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SPG-9 Recoilless Rifle Guide (V11)
By Chris
Including Scope Description, Intro to Ammunition Types and SPG Technical Tactics
SPG-9 "Spear" (СПГ-9“Копьё”) is Russian manufactured recoilless rifle, which is mainly served as anti-armor and bunk buster role. In version Alpha 11, it's used by non-conventional forces, which includes Insurgents and Gopnicks Irregular Militia. It has low tripod or car-mounted version, also comes with 2 types of ammunition. What's different in A10 from previous versions is that optics has been added, which increased its accuracy and lethality a lot.

The tripod has limited azimuth, unlike the TOW missile, it's not 360 degrees rotatable. When deploying the SPG-9, consider behind corner or build sandbags to cover its side. It costs 350 construction points to build, 50 ammo points per shot, 3 launchers per FOB.
Ammunition Types
For anti-vehicle purpose, it's as powerful as Heavy Anti-Tank's AT-4. When engaging face to face, one shot to kill trucks, MATVs, scout car. Two shots for BTR80, Stryker or MT-LB. Three shots for Warrior and Bradley.

2.OG-9V Fragmentation
For infantries and soft target. It has good splash damage, and it's also great at anti-sniper and room-cleaning jobs.
Scope and Reticle
This is the reticule of PGO-9 optical sight. The first thing you may notice is the Russian style rangefinder, which could also be found on binocular and SVD, however its target height is set to 2.7m tall, so, it's for tanks. Match the lines with your target to get a rough reading. However, it will be better to ask your squad leader to pin it on the map, which gives you exact range.

On the center of the scope, the green line indicates the trajectory of the rocket. And those chevrons are your aiming reference at different ranges marked by numbers on your left. Beginning from 0m, which is a simple crosshair, you need to match your target with lower chevrons at longer distances. It's principle is simple, the rocket will fly from 0m crosshair towards those chevrons below, and your job is to match it correctly with range index.

On the button shows ammunition type, KyM (KUM) for HEAT, OCK (OSK) for fragmentation. The reticles are a bit different between them, since frag rounds has bigger drop at range, but the concept is the same.

For example, there's a truck 400m away from us. By selecting HEAT round and alighting the tuck with 400m's chevron, we can hit our target accurately

Another example, hostile MATV at 200m. Alight it with the chevron with "2" mark.

And Ka-BOOM!
About SPG Technicals
Being fast, lethal and stealthy, technicals mounted with SPG-9 will be hostile vehicle's nightmare. As SPG Techy crew, you should maximize your maneuverability, scout the battlefield, and set ambush to surprise your opponent.

As a moving SPG-9 turret, remember these tips.

1.Don't solo it on open ground
Find target, switch to gunner, take aim, fire, switch to driver and then escape. Well, the waiting time when switching seat is long enough for those vehicle gunners to F you up. Go with a driver or be driver yourself, because it's a HIT AND RUN weapon, you even don't have time to check results after taking the shot.

2.Focus on vehicles
It's your job to deal with those heavily armored vehicles, since you're either militia or insurgent, there isn't BMPs yet in your team. It's essential to assist LATs and HAT in your team, since they can't run fast but you got wheels.

3.Keep changing your location
Remember that you can only take one LAT shot , or few 30mm rounds? Don't stay there and keep firing rockets, the gunner could also be taken out by small arms fire since he's exposed. Shift your position, circle around and find another better angle to deal with your enemy, if you didn't get him at first strike.

Clear back blast, and have fun!

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Tiromir ʕ • ᴥ • ʔ Jul 6 @ 3:55pm 
Short guide, yet hella useful as usual from Chris. Seeya guys, i'm on my way to make some SPG squads and wreck some armor!