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Realistic Auto Pilots
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Jul 12, 2018 @ 9:20pm
Dec 21, 2020 @ 12:44am
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Realistic Auto Pilots

Adds a scirpt-based autopilot to all aircraft in a mission for clients running the mod!
Have you ever wanted to be able to actually scan the ground for a target while your plane makes sure you don't die? Well now you can with this simple-to-use autopilot mod!

This mod will add 4 autopilots to every plane and helicopter.
Planes and VTOLs get:
  • Altitude Hold (Good for circling)
    • Turns off when pitch is ± 7.5° OR bank is ± 60°
  • Altitude and Heading Hold (Good for waypoints)
    • Turns off when pitch is ± 7.5° OR bank is ± 10° OR heading is ± 5° from target heading
  • Path Hold (Good for climbing)
    • Turns off when pitch is ± 10° from target OR bank is ± 10°
  • Automatic Throttle Control (Holds speed)
    • Turns off when pilot changes throttle
VTOLs get:
  • Position Hold (Like Auto-Hover, but realistic and now for VTOLs)
    • Turns off when pitch is ± 15° OR bank is ± 15° OR you are going too fast OR you turn on auto-vectoring
    • Enters STBY when reciving input from pilot on any directional controls (Cyclic, Collective, Yaw Pedals)
Choppers get:
  • Altitude Hold (Constant altitude ABOVE SEA LEVEL)
    • Does not automatically turn off
  • Attitude Hold (Hold vector and direction)
    • Turns off when pitch is ± 60° OR bank is ± 70° OR velocity is below 15
  • Position Hold (Like Auto-Hover, but realistic)
    • Turns off when pitch is ± 15° OR bank is ± 15° OR you are going too fast
    • Enters STBY when reciving input from pilot on any directional controls (Cyclic, Collective, Yaw Pedals)
  • Heading Hold (Keeps you aimed one way)
    • Turns off when bank is ± 10° OR heading is ± 5° from target heading OR too close to ground (5m)
    • Enters STBY when cyclic is held left/right, when yaw is held, or when notable collective input is given.

Autopilot notes
  • The autopilot will turn itself off if certain criteria are met (Depending on which mode you are using)
  • Helicopter autopilot will (Depending) go to standby mode if you maneuver, at which point it will hold the new values once the maneuver is complete. (For instance, breaking the position hold and then entering another hover smoothly will not stop the autopilot but will rather set it to standby while you fly between positions)
  • A main thing to note is you have to get the aircraft moving steadily before attempting to turn on the autopilot. The autopilot is not a magical pilot who can fly for you, it just lets you focus on targets or instruments rather than focusing on the flying of the aircraft itself.

If you are making a mission and wish to prevent a particular aircraft from having autopilot added, put this into the vehicles init:
this setVariable["hal_autopilot",false];
This mod is client-sided, meaning the server does not need to run any additional mods to support it, but it must allow the client to use the mod.

Only requires CBA to run!
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Kiri Otoru
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Blockdude  [author] Aug 31 @ 2:44am 
Cryzk Aug 31 @ 2:44am 
Block can I have a hug
Oldru_Vallière Aug 29 @ 10:05pm 
select a slot for a keybind and press a key
Reticuli Aug 29 @ 9:05pm 
They're literally blank in the CBA map key listing page section for your mod and I don't see any available under controls config anywhere. How does one go about assigning certain keys for your mod if one hasn't already done so?
Blockdude  [author] Aug 29 @ 7:11pm 
The binds are left to you, I don't know what keys you do or don't have used
Reticuli Aug 29 @ 5:39pm 
How do you activate the various modes?

There are no CBA key-bindings listed. 6 spots and no keys in the keybindings spot for CBA on your mod.
largo5005 Aug 2 @ 1:07pm 
This mod interest me a lot, especially to hold a chopper while tying to spot targets. But if it's working fine on planes, i've seen no effect on any chopper : i've tried the blackfoot, the hummingbird, the ghosthawk, both with my usual mod and with just CBA and vanilla, but it seems not acting on chopper. The scroll options are here, I hear a click when I activate one, but i can se no effect on the flight path, with or without vanilla hovering on. Am I the only one here ?
Trve Kvlt Jan 25 @ 6:18am 
I'm guessing not since it's not in the description, but is there a loiter function? So, for example, I can orbit around an area in say, in an A-164.
Reign Dec 21, 2020 @ 6:40am 
Is it possible to apply a raycast at a 35 degree angle lower than the nose? This would help with detection, and a 12-15 degree downward ray to predict terrain further away but with more of an immediate threat in regards to collisions.
Blockdude  [author] Dec 20, 2020 @ 1:49pm 
Altitude Hold is relative to sea level. An issue with trying to make a ground following Altitude Hold is the correction time when approaching or going over a hill or mountain. The AP could only react to what it's distance directly below it, causing it to either over-correct when hitting small peaks in a relatively flat area, or to react too slowly when approaching the peak of a mountain, causing a crash