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Faction Idenification Guide for Newbies (V11)
By Chris
Know how your enemy looks.
Stop the "TK-Sorry-TK-Sorry-TK-Sorry-TK-Kicked" cycle.
Checking the faction you're fighting agaist
Press TAB, your team is on the left and your opponents on your right. Currently in Alpha V11, there are United States Army, British Army, Russian Ground Forces, Insurgents and Irregular Militia.

The following chapters show you their appearance
United States Army

Identification Clues
1.Equipped with M4 Assault Rifle
2.Multicam uniformDesert camouflage (They still wear this in woodlands)
3.Always wearing sunglasses even on cloudy day.
British Army
Identification Clues
1.Equipped with bullpup shaped L85A2 Assault Rifle.
2.Light green uniform, also camo stripes on helmet.
3.Wearing transparent sunglasses .
Russian Ground Forces
Digital Desert Camouflage

Caution : Russians in desert camo could be miss-recognized as US Army, vice versa

Digital Forest Camouflage

Identification Clues
1.Equipped with AK-74M Assault Rifle
2.Some wearing balaklava (face cover)
3.Lightly colored camo pattern
4.Black stripe on helmet

Identification Clues
1.Equipped with various weapons from AK family
2.Dressed like civilian, some with their face covered
Irregular Militia

Identification Clues
1.Equipped with both AK and M4.
2.Dressed in green camouflage.
3.Wearing helmets or balaklava, squad leaders wear cap.
4.Gopniks in Adidas' suit
This is how we visually identify enemies.

However, if unsure, CHECK THE MAP!

For Vehicles, please refer to this link.

Target Acquisition and Survival Guide for Newbies
Anti-Vehicle Guide for LATs and HATs
SPG-9 Recoilless Rifle Guide
TOW Missile Guide
Combat Vehicle Guide (APC/IFV)
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Saladin 18 hours ago 
Personally i dont get russian and US desert camos mixed up. The russian camos look much lighter, almost white from a distance while american camo is more brown/dark tan
Mr. President Jul 17 @ 3:22am 
Perhaps include at a distance, side by side comparisons of factions you'd find fighting eachother on certain map versions.
Chris  [author] Jul 6 @ 7:06pm 
We already got a decent guide for vehicles here.
Chris P. Bacon Jul 2 @ 4:19pm 
for the love of god add vehicles lol
[RGDT]SCP-1867 Jul 2 @ 12:43am 
"Gopniks in Adidas' suit" is a perfect phase to sum up how militia works
FatCat919 Jun 24 @ 6:51pm 
thankyou, hopfuly alot of newbies will read this, and stop the TK
Chris  [author] Jun 24 @ 3:34pm 
Thanks for your comment. Yeah, should include some audio cues, since gunshots hear a lot dfferent at different ranges in V11. Any good ideas with voice recording? It's not easy to seperate a single gunshot in battlefield.
ARKSH7R Jun 24 @ 2:53pm 
US Army isn't wearing a desert Camo. It's a multicam uniform. Might wanna change that, other than that decent guide to help newbies. Should aslo include that each faction has certain weapons that have certain bangs. Like how if you're US fighting RU and here an AK nearby, you shoul divert attention to nearby threat. Agian, decent guide!