable. We highly recommend to tell us about any bugs you encounter on our Discord.

Take note, the test version requires you to own the new AAT DLC.

R+ Feb 2 @ 9:42pm 
What does the trial version actually look like? Did I just not find it or hasn't one been published yet?