Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2

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Odinblade's Umbra Class: Add-On - Fort Joy Cheat Chest
Type: Add-on
Game Mode: Story
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Aug 31, 2018 @ 3:55pm
Sep 16, 2018 @ 5:59am
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Odinblade's Umbra Class: Add-On - Fort Joy Cheat Chest

This mod requires Umbra: Definitive Edition to play, install it here:
Odinblade's Umbra Class: Definitive Edition

What does this add-on do?
  • Adds a marked chest onto Fort Joy Beach, containing all the Umbra skillbooks.

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Thank you, and I hope you enjoy this mod!
Odinblade  [author] Sep 16, 2018 @ 7:39am 
@Everyone Hi all. The newest versions of my class mods now require you to install OdinCore - Mod Services in order for them to work correctly. Please also ensure that both yourself and any other peeps in your multiplayer games have this activated and are all running the new versions of my mods (v1.1.0). Thanks :3
Fenrii Sep 8, 2018 @ 9:01am 
I just wanted to make everyone aware that the "add-on" method is much less efficient than having the feature inclusive. This is because regardless of size of a mod the more mods are loaded the more significant increase in load-time becomes.

If you wish to keep the cheat-ish option out of base version of your mod it would be best to release a standalone version of entire mod that includies this feature rather than keep it a seperate addon. This would reduce number of mods that need to be subscribed & loaded in total.
Odinblade  [author] Sep 4, 2018 @ 12:06pm 
@The Dark Horadrim Spot on! I've added a screenshot to the description to help prevent this confusion in the future :)
Auldwight, the Eternal Sep 4, 2018 @ 11:17am 
I believe the "marked chest" bit refers to the white stripes on the side of the crate, marking containers as deaddrops is rather common practice for assassins, thiefs. and other shady folk
Leeks Sep 3, 2018 @ 8:27am 
I found it. Nothing in game marked the box or told me where to look for it, which is totally fine, it isnt hard to locate. just in case you intended for it to be marked on the map though, it wasnt.
Leeks Sep 3, 2018 @ 8:12am 
You say marked chest on fort joy beach.. Im missing something because I cant find the chest. Mod is active, Im an umbra, and Im on the beach. Halp!
Leeks Sep 3, 2018 @ 7:34am 
starting a new playthrough now as an umbra. Thanks for the class!