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Victoria Politics!
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Victoria Politics!

This mod is meant to at least try to partially to imitate the politics and pop statistics in Victoria 2. Features below:

Adds in 4 different democratic parties which can be elected into power, each giving there own unique bonuses including:
  • Social Democrats
  • Reactionaries
  • Anarcho-Liberals
  • Liberals
As a democracy elections take place about every two years and can be forced using a decision. The party with the most power is elected as majority.
Adds in class statistics system keeping track of the following population stats:
  • Middle Class
  • Capitalists
  • Academia

Adds in a policy support statisitcs system keeping track of the following:
Military : Jingoism, Pro Military, Anti Military, Pacifists
Economic: Non Interventionists, Interventionists, State Capitalists, Planned Economy
Trade: Free Trade, Protectionist

The popularity within each category gives dynamic modifiers (this now actually works, although it's not fully dynamic as for some reason you are not able to set variables to a modifier, I blame paradox)

Also, population statistics affect biweekly drift to ideologies. Watch out as if you are fascist and all your people are pacifists, you wont be allowed to stay fascist for long.

Economic, Trade, and Conscription Laws can either only be chosen via referendum, using little to no political power depending on party in power and other conditions. Laws can still be changed forcefully using political power in most cases.
Tons of new decisions to influence population statistics including ideology drift.

Paradox Forum Link[forum.paradoxplaza.com]
If you wish to contribute to this project or make suggestions please join the discord below:
Mod Discord[discord.gg]
Community Wiki[victoria-politics-hoi4-mod.wikia.com]

Mod Versions
Victoria Politics! (Road to 56 Version)
Victoria Politics! (End of a New Beginning Version)

This mod should work correctly with any mod that does not edit history/countries or 00_ideologies.tx. Sub mods of this mod compatible with specified mods are listed under mod versions.

NOTE: This mod is a work in progress. Expect there to be bugs, imbalance and missing localisations. If you wish to help contact me at the paradox forums please.
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Pepe Trump Oct 30 @ 2:52am 
Sir, would you mind making this mod compatible with The Great War mod? I think it would fit perfectly!
svc1212 Oct 28 @ 2:28pm 
@Tzar Grixly probably no, but I can see someone makeing It work
RadiatorGamer Oct 28 @ 9:40am 
With the US you have to switch the rp to the conservatives with cheats to change laws like economy or conscription. Same case with the national focus, a bunch of them require 'ruling party conservative'. I don't wanna lose FDR and there's no cheats to get around it. Plz help
kerrarman88 Oct 17 @ 3:47am 
Ataturk made Kemalis; wich is both left and right inside of one party i thought
Tzar Grixly Sep 9 @ 10:48am 
Does this work with Conversions?
♛Yaz Lordu♛ #8.Bölük Sep 8 @ 11:21am 
You really do not know him
♛Yaz Lordu♛ #8.Bölük Sep 8 @ 11:20am 
I do not know him Atatürk İdeology's Social Democrat Atatürk LeftNationalist
DatBoiWithTheStripedPajamas Sep 8 @ 11:04am 
Turkish Nationalists are total retards.
JZ-boy Sep 8 @ 10:41am 
can you create it for cold war mod?
♛Yaz Lordu♛ #8.Bölük Sep 8 @ 5:06am 
Atatürk Opened Turkish 1st Council And Ataturk Party is Chp SocialDemocrat