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[FSF] Filth Vanishes With Rain And Time
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Sep 9, 2018 @ 5:16pm
Sep 5 @ 5:12am
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[FSF] Filth Vanishes With Rain And Time

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[FSF] FrozenSnowFox Mods/Update Info 1.3
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This mod patches all defs with the <filth> field, first it removes all existing tags then it adds tags so filth vanishes in 14-15 days and washes away with rain/snow. What does this mean? It means every type of filth in the game and every type of filth added by mods should vanish with rain/snow and disappear after 14-15 days (in vanilla this is typically between 35-50 days). As a result with this mod rain/snow will now clean your map and any areas that are undercover, forgotten and not cleaned for a long time will eventually become clean on their own.

The following types of filth and more will now be washed away by rain/snow and vanish over time.

Animal Filth
Rock Rubble
Building Rubble
Scattered Slag
Scattered Sandbags
Machine Bits

Note: In vanilla some filth types such as blood, corpse bile, dirt, firefoam and a few other things already vanish with rain/snow.


This mod shouldn't have any compatibility issues. Just make sure it is loaded near the end of your load order so it can overwrite any other mods as necessary.

If you enjoy my mods and want to give me a little tip check out the link below.

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Aug 29, 2020 @ 10:14pm
Non steam version
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Halloween Sora Sep 12 @ 1:29am 
thank you (:
Jaggid Edje Sep 5 @ 1:49pm 
Okay, thank you for your response. This is my first time having more than just a couple of gauranlen trees, so I probably never noticed a bunch of the moss disappearing in the past simply because, I never had much of it.
FrozenSnowFox  [author] Sep 5 @ 1:45pm 
@Jaggid Edje
No, it does not, its a different class of object so I'm not sure it could effect it even if it did somehow get added to it. Also as far as I know this mod only effects filth generated after adding the mod. I've had large swaths of anima grass randomly die off in the past. I think despite it being a very long time these things do in fact have a life span.
Jaggid Edje Sep 5 @ 12:16pm 
Does this mod effect gauranlen moss? I have had large swaths of it just vanish since adding the mod, but it seems like a weird thing to have considered as "filth".
FrozenSnowFox  [author] Sep 5 @ 5:18am 
Minor fix the filth types firefoam, ash and water all had a shorter duration than the value I patch in so they unintentionally got extended. I added some patch segments to reset them back to vanilla values.
FrozenSnowFox  [author] Sep 3 @ 9:36pm 
After some research and some fiddling around fixing my Indoor Tree Farms mod I found a better way to do the patch for improved compatibility.

The patch now patches all defs with a <filth> field. It first removes all tags for disappearsInDays and rainWashes then adds its own. This should prevent any other mod from interfering with the patch and it should catch all filth added by mods as long as my mod is loaded after everything else.

Do let me know if you notice any issues however I tested it game with a wide variety of filth from vanilla, ideology, dubs hygiene, regrowth core and it all worked as expected.
FrozenSnowFox  [author] Aug 7 @ 12:36am 
I use my mod myself and frequently play with rivers and I have not encountered that. Checking the files for Grand Rivers Reborn it actually is just a patch for the river size so it shouldn't interfere. Water terrain by default does not accept filth and neither my mod nor Grand Rivers Reborn change anything to do with that. I think you might have another mod that's messing with the water terrain files or using custom water terrain files. Whichever the case it is the water terrain is clearly not tagged to ignore filth as it is normally in vanilla.
Kurugane Aug 7 @ 12:31am 
I'm having a weird issue where blood and filth are staying present on a river.
I use grand rivers reborn, do you think its related to this mod or that one?
FrozenSnowFox  [author] Jul 31 @ 2:24pm 
Yes but not all types of filth and the duration it takes for them to vanish on their own is much longer.
cuddles Jul 31 @ 9:02am 
doesn't 1.3 already wash away filth as stated in the change log?