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Adcot Aug 12 @ 5:11pm 
I dont think these people see the "Currently Offline. Last Online 161 days ago" message, so feck off from this mans grave! No wonder why he dosent update anything!
Kai Jun 22 @ 7:28pm 
Hey bud, i could update your mods. However, I am not a friend of reuploads, so it would be best if we add each other as friends and you add me as creator to the mods. So I can upload the new versions directly. That's just an offer, I don't want to impose anything on anyone here. Have a nice Day :)
Anon Mar 23 @ 12:43pm 
Please update your WW's German Icons+ mod, it is the best theatre icon mod.
Ludo Kressh Mar 10 @ 10:15am 
Plz Update your WW 2 Map
MateusZ z Rivii Mar 2 @ 12:22pm 
update ironman ww's map plz
mlody g Mar 2 @ 7:53am 
update ww'smap